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Chapter 1241: The Welcoming Party(9)

There were reporters everywhere. Eric did not want to say too many things to Xu Cheng. Lina and Huang Ying were still waiting. Lina had a clearly impatient expression on her face. Eric quickly caught up with Lina and Huang Ying, dragging Xu Cheng with him.

Huang Ying walked behind Lina. She felt nervous about once again coming to the Ruan residence. She had just recently failed to seduce Ruan Qishan. Then, she was kicked out of the place she had been living because she had a conflict with Madam Ruan. Now she was returning once again. Although she was coming here with Lina, Huang Ying still felt uncomfortable and was not as excited as Xu Cheng.

It was obvious that Xu Cheng was very excited. She had waited for this moment to arrive for a long time. Even when she was kicked out of the house by Ling Tianya and Madam Ruan and all of her luxury goods were thrown out like trash, she had kept her promise to Lina and did not reveal her true identity.

Her goal was very simple. She wanted to publicly surprise Ling Tianya and all of the members of the Ruan Family and make them all regret treating her the way they did in the past.

Today was the moment. Lina had said that she would not let her daughter suffer any unfair treatment. Therefore, today, Lina would finally seek justice for her.

Ling Tianya, just you wait! Lina thought.

Eric dragged Xu Cheng a couple of steps, catching up to Lina and Huang Ying. Lina turned around slightly and furrowed her eyebrows imperceptibly. “What were you doing over there? Why did you stay for so long?”

Before Xu Cheng could open her mouth, Eric responded for her, “The Lady was held up with greeting the reporters.”

Lina nodded and continued walking forward without saying anything else.

The villa doors were wide open, and the inside was covered by a red carpet. The female servants of the villa lined both sides of the carpet. They wore the same custom uniform and respectfully stood there, smiling at all of the party guests.

Lina slowly walked onto the red carpet with the group. Huang Ying, Xu Cheng, and Eric followed behind her.

Tonight, Eric was also very excited. His plan had finally succeeded. After tonight, LAYNA would basically be his.

As long as Lina announced Xu Cheng’s identity tonight, then they would all return to Europe. When the time came, Eric would propose to Xu Cheng and quickly become Xu Cheng’s legal husband. Afterward, he would rightfully manage the company.

In the future, when Lina retired and gave Xu Cheng all of her shares of the company, he would figure out a way to transfer all of the shares under Xu Cheng’s name to his name. Based off of the idiot Xu Cheng’s IQ, she would definitely do as he said. Although this would be a long and unstable process, it was the safest.

Eric’s eyes were brimming with anticipation. It was as if he was already standing at the top of the world.

Xu Cheng followed closely behind Lina and received the respect and attention of the Ruan Family servants.

All of these servants recognized Xu Cheng and Huang Ying. Among them were the three servants that Butler Zhong had arranged to attend to them while they were living in the villa.

When these people saw Xu Cheng and Huang Ying arriving all dressed up, they were all shocked. They were surprised that Xu Cheng and Huang Ying had arrived with Lina. What was going on?

Xu Cheng looked straight ahead as she walked. However, she vividly observed the shocked expressions on the servant’s faces through the corner of her eye.

In the past, all of these people had seen her family being humiliated and also how they were kicked out of the villa. They had probably also silently mocked them.

Now she, Xu Cheng, had returned magnificently. Open your damn eyes and look at me carefully! She thought.