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Chapter 1238: The Welcoming Party (6)

By devoutly and tentatively calling him father-in-law, Ruan Zeyan directly resolved his confrontation with Cheng Chen.

In the blink of an eye, it was Friday.

The welcoming party was happening at night. Xu Cheng woke up very early. This was a habit that she had gotten into over the years. Every time something major happened, she would be unable to sleep and would always wake up early.

However, this time, it was a party that was being held by Ruan Teng Corporation. No matter how anxious she was, she could not make the party occur earlier.

Originally Xu Cheng wanted to go find Lina in her room. However, when she looked at the time, it was only 6 am. Because she had been lectured by Lina last time for taking things into her own hands and going to find her, she controlled herself this time.

Since she could not make the party happen earlier and did not dare go and find Lina at this time, Xu Cheng could only go into Huang Ying’s room holding those couple of pieces of clothing that Eric had accompanied her to buy yesterday.

Huang Ying had also slept badly. The closer it got to the party, the more complicated she felt.

Although in the past, she had been the one who agreed and even incited Xu Cheng to go and replace the identity of Lina’s daughter, she had no other choice. She couldn’t let the fact that she had dabbled in human trafficking to be exposed. Also, she was attracted to Eric’s lobbying as well as Lina’s immense wealth.

However, after tonight, she would no longer be Xu Cheng’s biological mother and would need to call herself her adopted mother. This made Huang Ying feel very bad. Huang Ying felt extremely uncomfortable especially when she saw Xu Cheng becoming closer to Lina and more annoyed by her, her biological mother.

When Xu Cheng walked into Huang Ying’s room, she saw Huang Ying sitting there with a weak and weary expression.

“What kind of expression is that? You should be happy today.” Xu Cheng joyfully held up the two pieces of clothing in her hand. “Mom, which one should I wear?The black one or the red one?”

“The black one,” Huang Ying answered.

Xu Cheng placed it in front of her and looked at herself in the mirror. Then, she shook her head,”No, I think I’ll go with the red one. It looks more joyous. On a day like today, I need to be more joyous.”

Xu Cheng felt extremely excited whenever she thought about the fact that tonight, Lina would publicly announce her noble status and embarrass Ling Tianya and the Ruan Family.

When she saw that Xu Cheng was not listening to her opinion, Huang Ying frowned. “If you’re not going to listen to me, then why are you asking me?”

Upon feeling that there was something wrong with Huang Ying’s attitude, Xu Cheng turned around and looked at her. “Mom, why is your temper so unstable recently? Has your menopause restarted?”

Huang Ying had begun to experience the menopause soon after Xu Cheng’s father’s death and had already stopped menstruating.

Once a woman went through the menopause, she would age very quickly. Therefore, this was an extremely touchy subject for Huang Ying.

Now that Xu Cheng was flippantly bringing it up, Huang Ying immediately became furious. “I’m not in a good mood. Your fake mom is a good-tempered person. Don’t ever call me mom again!” After she finished speaking, Huang Ying suddenly gave a sarcastic smile. “But again, in the future, you can’t call me mom anymore. You need to call me your adopted mother.”

Huang Ying kept saying things like this. In the beginning, Xu Cheng would console her. However, now, she no longer had the patience and would get annoyed whenever she heard Huang Ying say such things.

“Does it make you happy to always say things like this? Then what do you want? Should I go and tell Lina that I am not her daughter and that her real daughter is Ling Tianya, and the two of us worked together with Eric to deceive her?”

“Of course not!” Huang Ying immediately said.