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Chapter 1242: The Welcoming Party(10)

Butler Zhong stood in front of the villa. He was in charge of greeting the guests.

All of the servants and butlers in the Ruan Family were professionally trained. Previously, Butler Zhong had never worked in this field; however, he was a very hardworking and serious man, and he quickly adapted to all of the duties of a butler. Plus, with the help of Mr. Zhong, who was no longer on the front lines, Butler Zhong could now do his job with skill and ease.

Since the Ruan Family was hosting a party, there must be a guest list with all of the guests who were invited. Also, they all needed to know what all of the guests on the guestlist looked like in order to prevent any misunderstandings.

Hence, that was why all of the servants in the Ruan residence recognized Lina. Before the party started, Butler Zhong had gathered all of the servants together and trained them. He had printed out copies of every guest’s photo, name, and some information about them, and had passed it around to all of the servants.

Butler Zhong stood outside the villa doors. Just as he finished attentively welcoming the previous guest, he lifted his head and saw Lina slowly walking over.

He knew that this party was hosted specifically for Lina. Therefore, Butler Zhong immediately became alert and ordered someone to go and notify the main family that Lina had arrived.

The closer Lina got, the stranger the expression on Butler Zhong’s face became. He could clearly see Huang Ying and Xu Cheng following behind Lina.

When she saw Butler Zhong’s disbelieving expression, Xu Cheng arrogantly lifted her chin and looked at Butler Zhong with disdain. She already knew how she was going to lecture Butler Zhong, should he speak disrespectfully to her.

By this time, Lina had already walked elegantly to the front door.

No matter how much Butler Zhong wanted to ask Xu Cheng and Huang Ying about their reason for being here, he suppressed all of his questions and respectfully greeted Lina, “Welcome, Chairwoman Li. My master has been waiting for you. Please come in.”

Butler Zhong respectfully stretched out his hand and showed Lina and the others the way in.

Although Butler Zhong’s eyes were filled with questions, he did not ask anything but simply welcomed them respectfully. Seeing this, Xu Cheng was quite disappointed that she didn’t get a chance to lecture Butler Zhong.

Despite this, when Xu Cheng walked past Butler Zhong, she coldly snorted at him before copying Lina and slowly walking in.

It was only when the entire group of people had all entered the villa that Butler Zhong straightened his body. He looked at Xu Cheng and Huang Ying’s backs and slightly furrowed his eyebrows. Then, he called over a couple of the guards at the villa and ordered in a soft voice, “Tonight, pay extra attention to Xu Cheng and Huang Ying.”

“Yes.” When the guards received the butler’s orders, they obediently walked into the banquet hall and stood hidden in the corner, keeping a close watch on Xu Cheng and Huang Ying.

Upon receiving the news that Lina had arrived, Ruan Qishan brought his entire family out to personally welcome her.

Reasonably speaking, Lina’s status should have been equal to that of Ruan Qishan’s. They were both chairs of their own company. However, now, Ruan Qishan was a Chairman only in name. He had long since handed all of the corporation’s matters over for Ruan Zeyan to handle. On the other hand, Lina still managed her own company.

Ruan Qishan walked in front, with Madam Ruan and Wang Yazhi walking beside him. Ruan Zeyan and Ling Tianya followed behind Ruan Qishan. With the entire family coming out to welcome Lina, they had given her a lot of prestige.