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Chapter 1254: Recognition (11)

At this moment, the entire venue had fallen into silence. Everyone’s eyes followed Li Na’s figure.

Only Xu Cheng was still shouting at the top of her lungs and struggling, “Let go of me? Do you hear me? I’m Chairwoman Li’s daughter! You can’t treat me like this!”

Facing Xu Cheng’s shouts and threats, the Ruan family’s guards were unmoved. They still held on to her tightly.

Huang Ying and Eric were very shocked by this sudden change. Eric pursed his lips tightly and his hands were clenched into fists. His eyes were filled with undisguised shock.

What happened to Li Na? Could it be that she found out about something?

It was impossible. Li Na couldn’t have known. They had done this so secretly, and had even done a paternity test, so how could Li Na know? But if she didn’t know, then why did she treat Xu Cheng like that? Why did she have to tell Xu Cheng that she wasn’t her daughter in public?

Eric’s heart was already filled with a strong sense of unease…

“No, mom, I’m here. Where are you going?! I’m your daughter Xu Cheng!”

Xu Cheng was still shouting persistently. Like Eric, she believed that this imposter’s plan was foolproof. Li Na wouldn’t know anything.

However, no matter how much Xu Cheng shouted, Li Na didn’t turn back. Walking in one direction with a clear goal, she remained unshaken.

With their cameras, the reporters recorded everything that happened. They were all experienced reporters, and everyone could see that matter wasn’t that simple.

In the end, under everyone’s shocked gazes, Li Na stood in front of Ling Tianya. Her eyes were gleaming with tears and her voice was trembling with excitement.

“Let me introduce my daughter, Ling Tianya.” Li Na looked at Ling Tianya, then suddenly reached out to embrace Ling Tianya. Ever since she found out that Ling Tianya was her daughter, she had always wanted to hold her daughter this way, but to keep Eric at bay, she could only restrain the love and longing for Ling Tianya in her heart to deal with Eric and Xu Cheng.

Now, she could finally hug her properly and be close to her.

“I’m sorry… Tianya… I’m sorry… I didn’t protect you well back then… I’m sorry that I didn’t recognize you at first sight when I saw you in Ming Xuan. I’m really sorry… But I’ve been thinking about you the entire time for so many years, and I’ve never forgotten you for a moment… It’s great that you’re still alive and living so well!”

Li Na’s words once again caused an uproar in the crowd.

Initially, everyone thought that Xu Cheng was Li Na’s daughter. There were even a few men who started to get restless and tried to get close to Xu Cheng.

But now, they heard from Li Na’s mouth that her daughter was Ling Tianya.

The men who had approached Xu Cheng and tried to curry favor with her immediately changed expressions and quickly reacted by pulling away from Xu Cheng.

However, how could Ling Tianya be Li Na’s daughter? Wasn’t her surname Ling, and was the daughter of the Ling Family?

Not everyone knew that Ling Tianya wasn’t Ling Tao’s biological daughter. Therefore, after hearing Li Na’s words, many people expressed their shock.

Moreover, the most astonished people were the elders of the Ruan family. They all knew about the Ling family, and they also knew that Ling Tianya wasn’t the Ling family’s biological daughter. However, no one expected that Li Na was Ling Tianya’s biological mother.

In that case, wouldn’t Li Na become an in-law of the Ruan Family, and Ruan Zeyan’s mother-in-law?