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Chapter 1244: Recognition (1)

Originally, the reporters had all been blocked from entering the villa. They could only take pictures from outside. If they were lucky, they might have met someone like Xu Cheng, who would be willing to stay and be interviewed.

However, it was clear that Xu Cheng’s actions had thoroughly offended the reporters. They did not have a high opinion of her.

When he heard Lina tell him to let the reporters in, Ruan Qishan felt a little embarrassed. “Chairwoman Li, tonight’s party is a large-scale party. There are many prominent guests who are in attendance. If we brazenly allow all of those reporters in, then we could easily create unnecessary problems.”

Lina lifted her head and looked at Ruan Qishan. Lina’s imposing manner remained unwavering in front of the Ruan Family, who had an incredibly high status in Asia. “Chairman Ruan, isn’t the point of this party to welcome me? As the star of the party, do I not have any say in this?”

When Lina spoke, she looked Ruan Qishan in the eyes. Ruan Qishan’s expression changed. He had not expected Lina to act so arrogantly in front of him.

Xu Cheng, who was standing behind Lina, felt incredibly happy as she took in Lina’s overbearing attitude as well as Ruan Qishan’s dark face.

From Xu Cheng’s perspective, Lina was making things difficult for the Ruan Family for her sake.

When she saw that Ruan Qishan was at a disadvantage, Huang Ying’s mood also lifted, and she subconsciously raised her chin and looked very pleased.

At this time, Ruan Zeyan, who had been silent this entire time, said in a low voice, “Then let the reporters in.”

“Zeyan?” Ruan Qishan turned around to look at Ruan Zeyan. He did not expect that he could compromise on something like this. In actuality, it wasn’t that they couldn’t let the reporters in. As long as they appropriately arranged things so that the reporters would be situated in a specific area, then everything would be fine.

However, Lina’s current attitude was far too arrogant. Although the two companies could be said to be equal in power, this was Asia. Perhaps it was because Lina was used to being arrogant in Europe. Now, she even spoke impolitely to Ruan Qishan.

Ruan Qishan felt that he could not endure this. Therefore, he was unwilling to compromise on this matter.

However, he did not expect that his usually stubborn and intractable son, Ruan Zeyan, would actually compromise on this and would agree to allow the reporters in. This made Ruan Qishan feel very unhappy.

While speaking, Ruan Zeyan, with an impassive face, ordered for that the reporters be allowed in.

Since it had come to this, besides having a dark expression and not saying anything, Ruan Qishan did not feel any other emotions nor show any other expression.

Du Gang, who was following behind Ruan Zeyan, couldn’t help shaking his head when he saw Ruan Qishan’s dark face.

Oh, boss, he thought. Who would expect that you would also have a day where, in order to curry favor with your mother-in-law, you would be forced to offend your biological father?

Boss, when did you become so unprincipled?

Back when Cheng Chen and Ling Tianya had their paternity test, Du Gang had rushed to the place with Ruan Zeyan. Therefore, Du Gang was aware of the relationship between Ling Tianya and Lina.

Lina sized up Ruan Zeyan with her beautiful eyes. Previously, she had always treated Ruan Zeyan as her potential enemy. After arriving in Asia, she had tested him many times. The two’s intense competition at the dinner table and during their meetings always made Lina feel that Ruan Zeyan was someone who was incredibly hard to deal with and troublesome.

However, now, looking at him from the perspective of a mother, Ruan Zeyan looked more pleasing and likable.

Only a man who is as outstanding as Ruan Zeyan is worthy of my Tianya, she thought.

The two of them are a perfect match!