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Chapter 1236: The Welcoming Party (4)

The scene was awkward. Ruan Zeyan stood there with a strange expression. Cheng Chen’s words were incredibly shocking and caused Ruan Zeyan, who was usually wise and decisive, to feel unsure of how to react.

“Tianya is my and Lina’s daughter. Huang Ying’s elder brother, Huanglong, has already confirmed it. Huang Ying helped Yu Meizi purchase an infant from a child trafficker. That child was Tianya. Previously, Xu Cheng had used some tricky methods to obtain a couple of strands of Tianya’s hair and had used them to conduct a maternity test with Lina. The results of the DNA test already confirmed that they are biologically related and therefore, Tianya is our daughter. There is no doubt about that.”

Cheng Chen gracefully sat in the chair in the lobby of the center. As he spoke, he looked at Ruan Zeyan with a strange expression on his face. “Therefore, I am your father-in-law.”

Ruan Zeyan’s body seemed to subconsciously become tense. He slowly looked past Cheng Chen and his eyes landed on Ling Tianya, with a questioning expression.

Ling Tianya weakly nodded. Although she still felt that it was quite unbelievable, it seemed to be the truth.

When he saw Ling Tianya nod, Ruan Zeyan began to feel unwell.

Cheng Chen pulled Ling Tianya down to sit in the chair next to him, and he looked at Ruan Zeyan with interest. “I am different from Ling Tao. Firstly, I am your biological father-in-law. Secondly, I do not fear you at all. Lastly, you have already offended me.”

Cheng Chen’s three simple points clearly expressed his attitude as a father-in-law.

Ruan Zeyan’s expression couldn’t help but change.

Du Gang, who was standing behind Ruan Zeyan, could clearly feel the change in his boss’s aura.

These events were certainly thrilling. How did Cheng Chen suddenly become the boss’s father-in-law?

Previously, the boss had said many terrible things to Cheng Chen. Also, this father-in-law was clearly different from Ling Tao. He was not afraid of the boss’s power and would not show him any respect.

Plus, it was absolutely impossible for his boss to obediently go and curry favor with his father in law.

Therefore, right now, Du Gang was deeply worried about Ruan Zeyan…

Just then, the employee at the DNA testing center returned Cheng Chen and Ling Tianya’s identification documents.

“Can I get the test results before tomorrow night?” Cheng Chen asked.

“Reasonably speaking, you should be able to,” the employee said.

“Okay, I’ll be troubling you guys then.” Cheng Chen gave the employee a slight nod.

After he finished speaking, Cheng Chen stood up and said to Ling Tianya, “Since all of the testing is already done and the only thing left to do is to wait for the results, let’s leave.”

After he finished speaking, Cheng Chen prepared to leave with Ling Tianya.

Ling Tianya looked awkwardly at Ruan Zeyan. It was very clear that Cheng Chen was making it difficult for him. Plus, there was no way that Ruan Zeyan would easily lower his head to anyone. Would these two continue acting as if they are at war with each other in the future?

One was her biological father, the other was her husband whom she loved deeply. If they couldn’t fix their relationship, it would be very difficult for her.

“Uhhhh, Zeyan, he…”

Just as Ling Tianya was going to open her mouth and speak favorably of Ruan Zeyan in front of Cheng Chen, Cheng Chen spoke first. “Be a good girl, Tianya. After today, you will become the successor of LAYNA. Similarly, I will also give you all of the Cheng Family wealth. You are the creme de la creme. What kind of man can’t you get?”

Cheng Chen said this entirely to provoke Ruan Zeyan. He felt extremely happy when he saw Ruan Zeyan’s face darken immensely.