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Chapter 1261: Recognition (18)

Upon hearing Lina’s instructions, the two guards reflexively looked at Ruan Zeyan. With an impassive expression, Ruan Zeyan nodded slightly.

The two guards then carried Xu Cheng away forcefully and walked towards the appraisal center staff.

By this time, the Ruan family’s servants had already moved a table for the appraisal center’s two staff members. The staff had already taken out the blood collection tools and placed them on the table as they stared at Xu Cheng fixedly.

Upon seeing that Lina was serious and insistent on forcing her to take a blood test on the spot. Xu Cheng began to panic intensely. She used all the strength in her body to struggle. Her exquisite makeup had already smudged on her face. The expensive gown had a long gash because of Xu Cheng’s vigorous struggles and directly exposed her flesh.

“I don’t want to take blood! I don’t want to!” Xu Cheng shouted at Lina hysterically, “You’ve already acknowledged me and promised me that you would announce my identity in public today. You said that you wouldn’t let anyone bully me. You promised all of this before, so why are you doing this to me now!” In the past few days, Xu Cheng had already started to truly regard herself as Lina’s daughter, and she was already deeply immersed in Lina’s upper-class life. She hoped to have everything that Ling Tianya had. She thought that as long as she had a mother like Lina, she would have everything, even more than what Ling Tianya had now.

She was filled with starry-eyed expectations for the future, and only Lina could give them to her.

Therefore, immersed in starry-eyed delusions, she refused to wake up and refused to admit that she wasn’t Lina’s daughter. It was as if as long as she admitted it, everything would disappear like bubbles.

However, she forgot that these bubbles weren’t real to her. They did not belong to her at all. Eric simply drew a perfect pie for her. She could see the beauty of the pie.., but she would never be able to truly taste the deliciousness of the pie.

Signaling them to stop first, Lina raised her hand to the guards. Lina looked at Xu Cheng coldly. “I think perhaps you have some misunderstanding about me? I’ve never called you my daughter, and I’ve never admitted that you’re my daughter. I did say that no one would be able to bully my daughter, but the daughter I was talking about wasn’t you, but my Tianya! Therefore, I won’t allow anyone with ulterior motives to use shady tricks to destroy our mother-daughter relationship and prevent the recognition of our mother-daughter relationship! No one can do that!”

Lina’s loud and clear voice was a blow to Eric. Eric felt unnerved, and subconsciously sensed that Lina’s words were meant for him to hear.

Now that he thought about it, although Lina had been kind to Xu Cheng during this period of time, she never had any intimate contact with her, let alone call her daughter. She didn’t even let Xu Cheng call her mother, but rather Ms Li instead.

It was only then that realization dawned upon Eric. Why didn’t he realize it earlier?

Lina looked at the guards. “Continue to bring her to the blood collection.”

The guards didn’t ask Ruan Zeyan this time, but pulled Xu Cheng over. “I don’t want to go! I don’t want to go! Eric, Eric, please help me!”

Eric wasn’t in the mood to care about Xu Cheng anymore. He was still thinking about what he should do.

Huang Ying couldn’t stand it anymore. Her heart ached for her daughter. She rushed forward and grabbed Xu Cheng. She glared at Lina. “You’re so vicious. How dare you treat your own daughter like this!”

“I’m cicious?” Lina glared at Huang Ying coldly. “Compared to you, I pale in comparison. In order to cover up the human trafficking incident back then and to get my inheritance, you had no reservations about letting your own daughter call me mother. I would like to ask everyone here whether me or Lady Huang Ying is the vicious one?!”