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Chapter 1243: They Came With Me

Ling Tianya tightly grasped Ruan Zeyan’s hand. Right now, her emotions were very complicated. She was excited and yet, a little scared. She was going to see Lina — her biological mother.

Ruan Zeyan was already well aware of everything beforehand. He tightly gripped Ling Tianya’s hand and silently gave her his support.

Upon Lina and Cheng Chen’s request, Ruan Zeyan and Ling Tianya had momentarily kept the fact that Ling Tianya was Lina and Cheng Chen’s daughter a secret from the elders of the Ruan Family. Therefore, right now, besides Ling Tianya and Ruan Zeyan, no one else in the Ruan Family knew.

Madam Ruan had asked Ruan Zeyan about the incident with Cheng Chen snatching Ling Tianya away. Ruan Zeyan had not actually answered Madam Ruan regarding this matter and had only told her that she would receive an appropriate explanation at tonight’s party.

Originally, Madam Ruan was very angry and was going to find some people to teach Cheng Chen a lesson. However, she was stopped by Ruan Zeyan.

If this had been in the past, then, before Madam Ruan could do anything, Ruan Zeyan would definitely have been the first one to teach Cheng Chen a lesson.

However, now, he would need to teach his father-in-law a lesson?And a father-in-law like Cheng Chen?

He should just let it go…

Although Madam Ruan did not understand why Ruan Zeyan was preventing her from going and teaching Cheng Chen a lesson, she listened to her precious grandson and temporarily endured it. After tonight, she would receive a proper explanation.

At the same time, Lina was feeling the same way as Ling Tianya. However, when she thought of the fact that she was going to be able to see Ling Tianya soon, Lina subconsciously quickened her pace.

Although she had met Ling Tianya many times, this was the first time they would be meeting as mother and daughter.

Xu Cheng and the others, who were following behind Lina, could clearly feel that her pace had quickened. Xu Cheng thought that Lina wanted to quickly go and incite fear in the members of the Ruan Family in order to get justice for her. Therefore, she also excitedly quickened her pace behind Lina.

Very quickly, Ruan Qishan and the other saw Lina, who was walking toward them at a fast pace.

Lina’s eyes immediately locked onto Ling Tianya, and the mother’s and daughter’s gazes met. There were endless emotions contained within that look. They didn’t need any words, didn’t need any touching. Just one gaze was enough for them to know each other’s thoughts and emotions.

Lina’s eyes were saying to Ling Tianya that she missed her and that she thought about her all the time.

Lina tried hard to suppress the urge to rush over and hug Ling Tianya, and controlled herself from bursting into tears. However, she was unable to control the slightly irregular pattern of her breathing.

Ling Tianya felt the same way…

Just as the mother and daughter met each other’s eyes, Madam Ruan’s unhappy voice suddenly sounded.

Madam Ruan was angrily glaring at Xu Cheng and Huang Ying, who were behind Lina. “How did these two come in? You guys were not invited to today’s party. How dare you come?”

Upon being berated by Madam Ruan, Huang Ying’s original feeling of discomfort immediately turned into one of anger and indignance. When she looked at Madam Ruan, her gaze was cold. “We came with Chairwoman Li. Grandaunt, do you have any objections?”

Xu Cheng lifted her chin and proudly stared at Madam Ruan and the other members of the Ruan Family.

When they heard Huang Ying’s words, all of the elders in the Ruan Family were shocked and they looked at Lina in disbelief.

“Chairwoman Li, did these two come with you?” Ruan Qishan asked.

Ruan Qishan was equally disgusted with Huang Ying and Xu Cheng’s appearance. He could not believe it when he heard Huang Ying say that they were here with Lina.

Lina turned her gaze away from Ling Tianya and directly nodded, “That’s right. They came with me.”

Unexpectedly, Lina actually acknowledged that Huang Ying and Xu Cheng were with her.

“This…” Ruan Qishan could not believe it. “Chairwoman Li, how do you know them?”

They are entirely unrelated to each other! he thought.

Lina did not directly answer Ruan Qishan’s question. She said to Ruan Qishan, expressionless, “Chairman Ruan, please let all of the reporters who are outside in. Tonight, I have something important to announce to everyone.”