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Chapter 1252: Recognition (9)

Li Na’s figure was enchanting. Her eyes were animated, and her lips were fiery red. She walked over slowly in her ten-centimeter high heels.

She was like a queen who had stepped into the human world, and her entire body exuded an inviolable aura. Such a woman, no matter where she was, would be the most eye-catching one.

Everywhere Li Na went, everyone turned sideways to make way and watch Li Na walk past them

From the moment Li Na said that her biological daughter was there and she wanted to introduce her to everyone, the Ruan family members, like the other guests, reflexively looked towards Xu Cheng.

Previously, they had been wondering why Xu Cheng and Huang Ying came with Li Na. Now that they heard Li Na’s words, they wondered if Xu Cheng was Li Na’s biological daughter?

Ruan Qishan was still standing on the stage and watching in shock as Li Na walked off the stage and towards Xu Cheng.

“What’s going on? Could Xu Cheng be Li Na’s daughter? That’s impossible. She’s already in her thirties, how could she be Li Na’s daughter?” Ruan Qishan asked in puzzlement, yet Ruan Zeyan didn’t respond even after a long while. He turned to look at Ruan Zeyan, only to find that Ruan Zeyan appeared very composed. There wasn’t any shock or confusion, as if he knew in advance.

Ruan Qishan understood his son. No matter how level headed his personality was, when faced with something like this, he would still frown slightly, or his eyes would darken. However, at that moment, Ruan Zeyan’s expression was too calm, and there was even a hint of glee in his eyes. Ruan Qishan followed Ruan Zeyan’s gaze and saw that he was staring at his wife, Ling Tianya, without blinking.

Ruan Qishan shook his head helplessly. It seemed like in his son’s heart, nothing was more important than his daughter-in-law’s position. At a time like this, he was still preoccupied with at his wife and didn’t care about what was happening at all.

Madam Ruan and Wang Yazhi were equally shocked. From the looks of it, Li Na was about to tell everyone that Xu Cheng was her daughter.

Madam Ruan frowned. No wonder Huang Ying and Xu Cheng hadn’t gone to the hospital to see their great-aunt during this period of time. Moreover, Xu Cheng had gained so many luxury items out of the blue. So that was the reason.

However, Madam Ruan felt that something wasn’t right. She didn’t believe that Xu Cheng was Li Na’s daughter. That was absolutely impossible.

Huang Ying turned to look at Madam Ruan and Wang Yazhi, the two women she hated the most in her life, and a mocking smile hung on the corner of her mouth.

The two of you just wait and see. After today, Xu Cheng will be Li Na’s daughter, the daughter of the Ruan family’s important business partner!

Seeing that Li Na was getting closer and closer to her, Xu Cheng’s heart couldn’t help but beat wildly. She took a big step forward and stood in front of everyone. Keeping a distance from them, she then turned around with a proud smile on her face as she looked down on everyone.

Xu Cheng’s action further confirmed everyone’s guess that she was Li Na’s daughter.

The reporters in the quarantine zone had already started to focus all their attention on Li Na and Xu Cheng.

The expressions on Ruan Qishan and Wang Yazhi’s faces had turned from shock to sulkiness. They didn’t know what had happened and why Xu Cheng had become Li Na’s daughter out of the blue!

Madam Ruan’s brows were tightly furrowed as her eyes locked onto Li Na. She kept feeling that something about this matter was amiss.

At this moment, Li Na had already walked in front of Xu Cheng. Xu Cheng puffed out his chest in anticipation.

The guests present also started clapping with smiles on their faces. They thought that Li Na would stop and introduce Xu Cheng.

However, at this moment, something unexpected happened.

Li Na didn’t stop. Instead, she directly ignored Xu Cheng and continued to walk forward.