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Chapter 1248: Recognition (5)

However, it was obvious that Ruan Qishan was still a little uneasy because of the incident with the reporter earlier. After a few simple greetings, they entered the main topiv of the cocktail party.

“Layna is an important partner of the Yuan Teng Corporation. Madam Li Na has come from afar and is a distinguished guest of the Ruan family. Next, we would like to invite Madam Li Na to come up on stage and give a few words to everyone.” Ruan Qishan finished speaking in low spirits and stood at the side. He looked at Li Na, who was resting.

The spotlight immediately fell on Li Na. Xu Cheng, who was sitting beside Li Na, also fell into the spotlight. Xu Cheng could feel that everyone’s eyes were on her.

Xu Cheng imitated Li Na and raised her chin proudly. She had a proud expression, as if everyone was beneath her.

However, she didn’t know that this kind of expression only made one appear proud when it was applied to Li Na, who had an overpowering presence. When it appeared on Xu Cheng’s face, it made her appear insufferably conceited.

One had a overpowering presence, while the other was repulsive.

The reporters didn’t let go of any single detail as they filmed this scene.

Li Na stood up from her chair. Xu Cheng stood close to her to feign intimacy, and her eyes sparkled.

This moment had finally arrived. She would soon become Layna’s heiress, someone to be looked up to by tens of thousands of people.

Li Na ignored Xu Cheng’s pretentious attitude and slowly walked towards the main stage.

Xu Cheng eagerly followed by Li Na’s side. She wanted everyone to see that she came with Li Na. She was of worthy enough status to stand by Li Na’s side. She was a person of noble status.

After a few steps, Li Na walked to the main stage and slowly walked up the steps.

Xu Cheng followed behind Li Na and wanted to follow Li Na up as well. She wanted to imitate Ruan Qishan and Ruan Zeyan and stand on the main stage with Li Na as mother and daughter. She wanted to be looked up to by the people below the stage.

Moreover, didn’t Li Na come to the banquet today to announce her identity in front of everyone? Therefore, it was only right for her to follow.

In the end, she was stopped by the guard below the stage. “Sorry, you can’t go up.”

Xu Cheng’s expression darkened. “Open your eyes and see that I’m here with chairwoman Li! ”

The guard didn’t care about what Xu Cheng said. He simply stretched out his hand to stop her. “You can’t go up.”

In her fit of rage, Xu Cheng threatened him coldly, “I think you’re courting death. I’m telling you that you’re digging your own grave! Hurry up and move your hand away. Let me go up!”

“No! ” No matter what Xu Cheng said, the guard remained unmoved.

Xu Cheng was so angry that she couldn’t take it anymore. Hoping that Li Na would diss this ignorant guard in public, she looked at Li Na

In the end, Li Na only glanced at Xu Cheng indifferently and said nonchalantly, “Wait for me below the stage.”

After saying that, Li Na no longer paid attention to Xu Cheng and walked up the stage slowly.

Xu Cheng was stunned. She didn’t know why, but compared to before, she felt that Li Na’s attitude seemed to have changed.

“Please stay away from the entrance of the stage,” the guard said to Xu Cheng with a blank expression.

Xu Cheng looked at the surrounding people, who were looking at her. She gritted her teeth and glared at the guard. She directly said, “Just you wait. In a short while, you will regret talking to me like this! Don’t worry, I will definitely make you suffer!”

The guard’s expression finally changed a little. Xu Cheng thought that her threat had worked, but the guard unexpectedly simply said, “Please do as you please. Now, please stand further away.”