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Chapter 1251: Recognition (8)

Li Na said that she was going to introduce her daughter today. In other words, her daughter was at the scene!

All the guests reflexively looked towards Xu Cheng. The reporters’ video cameras and cameras also started to shoot at Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng came with Li Na. Everyone saw this. Moreover, she had been by Li Na’s side the entire time and holding Li Na’s arm intimately. Could it be that she was Li Na’s daughter?

At this moment, people’s expressions changed as they stared at Xu Cheng. They all appeared extremely astonished.

Some men who looked the same age as Xu Cheng had already began to calculate how to approach Xu Cheng. A few go-getters had already started to take action. They all appraoched Xu Cheng and stared at her without blinking.

She wasn’t very good-looking. Whether it was her aura or her physical appearance, they weren’t that outstanding. Moreover, even with the exquisite makeup on her face, she was still unable to conceal the fact that her face was no longer young.

However, in this circle, when choosing a significant other, material resources often mattered more than physical appearance.

If Xu Cheng was Li Na’s daughter, then there was no doubt that among all the unmarried women present, she would be the one with the most material resources.

Then, Xu Cheng was destined to become the target of all the unmarried men present.

Not only did there start to be faint commotion amongst the unmarried men present, even those who were married or had boys of the right age at home also started to stir.

After all, Layna was a corporation that could be compared to the Yuan Teng Corporation. If they could become Li Na’s son-in-law or social climb through Li Na, it would be equivalent to effortlessly gaining access to the European market.

Li Na hadn’t even started the formal introduction yet, but in the blink of an eye, Xu Cheng had become the most sought-after person present.

Xu Cheng enjoyed the feeling of being looked up to and sought after since she felt like she was the supreme queen.

Moreover, each of those men who were trying to please her was much better than Eric.

No matter how good Eric was, he was only Li Na’s assistant. However, these men were different. They were either the chairmen of companies or heirs of their families’ companies. They were all men with unlimited potential.

The subtle change in Xu Cheng’s expression didn’t escape Eric’s eyes, and his face darkened. He stood behind Xu Cheng and reminded her with a voice that only Xu Cheng could hear, “Getting smug now? Don’t forget who you really are! Don’t forget who brought you to this position! Be careful, and don’t have any thoughts that you shouldn’t have!”

Eric’s words made Xu Cheng’s expression change slightly. She restrained her facial expression and became slightly displeased.

People were afraid of comparisons. Previously, Xu Cheng thought that Eric wasn’t that bad. Now that he was being compared to other men, she felt that she didn’t like Eric that much anymore.

Now, Eric was actually threatening her.

Xu Cheng felt uncomfortable inside. However, she also knew that now wasn’t the time to burn bridges with Eric. When her relationship with Li Na becomes deep enough, she would definitely secretly say some bad things about Eric to Li Na so that she could get rid of this man!

Xu Cheng’s love for Eric was like glass. It seemed perfect on the surface, but it was actually fragile.

In front of monetary temptation, they both acted selfishly and manipulated each other.

Li Na saw the subtle changes in the audience and smiled. “My biological daughter is also present today. My daughter will be my sole heir. From now on, all my assets, including Layna, will be hers!”

After saying that, Li Na slowly walked down the stage and walked towards the crowd.

Xu Cheng’s eyes lit up as she looked at Li Na, who was getting closer and closer to her. She was so excited that her heart almost jumped out of her chest.