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Chapter 1253: Recognition (10)

Li Na didn’t stop in front of Xu Cheng, but continued to walk forward.

All the guests who had started clapping with smiles on their faces were stunned. Their eyes were wide open as they watched Li Na continue to walk forward.

Xu Cheng froze in her tracks from astonishment. After her expression froze for a second, she quickly snapped back to reality and shouted towards Li Na’s back figure, “Mother, I’m here!”

Although she had previously made Xu Cheng promise that she would call her Ms. Li for the time being, and that she would only call her mother after the matter was settled and she had returned to Europe.

However, Xu Cheng couldn’t care about that anymore. She was wearing a bright red dress and she had come with Li Na. During this period of time, she had been with Li Na almost every day. It was impossible for Li Na not to see her.

When Xu Cheng called Li Na ‘Mother’, everyone present was completely confused.

Now that this woman took the initiative to call Li Na ‘Mother’, she was undoubtedly Li Na’s daughter. But why did Li Na simply pass by her without even stopping?

Eric and Huang Ying also frowned. Xu Cheng stood in a very conspicuous place, so there was no reason for Li Na not to see her.

Eric’s expression changed slightly. The situation seemed to have changed.

Eric clenched his fists tightly. He became uneasy inside. His eyes followed Li Na closely.

However, even though Xu Cheng called her mother in public, Li Na still didn’t stop and continued to walk forward.

Xu Cheng gritted her teeth. No matter how stupid she was, she still realized that the situation had changed. Therefore, she lifted the hems of her dress forward and jogged to catch up with Li Na. She stopped in front of Li Na and said, “Mom, I’m here. Where are you going?”

“Mom?” Li Na shot Xu Cheng a cold glare. “Who’s your mother?”

Xu Cheng’s expression froze and she said anxiously, “You, you’re my biological mother! I’m Cheng Cheng, Mom. Didn’t you say that you would let me see my biological father today and introduce me to everyone? You also said that no one would make your daughter feel wronged, and that you would seek justice for me! ”

Xu Cheng said anxiously and reached out to grab Li Na’s hand. However, Li Na dodged her hand coldly.

“You’re right. I do want to seek justice for my daughter, and no one can make Li Na’s daughter feel wronged.”

“Yes, yes! ” Thinking that Li Na had remembered what she had said to her before, Xu Cheng nodded repeatedly.

“But you are not my daughter.” Li Na looked at Xu Cheng indifferently as she said coldly.

“I… ” Xu Cheng’s expression froze. “Mom, I am your daughter, I… ”

With an impassive expression, Li Na walked past Xu Cheng and continued to walk forward.

Unwilling to give up, Xu Cheng chased after her again to hold Li Na back.

Li Na looked directly at Ruan Zeyan, who was on the stage. With just one look, Ruan Zeyan nodded his head in understanding. With a wave of his slender fingers, two guards suddenly appeared from the dark and restrained Xu Cheng.

Shocked, Xu Cheng started to struggle. “Let go of me! I Am Li Na’s daughter! You can’t do this to me! Are you all trying to dig your own graves?!”

Even now, Xu Cheng was still shouting hysterically.

Without any superfluous emotion in her eyes, Li Na glanced at Xu Cheng coldly. She turned around and continued to walk forward.

It was then that everyone realized that there was only one person standing in the direction of Li Na’s eyes and footsteps.

It was the young madam of the Ruan Family, Ruan Zeyan’s wife, Ling Tianya.