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Chapter 1250: Recognition (7)

Eric was also as excited as Xu Cheng. At this moment, he felt as if he scored a goal in a soccer match.

As long as he had Li Na as a powerful ally, the next goal would be a matter of course.

Ruan Qishan, who was also standing on the stage, had an appropriate smile on his face, but he was feeling a little impatient inside. Today’s cocktail party was specially held to welcome Li Na. However, Li Na didn’t seem to treat herself as an outsider. Or rather, she took herself too seriously.

Not only did she decide to let the reporters in on her own accord, but now she was using the time of the cocktail party to announce something.

Ruan Qishan didn’t understand. Li Na hadn’t been involved in domestic affairs for so many years. What kind of matter did she have to announce?

Even so, out of respect for his business partner, Ruan Qishan didn’t interrupt Li Na. Instead, he stood there with a smile on his face.

Her eyes calmly receiving the attention of the people below the stage, Li Na cleared her throat. In a short while, Li Na’s clear and beautiful voice sounded.

“Hello, everyone. I am Li Na, the chairman and CEO of Layna.” Li Na paused and continued, “I believe that if you’re familiar with the corporation Layna or are familiar with me, you would know that I have been alone for many years so I have no husband and no children. Therefore, no one will inherit my huge company and all my assets. I have even thought of donating all my assets when I get old and handing my company over to my assistant to manage.” Li Na smiled with melancholy, then said sarcastically, “Now that I think about it, how sad would that be… ”

Everyone present knew about what Li Na was saying, and their eyes couldn’t help but drift towards Eric, who was standing in front of them. They wondered if Layna’s heir would be this assistant.

At this moment, Li Na’s voice sounded again. Compared to her previous tone, she clearly sounded much more cheerful. “Perhaps heaven was blessing me by letting me know that the daughter I gave birth to many years ago is still alive. Everyone knows that my purpose for returning to the country at this time is to have a meeting with Yuan Teng Corporation and Mr Ruan. But in reality, I’m here to look for my long-lost daughter.”

Li Na’s words caused an uproar at the scene. So Li Na had a daughter, but why hadn’t they heard of her before! Then wouldn’t her assistant Eric be unable to become Layna’s heir? Li Na already had her own daughter, so whether it was the family assets or the company, they naturally had to be left to her!

Upon hearing the whispers of the people, Eric’s eyes turned malicious. He had experienced extreme emotional turmoil back then. That bitch Li Na had given him false hope and then she let him down.

So Li Na, don’t blame me for using a fake daughter to deceive you. Who asked you to go back on your word. You agreed to give me the company, but then you went back on your word!

I will make sure that you and your daughter will never be able to recognize each other!

This is the price you will pay for deceiving me!

The malevolence on Eric’s face disappeared quickly. He stood there quietly to feign the appearance of a caring and hardworking assistant in front of other people.

Li Na saw and heard the discussions of the guests and reporters below the stage.

So she continued saying, “I am very grateful to Chairman Ruan of the Yuan Teng Corporation and the handsome Mr. Ruan for hosting this grand reception to welcome me. Therefore, I have decided to introduce my only daughter to everyone at this reception.”