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Chapter 1249: Recognition (6)

Xu Cheng was chased away by the guard in public, and Li Na didn’t speak up for her. In order not to affect what happened next, Xu Cheng could only stand beside Eric and Huang Ying unwillingly. From time to time, people cast dubious glances at her. Although Xu Cheng was filled with resentment inside, the expression on her face appeared unperturbed.

Hmph! All of you just wait and see! Li Na’s words will shock all of you so much that your jaws will drop, and you will regret your disdain towards me at this moment!

Xu Cheng thought to himself angrily, and her eyes were fixated on Li Na’s figure on the stage.

Li Na had already walked onto the main stage ans was standing beside Ruan Qishan and Ruan Zeyan. Li Na’s beauty and allure were instantly revealed to everyone below the stage.

Below the stage, Wang Yazhi, Mdm Ruan, and Ling Tianya stood in front of all the guests. Wang Yazhi carefully watched Li Na, who was on the stage.

“Hey, why do I feel that Li Na looks a little similar to Yaya?” Wang Yazhi cocked her head and said.

Upon hearing Wang Yazhi’s words, Madam Ruan also looked at Li Na carefully. If Wang Yazhi hadn’t said anything initially, Madam Ruan wouldn’t have noticed either. Now that she heard Wang Yazhi’s words, she took a closer look. Indeed as Wang Yazhi had said, Li Na looked a little similar to that girl from the Ling family.

Especially her eyes. Although the two of them wore different styles of makeup on their eyes, upon closer inspection, they looked exactly the same, especially the shrewd and lively expression in their eyes. They were exactly the same.

Wang Yazhi’s eyes darted back and forth between Li Na and Ling Tianya, then she laughed airily. “How could there be such a coincidence in this world? People like Li Na and Yaya, who are completely unrelated, can actually look so similar.”

Ling Tianya didn’t say anything, but her eyes kept on looking at Li Na on the stage. At that moment, Ling Tianya’s heart lurched. She had experienced so many hardships in life, and she was able to calmly and decisively persevere through them every time. But this time, she felt unusually nervous. Even though she wasn’t in a life-or-death situation, and there weren’t difficult twists and turns, she was still so nervous that her two small hands were already clenched into fists.

It wasn’t because of anything else, but because that breathtakingly gorgeous woman on the stage was her biological mother.

Madam Ruan noticed Ling Tianya’s abnormal behavior, so she asked nonchalantly, “Lass Ling, I see that you’re acting a little strange today. Why aren’t you saying anything?”

Upon hearing Madam Ruan’s question, Ling Tianya finally looked away from Li Na and smiled at Madam Ruan. “I’m fine, grandmother.”

The perceptive Madam Ruan had noticed the eye contact between Ling Tianya and Li Na a long time ago. She knew that Ling Tianya and Li Na’s relationship was extremely good, and the two of them had gone shopping together a few times.

But even so, Ling Tianya wouldn’t have stayed silent all night while simply staring at Li Na.

Suddenly, Madam Ruan remembered Wang Yazhi’s offhand remark that Ling Tianya and Li Na looked alike. Then, she looked at Li Na thoughtfully, and then at Ling Tianya.

Li Na’s eyes looked down the stage and swept through the crowd as she stood in front of the microphone, and they finally landed on Ling Tianya.

Noticing that Ling Tianya was also looking at her, Li Na nodded at her slightly. Then she looked away and said proudly, “Please turn on the lights under the podium. Before I officially speak, I have something to announce to all the guests present, as well as to all the reporters and friends.”

At Li Na’s request, the staff responsible for lighting the venue immediately turned the lights to the brightest.

In an instant, the entire venue was brightly lit and resplendent.

Xu Cheng clenched her fists tightly and stared at Li Na without blinking.

The moment has finally arrived!