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Chapter 1255: Recognition (12)

Ruan Qishan looked at Ruan Zeyan, whose expression didn’t change much, and asked in surprise, “You knew about this all along?”

If he hadn’t known about it all along, how could Ruan Zeyan not be surprised?

As expected, Ruan Zeyan nodded at Ruan Qishan.

“So, my daughter-in-law is really Lina’s daughter?” Ruan Qishan asked in disbelief. How could such a coincidence happen?

“That’s right.” Ruan Zeyan gave an accurate answer again.

Ruan Qishan finally understood. No wonder Ruan Zeyan immediately agreed to Lina’s request to let the reporters in. Just now, when Xu Cheng was pestering Lina, Lina also glanced at Ruan Zeyan, who then immediately called out his guards to stop Xu Cheng. So, he knew that Lina was his mother-in-law, and that was why he cooperated with Lina.

Ling Tianya stood there while in Lina’s embrace and listening to Lina’s voice.

At that moment, Ling Tianya’s heart was filled with gratitude. Her tears finally started flowing down at that moment.

Although the guests present were shocked that things had developed to this point, they also realized what had happened.

While they were moved by Lina and Ling Tianya, their eyes, full of mockery and curiosity, reflexively glanced at Xu Cheng.

It was obvious that Xu Cheng wanted to become her daughter but failed, and was slapped in the face in public.

Li Na had already wiped away the tears on her cheeks, and she reached out to gently wipe away the tears for Ling Tianya, who was already in tears.

“My dear daughter, don’t cry.” Li Na’s gaze fell on Wang Yazhi and Madam Ruan, who were beside Ling Tianya.

Before, when she still hadn’t known that Ling Tianya was her daughter, she had already felt the Ruan family’s care and affection for Ling Tianya through their brief contact.

Every time Ling Tianya mentioned her elders in-laws, she always had a smile on her face, a sweet and blissful smile.

Li Na could see that Ling Tianya’s smile was from the bottom of her heart. If it wasn’t for the fact that her in-laws were really nice to her, she wouldn’t be smiling so happily.

Therefore, Li Na bowed deeply to Madam Ruan and Wang Yazhi. “Thank you all for taking care of my Tianya, so that she could live in a happy family ambience every day. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

Upon things suddenly developing into this, Wang Yazhi’s eyes were widened and she didn’t know what to say.

Madam Ruan calmed down after the shock and nodded slightly at Lina. She had always felt that something was wrong. Xu Cheng couldn’t be Lina’s daughter. Now that Lina announced that Ling Tianya was her daughter in public, everything made sense.

“You don’t have to thank us. The Ruan family is lucky to have a child like the Lass Ling. ”

Madam Ruan’s words moved Lina. She took Ling Tianya’s hand and walked onto the main stage from the other side.

Xu Cheng watched as Lina led Ling Tianya onto the stage, but she had blocked her from going up the stage before.

Xu Cheng struggled hysterically again. After playing the role of a daughter in front of Lina for the past few days, she completely regarded herself as Lina’s biological daughter.

Therefore, she couldn’t accept that Lina rejected her in public, but brought Ling Tianya up on stage to announce that she was the heir.

If that was really the case, then what was the meaning of her actions during this period of time?