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Chapter 1262: Recognition (19)

Human trafficking!

When Lina directly accused Huang Ying of human trafficking, Huang Ying let go of Xu Cheng’s hand and immediately retorted, “You’re talking nonsense! When did I do human trafficking! It was clearly my conscience that made me buy your daughter from a human trafficker back then… ”

“Then, I placed her in foster care with your brother Huang Long in City H for a period of time. When the child got a little older and was brought back, I asked someone to help her with residence registration. In the end, due to the negligence of the staff, Xu Cheng’s age was increased by a few years. In fact, Xu Cheng’s age is the same as Tianya’s. Isn’t that right?” Cheng Chen, who had been silent all this time, spoke up at this time. He directly snatched what Huang Ying wanted to say next.

Stunned, Huang Ying looked at Cheng Chen in disbelief. “How did you know? ”

“Of course I know, and I also know far more than that.” Cheng Chen nonchalantly put his hands in the pockets of his suit pants and said with a composed expression, “I also know that when Ling Tao’s wife, Yu Meizi, was about to give birth, she found you and gave birth to a deformed stillbirth in a small clinic that your brother, Huang Long, helped find in City H. Yu Meizi asked you to help her buy a baby to fake as her own and bring back to the Ling family. In order to take launder more money, you and Huang Long bought a daughter from a human trafficker and gave it to Yu Meizi. In the end, you and your brother didn’t get along for so many years because of the unequal distribution of the spoils. It wasn’t until not long ago when you conspired to use Xu Cheng to pretend to be that child, that you contacted Huang Long again and used money to bribe him into helping you lie!”

“You… What did you say… I don’t understand, I don’t know!” Huang Ying shook her head in denial, but her quivering eyes had already betrayed her.

“It’s okay if you don’t know, as long as Huang Long knows.” Cheng Chen smiled indifferently. “Have you not contacted Huang Long in the past few days?”

Huang Ying began to get a bad hunch inside. “What are you implying?”

“I can’t get into contact with him, right?” Cheng Chen nonchalantly picked up a glass of champagne. He had said too much just now, so he was a little thirsty. He drank the champagne in one gulp and said to Huang Ying, who was already panicking, “Of course you couldn’t get in touch with him, because Huang Long is currently locked up in City H’s police station. So tell me, how would I know all of this? I think that at the moment, I’m not the only one who knows. The police probably also knows.”

Huang Ying panicked, and she fell to the ground after her legs went slack. Her eyes began to lose their focus. “How could this be… how could this be… ”

Huang Ying looked up at Eric. “Didn’t you say that everything would be fine? Didn’t you say that things would go smoothly? Didn’t you say that no one would find out what happened back then!?”

The more Huang Ying spoke, the angrier she got. She stood up and ignored Xu Cheng as she rushed towards Eric. Grabbing his collar, she cried out in a pathetic state, “Didn’t you say that you definitely would let Cheng Cheng become Lina’s heir? Didn’t you say that Lina’s hundreds of billions of assets would be ours? Why are we not only not getting anything now, but everything had been exposed! Then what was the point of us doing all these things!”

Huang Ying was much more sober than Xu Cheng. At this time, she knew that Lina and Cheng Chen must have all the facts and evidence in their hands. That was why they dared to confront them during such an occasion.

Now, in the eyes of Lina and the Ruan family, Huang Ying and her daughter were a laughing stock. Lina and the others had been putting on an act, but Huang Ying and her daughter didn’t know that everyone had already seen through their scheme. Everyone else had only been playing along with them.