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Chapter 1257: Recognition (14)

“I. . . ” Xu Cheng’s expression froze. “Mom, what’s wrong with you? Did you forget that the people at the appraisal center said that using hair and blood have the same results?”

Lina smiled sarcastically and stared deeply at Xu Cheng. Xu Cheng panicked under Lina’s piercing gaze.

“You’re right. The hair and the blood were the same, but was that hair yours?”

Xu Cheng’s breathing stopped. Eric and Huang Ying also gasped when they heard what Lina said.

“It’s… It’s mine… I went to the lab the day the test was done. I provided the hair sample in front of you! Eric’s assistant was also there when the test was done!”

“That’s right. Chairman, is there something you’re hiding or is there some sort of misunderstanding? Miss Xu is indeed your daughter. There’s a paternity test as proof!” Eric paused, then refused to give up as he looked at Ling Tianya, who was standing next to Lina, “I know you have a good relationship with the young madam of the Ruan family, but no matter how exceptional she is, how could you compare her to Miss Xu? After all, Miss Xu is your daughter who is related to you by blood and has undergone the paternity test. As for the young madam of the Ruan family, she isn’t related to you by blood! ”

Eric tried his best to persuade Lina and brought up the paternity test.

Eric had been by Lina’s side for the past few days and didn’t notice any unusual movements from her. Therefore, Eric was certain that Lina had not come into contact with Ling Tianya alone, nor did she have the time to do a paternity test with Ling Tianya. Moreover, she didn’t have the time to investigate what had happened in the past. Even if she did, she wouldn’t be able to find anything.

“Who said that Tianya and Lina aren’t related by blood? ” A deep and magnetic voice rang out.

Everyone turned around to look for the voice and saw Cheng Chen walking in slowly in a navy blue suit.

Madam Ruan frowned when she saw Cheng Chen. “Why is this man here to join in the fun?!”

She remembered that Cheng Chen had taken Ling Tianya away forcefully in front of her, and he hadn’t given her a formal explanation even to this day.

Today was such an important banquet for the Ruan family, and he actually dared to join in on the fun!

Eric was prepared to spare no effort to persuade Lina, but he didn’t expect Cheng Chen to suddenly appear.

Eric knew Cheng Chen, and he knew that Cheng Chen was Li Na’s first love. He also met Xu Cheng when he accompanied Li Na to see Cheng Chen.

Now that Cheng Chen suddenly barged in and said something like that, Eric’s pupils immediately dilated.

“Sir, today’s event is a private banquet. You weren’t invited. Please leave!” Eric’s felt extremely uneasy, so when he saw Cheng Chen, he immediately overstepped his authority and tried to chase Cheng Chen away.

Cheng Chen’s eyes narrowed, and his eyes were full of disdain for Eric. “I really didn’t know that Eric became the butler of the Ruan family .”

Eric’s face stiffened, and the corners of his lips twitching as he emphasized again, “Today’s cocktail party is to welcome chairman Li. Although I’m not the butler here, I’m chairwoman Li’s assistant. Of course, I have the obligation to maintain order at the scene.”

Cheng Chen chuckled softly with laughter full of contempt for Eric. In his hand was the appraisal report that he had just taken back from the appraisal center. Under the gaze of the guests present, he walked forward slowly.

“I want to see who has the guts to chase out Ruan Zeyan’s father-in-law today.”

As soon as Cheng Chen finished his sentence, the crowd immediately gasped.

What did he just say?

He said that he was Ruan Zeyan’s father-in-law?