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Chapter 1247: Recognition (4)

Xu Cheng held Li Na’s hand and walked all the way to sit down at the rest area not that far away. Then, she ordered the Ruan family’s servants to bring them some drinks.

After that, Xu Cheng changed from being arrogant and domineering to being aggrieved when she faced Li Na. “Did you see that? In front of you, Madam Ruan dared to glare at me directly and say such rude things. Although my identity hasn’t been announced to the public yet, you have already made it clear that we followed you here. If Madam Rua still talks about us like that, it would clearly be an affront to you!” Now that Xu Cheng was far away from Madam Ruan and the others, she spoke without any scruples and continued to sow discord.

Upon hearing Xu Cheng’s words, Li Na narrowed her eyes slightly and acted as if she had heard Xu Cheng’s words.

Xu Cheng secretly rejoiced. “They have always treated me unfairly like this. I am your daughter, so you must seek justice for me!”

Li Na chuckled softly and said meaningfully, “I am indeed here to seek justice today.”

Xu Cheng thought that Li Na was here to seek justice for herself, so she immediately leaned towards Li Na with a dazzling smile and asked in an endearing tone, “I knew you loved me the most. Didn’t you say that I would be able to see my biological father today? Is he here? Who is he?”

Xu Cheng still had that on her mind probably because she thought she would receive even more inheritance.

Disdain flashed through Li Na’s eyes and disappeared. She pushed Xu Cheng away imperceptibly and said in a sullen voice, “He hasn’t arrived yet. He should be here soon.”

Not long after, the reporters outside the manor had all entered the venue. Butler Zhong arranged for them to be in the area near the entrance. In order not to disturb the guests who had come to attend the banquet, he even specially installed a quarantine zone in that area. The reporters could only move within the area of the quarantine zone.

Because arranging for the reporters to enter the venue had wasted some time, the banquet started almost an hour later than the originally scheduled time.

This time, the banquet finally began as scheduled. The lights in the venue correspondingly dimmed down, and the main stage’s lights were the brightest.

This was the Ruan family’s traditional way of holding a banquet. There would always be an important person giving a speech at the beginning.

Seeing the change in the lights, Xu Cheng also realized that the cocktail party had officially started. It was almost time for Li Na to officially introduce her to these people.

Thus, Xu Cheng became excited. She grabbed Li Na’s hand and refused to let go. “It’s going to start! It’s going to start!”

Li Na calmly withdrew her hand that was held by Xu Cheng. Wondering why Cheng Chen wasn’t here yet, she looked at the entrance of the manor.

She had deliberately stalled time by an hour. Could it be that the paternity test report wasn’t out yet?

At the same time, Cheng Chen was rushing to the Ruan family’s manor with the paternity test report of himself and Ling Tianya.

The result of the paternity test was obvious. Ling Tianya was his daughter. Even though in his heart, Cheng Chen had already confirmed that Ling Tianya was his daughter, when he received the paternity test report that confirmed that they were indeed related by blood, Cheng Chen still felt excited and extremely emotional.

He looked at the steel watch on his wrist. The Ruan family’s welcoming banquet should have already started, so he had to get there as soon as possible.

Back at the manor, Ruan Qishan and Ruan Zeyan had already stepped onto the main stage as representatives. When it came to giving speeches, Ruan Qishan was more enthusiastic than Ruan Zeyan, so unless it was absolutely necessary for Ruan Zeyan to speak, Ruan Qishan was always the one speaking at banquets.