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Chapter 1240: The Welcoming Party(8)

The journalists looked at Xu Cheng. They were all reporters who specifically reported on prominent business figures, and they had never seen Xu Cheng in the Ruan Family’s social circle before.

“What is your relationship with the Ruan family?”

The reporters swarmed in front of the villa’s iron gates and asked Xu Cheng about her identity loudly. Because they were uncertain of her identity, they spoke politely to Xu Cheng.

This was the first time Xu Cheng had to face reporters. She arrogantly lifted her chin. She did not have a high opinion of reporters. Therefore, before she answered the reporters’ questions, she had already taken on an attitude of superiority.

“Does everyone who attends the party need to be a relative of the Ruan Family? Do they have to have some kind of connection to the family?” As Xu Cheng answered the reporters’ questions, her tone was incredibly disrespectful and filled with disdain towards the reporters’ occupation.

Of course, the reporters could discern the attitude of superiority in Xu Cheng’s tone and their expressions changed. “Since you are unrelated to the Ruan Family, what is your identity?”

Since Xu Cheng’s tone wasn’t great, the reporters’ questions also turned blunt.

When she heard the reporters say that they did not recognize her and wanted to ask about her identity, Xu Cheng was eager to disclose her exceptionally glorious status.

She wanted to tell these reporters that she did not have any relationship with the Ruan Family. She was Lina’s daughter. Her mother’s power was equal to that of the Ruan Family.

Just as Xu Cheng began to open her mouth, Eric walked over. He gave the reporters an appropriate smile and nodded at them.

“Inside the country, you must pay attention to how you speak to the journalists. Your tone just now wasn’t good,” Eric reminded Xu Cheng in a soft voice. After all, on such a big day, everything that happened at the party would be covered by the journalists. He did not wish to see any negative news about Xu Cheng in every entertainment and economic section of the newspaper tomorrow.

It was fine if it was just about Xu Cheng. But it wouldn’t be worthwhile if it affected Lina and the company.

After all, sooner or later, he would gain control of LAYNA. Right now, he already treated LAYNA as his own. How could he allow anything that would be disadvantageous for the company to happen?

However, Xu Cheng did not pay any attention to Eric’s words, and she arrogantly looked at those reporters holding cameras and microphones. “They’re only a bunch of paparazzi. Why should I be respectful of them?”

Over these last couple of days, Xu Cheng’s ego had inflated. Especially today, her ego had reached its peak.

This new, arrogant Xu Cheng disregarded even Ling Tianya, nevermind these reporters.

The reporters that were here today to interview them were different from the paparazzi that followed celebrities. The majority of them were in charge of the economic and finance sections of the news. In general, even those prominent figures in the industry would treat them with respect for the sake of promoting their company image. Even someone as overbearing as Ruan Zeyan would keep his temper in check when facing these reporters.

Because their image represented the company, they could not relax whenever they were being interviewed.

Xu Cheng’s attitude had undoubtedly offended these reporters, and all of their expressions had changed.

Eric saw that the situation wasn’t looking good, and he quickly pulled Xu Cheng away before she could say anything that would offend the reporters even more.

“My apologies, my journalist friends. We will be leaving.” Eric smiled as he dragged Xu Cheng away. After a couple of steps, the smile on Eric’s face entirely disappeared. “I’m telling you. Today is a very important day. You must watch your words and actions. You can’t offend the reporters again!”

Xu Cheng uncaringly curled her mouth. “They’re only a bunch of reporters. What is there to care about? My mom is Lina. Why should they matter to me?”