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Chapter 1259: Recognition (16)

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Cheng Chen handed the paternity test report directly to Lina. She opened the report and saw the hard proof results. There was a 99.9999% chance that Ling Tianya and Cheng Chen were biological father and daughter.

Her eyes full of motherly love, Lina looked at Ling Tianya gently.

She held Ling Tianya’s hand tightly, as if if she let go, her daughter would disappear.

They had been separated for too long. They had gone through all kinds of hardships, and now they were finally reunited.

And because of some people with bad intentions, she almost lost her precious daughter once again.

Li Na’s eyes turned away from Ling Tianya, then she coldly looked at Eric, Xu Cheng, and Huang Ying.

Li Na took a deep breath, then she said coldly, “Cheng Chen and I were boyfriend and girlfriend more than 20 years ago, and Tianya was the child I became pregnant with then. Later, Cheng Chen and I broke up peacefully and I gave birth to the child alone. But some human factors caused our separation for more than 20 years.”

Lina opened the paternity test report and handed it to a guard below the stage, then she asked him to read the report in front of the reporters and the guests present.

Finally, Lina looked at Xu Cheng coldly. “What do you have to say now? Whose daughter are you exactly? Don’t you know in your heart?”

Xu Cheng looked at Lina in shock. She didn’t expect that even though Lina didn’t personally test Ling Tianya, she let Cheng Chen do it.

When did they contact each other, and what made Lina suspicious?

“No! Even if this report shows that Ling Tianya is Cheng Chen’s daughter, it doesn’t mean that she is your daughter! We have a paternity test, so I’m your daughter! You were so nice to me just now, so why did your attitude suddenly turn into this!” Xu Cheng pointed the spear at Ling Tianya again. “Ling Tianya, what kind of bewitching spell did you cast on my mother that she wouldn’t even acknowledge her own daughter?!”

Ling Tianya looked at Xu Cheng indifferently, as if she was looking at a laughing stock. “There’s no need for bewitching. What’s fake can never become real.”

When Ling Tianya spoke, whether it was the expression on her face or the look of disdain in her eyes, they were strangely similar to Lina’s. Before, no one thought much of it, but the two of them were standing together now. With the same expression and appearance, no one would believe that they weren’t mother and daughter.

Upon seeing Lina and Ling Tianya like this, the expressions of everyone present became nuanced.

Xu Cheng looked at everyone’s reactions and was about to say something when she saw Lina take out a small self-sealing bag from her handbag. In the bag, there were a few strands of hair, which was given to her by the staff member of the Identification Center.

“Xu Cheng, the hair in the bag is the hair that you provided to the center when you went with me for the paternity test. The staff member of the identification center found the problem and returned the rest of the hair to me.” Lina threw the self-sealing bag at Xu Cheng, the bag hit Xu Cheng’s face directly. “Open the bag and take a good look. Does the hair inside look the same as yours?”

Without waiting for Xu Cheng to pick it up, the self-sealing bag had already been picked up by the guards of the Ruan family and handed to Madam Ruan.

Madam Ruan took out the hair and carefully observed it. “This hair is thin and soft, and it’s much shorter than Xu Cheng’s hair. It’s obviously not her hair. It’s the same length as Lass Ling’s hair.”