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Chapter 1260: Recognition (17)

Without any emotion or fluctuation in her tone, Madam Ruan’s voice was calm. It sounded like she was just stating the truth, but because of this sentence, she basically concluded that Xu Cheng was a fake.

“It’s just a few strands of hair. There are so many hairs on top of a person’s head, so who can guarantee that every strand is the same?! Perhaps when I did the paternity test, I happened to pull out such a strand of hair!” Xu Cheng’s face was filled with fear, and argued with a farfetched excuse while looking at Eric at the same time.

However, by now, Eric already knew clearly that his plan had been foiled. Lina had probably started to suspect Xu Cheng when she took the paternity test report last time.

However, during this period of time, there was nothing abnormal about her behavior. She had been staying within his surveillance range almost every day just for them to lower their guard so she could give them a fatal blow at this time.

It was Cheng Chen who helped her behind the scenes. It was Cheng Chen who found out about everything, and that was why the paternity test report of Ling Tianya and Cheng Chen was conducted.

Eric lowered his head and frowned. He started to panic inside, but he racked his brains quickly to analyze how he could push all the blame onto Xu Cheng and Huang Ying while saving himself and continuing to stay by Lina’s side.

As long as he continued to be Lina’s assistant, he could continue to interfere with Layna’s matters. Right now, he was just changing the heiress from Xu Cheng to Ling Tianya. If he could get close to Ling Tianya, he might be able to make Ling Tianya fall in love with him. Therefore, it wasn’t that he didn’t have a chance. It was just that the road to achieving his goal would be a little more tortuous than before.

Eric had an idea in his mind, so he directly ignored Xu Cheng’s pleading look towards him.

Lina looked at Xu Cheng with eyes full of disgust. “If you say so, then I can give you another chance. We will do another paternity test. As long as the result of the paternity test shows that you are my daughter, I will immediately give you all the inheritance without any excuses!”

As she said this, Lina clapped her hands twice, and two men with toolboxes walked out from the crowd. They looked familiar to Eric and Xu Cheng. Weren’t they the staff from the appraisal center?

The two of them opened their work boxes, which contained blood collection tools.

“These two are the appraisal center’s staff members. I have also invited the impartial staff of the notary office in the name of the corporation. Layna’s lawyer is also present.” Lina pointed at a few people not that far away.

Eric’s pupils dilated when he saw those people. Today, he had been too self-content to notice that Layna’s lawyer was hidden in the crowd.

Moreover, what was even more unexpected was that Lina had actually brought the DNA identification staff and the notary office’s staff. Today’s event was a banquet hosted by the Ruan family. All the guests present must have an invitation letter and their names must be on the banquet list that the Ruan family had listed.

Eric had seen the list before, and there were no such people on it. Since these people were able to get in, it must have been arranged by the Ruan family.

Eric shuddered at the thought. It seemed that the trap today was set up by Lina and Ruan Zeyan together.

Lina looked at Xu Cheng. “Today, the people from the notary office and the corporate lawyer are all here. In front of everyone, as long as you can take blood in public and get it tested, then prove that you are my daughter, I will definitely fulfill what I said before and give everything to you! ”

Li Na looked at Xu Cheng mockingly. “Go, take your blood. Didn’t you repeatedly call me mom and say that I was bewitched by Tianya?”

Xu Cheng looked at Li Na, then looked at the people from the appraisal center. After being in a daze for a while, she shook her head repeatedly, “No! I won’t do it! I’ve already done it, so why do I still have to do it! I won’t do it! I’m your daughter!”

Lina suddenly narrowed her eyes menacingly and said to the guard who was holding Xu Cheng, “Go! Take her over to get a blood sample!”