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Chapter 1239: The Welcoming Party (7)

Of course, Huang Ying did not wish for Xu Cheng to reveal the identity of Lina’s daughter. She was acting like this towards Xu Cheng because she wanted Xu Cheng to care about her feelings and to treat her a little better.

Right now, Huang Ying’s heart was bottomless. She was terrified that she would be left here alone and that Xu Cheng wouldn’t care about her. Therefore, the more uncertain she felt, the more she wanted to create a scene.

However, every time she threw a tantrum, it had the opposite effect. Xu Cheng’s patience slowly diminished each time she had an outburst.

Xu Cheng looked at Huang Ying, who was sitting there unhappily and then left her room with the clothes. As she walked, she muttered, “Honestly, creating trouble for me so early in the morning!”

Huang Ying did not negatively impact Xu Cheng’s emotions for long. Her anticipation of that evening’s party very quickly covered the unpleasant feeling that Huang Ying had given Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng endured her impatience until evening. Lina told Eric to arrange a stylist and makeup artist for them.

This was the first time Xu Cheng had been styled by a stylist and a makeup artist. Xu Cheng looked at herself in the mirror. She looked like a princess in a fairy tale story.

In reality, she was a princess. After today, she would return to Europe with Lina.

Rumor had it that Lina resided in a luxurious castle in Europe. She would be the princess in the castle!

Thinking this, Xu Cheng’s gaze grew sinister.

She was definitely going to keep hold of the position of Lina’s daughter. In the future, no one else would be able to humiliate her.

She would let Lina make Ling Tianya and the Ruan Family pay tens and hundreds of times over for humiliating her!

Night fell. It was time for the party.

The party was being hosted at the Ruan Family villa. This was the first large scale party that had been hosted at the villa. Because Lina was a very important business partner to the Ruan Family, the party was extremely magnificent.

Almost the entire villa was decorated. All of a sudden, the lights went on. All of the lights in the Ruan Family villa seemed to have lit up the entire sky.

The Ruan Family’s position in this city was obvious. Because of this, not only were many powerful individuals invited to this party, but it also attracted the attention of many journalists who had arrived early to wait for them and to write about them.

The limo that Lina was in slowly drove into the villa under the journalists’ flashing cameras.

Xu Cheng, who was sitting inside the car, became excited. This luxurious limo made her excited, the journalists outside excited her and once again being able to legitimately walk into the Ruan family’s villa excited her.

Xu Cheng and Huang Ying shared a glance. Huang Ying had now calmed down. She knew that today was a big day. All of the negative emotions she previously felt had disappeared entirely when they entered the villa.

She was really looking forward to seeing Ruan Qishan, Wang Yazhi and the old lady, Madame Ruan’s shocked faces when Lina announced that Xu Cheng was her heir.

Xu Cheng would become Lina’s successor and the future head of LAYNA. The Ruan Family’s highly valued business partner’s company would belong to Xu Cheng in the future. Just the thought of that made Huang Ying very excited.

The limo stopped soon after it pulled into the villa. Lina’s assistant, Eric, got out of the car first. Then, he helped Xu Cheng, Huang Ying and finally Lina out of the car.

Outside of the villa, the reporters’ cameras and lights were on them.

Xu Cheng copied the way celebrities walked down the red carpet. She posed a couple of times in front of the journalists’ cameras and video cameras and would occasionally wave at them.