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Chapter 1245: Recognition (2)

Xu Cheng and Huang Ying mistook Ruan Zeyan’s compromise in letting the reporters in as a consequence of Li Na embarrassing the Ruan family.

At this time, Xu Cheng was in great emotional turmoil because this incident had reached its climax. She felt that her entire body was overcome with emotion. She really hoped that time could pass faster. She couldn’t wait to see the Ruan’s family’s expressions when they found out that she was Lina’s daughter. Imagining their astonished and shocked expressions made her feel gratified.

The reporters soon began to go through strict security checks one by one under the arrangement of Mr. Zhong, and slowly entered the reception venue. However, because there were a large number of reporters outside, it was a time-consuming process for all the reporters to come in.

Upon seeing reporters coming in, the guests at the reception grew a little agitated. After all, this was a private reception. When reporters were suddenly let in, they all became nervous. Moreover, the reporters started taking pictures of them as soon as they came in, and that made these guests feel a little dismayed.

It’s just that this reception was held by the Ruan family, and the reporters were also from the Ruan family. Even if they felt dismayed, they dared not directly complain about the Ruan family, since after all, they really couldn’t afford to offend the Ruan family.

For the entire time, Madam Ruan and Wang Yazhi focused on Huang Ying and Xu Cheng, who came in with Li Na. They didn’t understand how Huang Ying and Xu Cheng got involved with Li Na.

Upon seeing that Madam Ruan’s eyes were staring at her, Xu Cheng immediately smiled and walked forward to hold Li Na’s arm affectionately while smiling sweetly yet provocatively at Madam Ruan.

“It seems that the Ruan family’s old madam really doesn’t welcome my arrival since she has been glaring at me like that.” Xu Cheng’s words were obviously provocative, and she deliberately told Li Na so she could help her diss the old madam and Wang Yazhi. Xu Cheng had now stopped calling Madam Ruan aunt and grandma, and directly started refering to her Madam Ruan. There was a sense of pride in the tone of speech.

It was unknown where Xu Cheng got the audacity and self-assurance to dare to provoke madam Ruan at the reception held by the Ruan family.

Perhaps it was because she just saw Li Na being rude to Ruan Qishan, she followed suit as well.

It’s just that Xu Cheng didn’t know that Lina wasn’t overly formal towards Ruan Qishan because the two of them were equals in status, and she was also putting on a show for Eric and Xu Cheng.

However, no matter, Li Na wouldn’t speak to Madam Ruan with a bad attitude.

Because the Madam Ruan was the eldest of the Ruan family and directly represented the Ruan family, offending her was crossing the Ruan family’s line.

Upon that idiot Xu Cheng blatantly dissing madam Ruan, Li Na felt very upset yet also fortunate that this idiot wasn’t her biological daughter.

Upon thinking of this, Li Na once again cast her eyes on Ling Tianya, who was standing beside Wang Yazhi.

Her daughter was so perfect. Her lack of pretensions and composed mannerism was exactly like her.

No matter how much Huang Ying didn’t want to see Xu Cheng and Li Na’s intimate behavior, at this time, she hoped to see the Ruan family disgraced even more. Especially since Madam Ruan and Wang Yazhi ruthlessly robbed her of happiness.

Therefore, at this moment, Huang Ying also joined the ranks of Xu Cheng’s provocation and said sarcastically, “How can we be treated like this when we are also guests. However, the Ruan family’s hospitality has always been this way. Abusing people with your power had always been the practce of large financial corporations like yours.”