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Chapter 1258: Recognition (15)

Indeed, no one dared to chase away Ruan Zeyan’s father-in-law here.

Cheng Chen’s sudden appearance and what he said became the biggest climax of the scene.

Cheng Chen was the president of Zhi Ya Entertainment, which was a well-known fact, but no one could see him as Ruan Zeyan’s father-in-law.

Now that Cheng Chen claimed to be Ruan Zeyan’s father-in-law, did that mean that he was Ling Tianya’s father?

Now that Li Na said that she was Ling Tianya’s mother, could it be that the two of them were somehow related?

Madam Ruan finally lost her composure and looked at Wang Yazhi with a shocked expression. “Did that man just say that he was Zeyan’s mother?”

Wang Yazhi was also in shock. “Father-in-law… ”

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law looked at Ruan Zeyan and Ling Tianya on the stage. From their expressions, they could basically confirm that what Cheng Chen said was true.

Ruan Qishan was a little confused at first. First, Li Na said that she was Ling Tianya’s mother, and now Cheng Chen was saying that he was Ruan Zeyan’s father-in-law.

Xu Cheng, who was below the stage, kept saying that she was Lina’s biological daughter and had the paternity test as evidence.

“What’s going on?” Ruan Qishan asked Ruan Zeyan with a sullen expression. “Is what Cheng Chen said true? Is he the biological father of my daughter-in-law? ”

Ruan Zeyan nodded and gave Ruan Qishan a definite answer.

Ruan Qishan suddenly felt a headache coming on. Why was their relationship so messy now?

Xu Cheng’s body started to tremble. Lina said that she would let her see her biological father today. Could this so-called biological father be Cheng Chen?!

Xu Cheng stared at Cheng Chen, who was strolling over. When she first saw Cheng Chen at Zhi Ya entertainment, she was still slightly attracted to this man. She never thought that he would be the one who gave birth to a child with Lina.

At this point, Eric didn’t know what had happened to Lina, why everything was fine before, and why all hell broke loose today. He didn’t know what Lina knew or if it was disadvantageous to him.

At this point, he could only hold on to the paternity test.

Eric glanced at Xu Cheng, who immediately pointed at Cheng Chen. “Everyone, don’t listen to him! How could he be Ling Tianya’s father? Ling Tianya’s surname was Ling, and his surname was Cheng, and he appears to be in his forties. How could he have a daughter as old as Ling Tianya! He’s Cheng Chen, the president of Ling Tianya’s entertainment company!” As she spoke, Xu Cheng looked at Ling Tianya with grievance. “Ling Tianya, was it you? Was everything that happened today your idea? When my family lived in the Ruan family, you didn’t like me. Later, when I was working for you at Zhi Ya Entertainment, I thought you were also finding fault with me. Now that I finally found my biological mother, why did you come and interfere? And you even let the President of your company come here to say these strange things! Who doesn’t know that you and Cheng Chen have an intimate relationship? You two have never kept your distance from each other, so I seriously suspect that you two are having an affair!”

With that said, Xu Cheng looked at Ruan Zeyan. “You were deceived by Ling Tianya. All of you were deceived by Ling Tianya. I am Li Na’s biological daughter. I have the paternity test as proof!”

Xu Cheng’s words made Ruan Zeyan, Li Na, and Cheng Chen’s faces darken. Cheng Chen handed the paternity test report to Li Na. “This is the paternity test report for me and Tianya. Ruan Zeyan was at the scene when the paternity test was done.”

Cheng Chen glanced at Ruan Zeyan as he spoke. He still couldn’t forget the moment when Ruan Zeyan took the initiative to call him father-in-law.