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Chapter 1246: Recognition (3)

Xu Cheng and Huang Ying’s words quickly attracted the attention of the surrounding guests. They stopped chatting and glanced over.

Madam Ruan and Wang Yazhi were infuriated by Xu Cheng and Huang Ying’s words. Looking at their smug faces, they really wanted to rush forward to slap them.

But would someone of Madam Ruan’s status be choked by a few words from Xu Cheng and Huang Ying? That was impossible.

Therefore, Madam Ruan sneered. “Huang Ying, there is still surveillance footage of the outrageous things you did in the Ruan family back then. Since you say that our Ruan family is abusing our power, should I think about whether or not I should turn you into a freak show and show everyone the surveillance footage of you appearing in my son’s study room so that the guests can be entertained?”

“You!” Huang Ying didn’t expect Madam Ruan to have a trick like that up her sleeve. She couldn’t speak for a moment and glared at Madam Ruan with hatred in her eyes.

Xu Cheng also didn’t expect Madam Ruan to say that, and her heart lurched.

Today was Li Na’s big day of announcing that she was Layna’s successor, and Huang Ying would be known by everyone as her foster mother. Since reporters had now been let in, when the time comes, whatever happens at the cocktail party would be reported from time to time.

If Madam Ruan releases the video of Huang Ying being caught seducing Ruan Qishan, it would definitely cause a big commotion that would definitely affect her and Li Na. Therefore, such a thing must not happen.

Hence, Xu Cheng’s expression also turned apprehensive and she dared not speak any further. However, in the end, she was still unwilling to accept it. She felt that she had a weakness in the Ruan family’s hands.

However, this weakness was created by Huang Ying. In a bad mood, Xu Cheng glared at Huang Ying. Instead of helping her, she dragged her down.

Huang Ying happened to catch Xu Cheng’s glaring at her, so her expression became even uglier. She knew that Xu Cheng was looking down on her. This was what Huang Ying was most afraid of. She was afraid that once Xu Cheng had Li Na as a mother, she would look down on her, her biological mother, and abandon her here instead of bringing her to Europe.

When Li Na saw Xu Cheng and Huang Ying’s reactions, she knew deep down that Madam Ruan must have damaging information about them in her hands.

“I’m very curious about what kind of surveillance video it is, ” Li Na asked nonchalantly.

Madam Ruan snorted coldly. “Hmph, it’s extremely entertaining.”

Afraid that Li Na’s curiosity would be piqued by Madam Ruan’s words and that she would really want to watch the video, Xu Cheng immediately held onto Li Na’s arm and said sweetly, “I’m a little tired. There’s still some time before the banquet starts. Why don’t we go over there and have a seat?”

Xu Cheng was obviously evading. Li Na raised her eyes to look at Xu Cheng. The light in her eyes made Xu Cheng feel a little helpless. Li Na’s gaze seemed to be able to see right through her and read her mind.

Following that, Li Na smiled. “Okay.”

Hence, Li Na looked at Madam Ruan and nodded slightly at her. After that, with Xu Cheng’s support, they walked to a seat not far away.

Madam Ruan’s eyes followed Li Na and the two women beside Li Na. “Why does something feel off? How did those two become acquainted with Li Na? What is their relationship?”

“Yeah, Xu Cheng and Li Na seems to be very close. Xu Cheng was even playing cute with Li Na just now,” Wang Yazhi echoed.

Madam Ruan sighed. “Let’s wait and see. Didn’t Li Na say that she has something big to announce later? It might be related to Xu Cheng.”