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Chapter 1256: Recognition (13)

Lina pulled Ling Tianya onto the stage and stood in the middle of the stage.

“I would like to formally introduce her to everyone. She is my daughter, the Layna’s future heiress, Ling Tianya. She is also the wife of Yuan Teng Corporation’s President, the young madam of the Ruan family, the gold-medal screenwriter Ty, and a major shareholder of Zhi Ya Entertainment. “Such an outstanding girl is my daughter, Lina!”

Lina announced that Ling Tianya was her future heir in public. The guests looked at each other started discussing in private.

Now that Lina had officially announced that the young madam of the Ruan family was her heiress, what was going on with the woman who kept shouting that she was Lina’s daughter?

The reporters, who had already sensed a juicy scandal, began to take photos and discuss wildly. No one wanted to miss out on such big news.

The world-famous businesswoman, Li Na, returned to the country to find her daughter and publicly announced that the Ruan family’s young madam, Ling Tianya, was her heiress. However, a woman of unknown origin also claimed to be Lina’s daughter. The scene was chaotic.

When things had developed to this point, not only Xu Cheng, but even Eric couldn’t remain calm.

Eric walked forward and approached the main stage. He looked up at Lina on the stage. “Chairman, is there some sort of misunderstanding? Ms. Xu Cheng is your daughter, and you two have done a paternity test.”

Eric had publicly mentioned the paternity test, and to outsiders, it was solid proof. If she wasn’t Lina’s daughter, why would she do a paternity test?

Eric looked at Xu Cheng. Xu Cheng, who was subdued by the guards, immediately started crying after receiving Eric’s hint. “Mom, I know that you have always liked Ling Tianya. You think that only a successful and beautiful woman is qualified to be your daughter. But, no matter how much you like Ling Tianya, I am your daughter! We did the paternity test, and we’re related by blood!” Xu Cheng sniffled, and her face was full of anguish. “I’m not as successful as Ling Tianya, and I’m not as pretty as her. I won’t make you proud, but I’ll love you with all my heart! For you, I’m willing to do anything! This is what a mother-daughter relationship should be like!”

Xu Cheng wept and complained, as if she was really in anguish.

“Mom, you promised me that you would announce to everyone that I’m your daughter today. You even said that you would let me see my biological father, but why are you doing this to me… I’m really sad… ” Xu Cheng said this as she actually squeezed out tears. The makeup on her face was smudged because of her tears.

“I knew you’d be very sad.” Lina stood on the main stage and finally responded to Xu Cheng.

Upon seeing that Lina responded to her, Xu Cheng immediately looked at her with tears in her eyes, and the grief on her face was even more intense.

Unexpectedly, Lina would suddenly change the topic. “You aren’t sad because I didn’t recognize you as my daughter, but because your opportunity to inherit my assets was ruined! ”

Lina’s voice was loud and clear.

The commotion in the venue grew even louder as people pointed at Xu Cheng from behind.

Xu Cheng’s heart skipped a beat, but she quickly shook her head. “Mom, what are you saying? I don’t understand… ”

Lina sneered. “Do you not understand, or are you pretending not to understand?”

Xu Cheng was stunned and her lips twitched.

“you said that our blood is thicker than water. That’s good. Let’s do another DNA test. This time, we’ll use blood to test! “