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Chapter 97: Famous Bilibili Uploader

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Zhao Hao watched only the mainstream animes like “One Piece”, he had even given Zhang Wanjun a complete set of “One Piece” merchandise. When “Naruto” just started airing, “One Piece” was already ongoing for ten or more years. It was so famous that it took over the whole Asia, followed by European countries. Zhao Hao would enjoy watching a few latest episodes of “One Piece” when he had free time.

Even though his cousin Zhang Wanjun had opened up to him a little after receiving the “One Piece” merchandise, but he still could not understand the memes that Zhang Wanjun spoke of. He also did not get the humor in Zhang Wanjun’s video, which she uploaded to Bilibili Kichiku. Perhaps he was the only one who realized that Zhang Wanjun was a famous Bilibili uploader who called herself “Black & White Z Mold” Anyway, most of the people had thought that Z Mold was a male…

Zhao Hao was way more interested in Zhang Wanjun’s gaming channel than those videos about Kichiku. Zhang Wanjun was more interested in horror and puzzle genre games instead of games like “LoL”. Fascinated by her gameplay, however, he himself would not play it because he lacked the IQ.

Realizing that he had a closer cousin now, Zhao Hao hoped that Zhao Youyue was not like his other cousin Zhang Wanjun. A normal cousin would be best. He wanted to be like his father who protected their family bonds, to make his dad feel proud of him.

Zhao Hao let his two sisters entered the super SUV first. Zhang Wanjun was rather hesitant because she felt it would be boring and had nothing in common with her cousin.

“Eh? I do have a little cousin named Zhao Youyue who just entered high school, right?” Zhang Wanjun thought.

Zhao Youyue hopped into the car with enthusiasm, and Zhao Hao was happy about it. It seemed that she was interested in cars, how about giving her a sports car for fun?

Nope, she was just a high school student… Zhao Hao had to put that idea on hold first.

After Zhang Wanjun saw that Zhao Youyue had entered the car, she followed. She did not want to embarrass Zhao Hao in front of everyone.

Zhao Hao’s mother warned him that he should drive safely because he had two little sisters onboard. She would punish him severely if he was caught in an accident again.

Zhao Hao felt awkward, he could not argue that this super SUV was durable as a tank and not afraid of any collision. Besides, he would never speed in this kind of car.

When they arrived at the city center, a prosperous city in which Zhang Wanjun’s father was the mayor, it was only one o’clock, there was still much time left before dinner, “Where should I bring them to?” Zhao Hao was lost in thoughts.

What were they doing in the backseat?

“Lately, ‘Brother Bo Lan’ was really famous in Bilibili, the whole website was about him! They have made tons of parodies, there’s really no song he couldn’t sing! The singer Xu Ruoxuan had become a shoulder massager in these videos and she was shaking her head nonstop! It looks so funny too, so I did one… err… ahem.”

“Hahaha, not only ‘Bo Lan Bro’, there is another one frustrating to ears, what’s it called again? Something about three days three nights, three days jungling…[1] Oh, you mentioned you did something too right?”

“Oh nothing, do you have any favorite uploader in Bilibili?”

“Uploader? I only surf Bilibili for anime, since it is the only video platform website without advertisement. I will watch some funny videos too, but I rarely pay any attention to the uploader.”

“Well… It’s true that most people are like you when surfing Bilibili, just like those who watch anime or novels without knowing the authors.”

“Why did you sound disappointed? I do pay close attention to the authors of novels and anime!”

“Oh? Why?”

Zhao Youyue was a bit tongue-tied. She could not say that the “Two Dimensional Gate” – had prompted her to pay attention to the authors.

Finally, Zhao Hao let out a sound of grudge, because he found out that his little sisters were ignoring him and having a wonderful time chit-chatting…

“Do you guys have any place in mind? Any suggestions?” Zhao Hao asked.

“Nope, I’m not interested in coming out in the first place, I’d rather play my PC.” Zhang Wanjun replied without much consideration.

Zhao Youyue almost said, “I’m fine with my phone” but seeing the awkward expression on Zhao Hao’s face, she suggested, “Let’s go to the cinema, there’s a comedy movie about Chinese New Year, the box office had already more than one billion tickets sold, it should be fun to watch!”

Zhang Wanjun twitched her mouth a little, because she could just watch it on her PC and thought that the more mainstream a movie was, the more boring it would be, but she had a good impression of Zhao Youyue, so she was not against the idea.

After Zhao Hao heard that suggestion, he was touched because his little cousin Zhao Youyue was indeed very normal, so he agreed to that idea and drove to Hongda Square. While driving there, he bragged about his relationship with Ding Yuncong, the richest man’s son.

“So, big bro. Who is richer between you and Ding Yuncong?” Zhao Youyue smiled at him while asking.

Zhao Hao saw Zhao Youyue’s smiling face in the mirror, he felt that this little cousin was cuter now! She was asking questions that allowed him to show off, unlike Zhang Wanjun who had never looked him in the face or calling him “big bro”.

“Of course I’m richer! But I keep a low profile, I only posted some of my daily life photos on Weibo. I’ve never posted anything to gain favoritism from my fans, or become some manager in the entertainment field. Oh, Youyue Meimei, you could follow me on Weibo, search ‘Zhao Hao King’ will do.” Zhao Hao said it with pride and confidence.

“Wow, you sure are amazing, big bro, richer than Ding Yuncong. Alright, lemme follow you on Weibo.” Zhao Youyue said it naturally while reaching for her phone. “Eh? Wow, big bro, you have nearly 3.5 million followers on your Weibo, I’ve never expected that big bro is a famous internet idol.”

Obviously, Zhao Hao was already drowned in his own vanity as Zhao Youyue kept calling him “Big Bro”. He had developed a very good impression of his little cousin. No wonder his father was fond of her, she was good with her words, if only she could utter them with more emotions…

“Big sis, do you have Weibo as well? I want to follow yours too.” She turned to Zhang Wanjun. Her EQ was indeed high, she made two of her cousins had a good impression of her in such a short period.

Zhang Wanjun did not tell her immediately but Zhao Hao could not hold the urge to speak as he wanted to show off in front of Zhang Wanjun, “Wanjun’s Weibo is ‘Black & White Z Mold’, one of the famous uploaders in Bilibili, she has only more than a million followers, not even one third of mine!”

Translation Note:

[1] Three days three nights, three days jungling (三天三夜,三天打野) – a popular Chinese song.