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Chapter 94: High Popularity Character Card

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Zhao Youyue believed that “Yu Shengfan’s” peak popularity should come about during the long-awaited battle between her and Lin Feng. She still loved solo battle the most even though Lin Feng had shown her the glamour of five versus five battle. She remained desperate for a fair and square match with Lin Feng.

However, if Zhao Youyue’s prediction was correct, Rosemary would never give the chance to this duo. Blame himself for having designed an overpowered “Yu Shengfan”. If her setting of maximum gaming talents was applied in reality, it simply means that she could adapt to any games within one or two rounds, yet she would grow stronger as she played the game more.

Others might be stuck on a certain rank, like Diamond ranking in “LoL”, unless somebody talented carried them. But not for “Yu Shengfan”, she had unlimited potential in gaming. If Lin Feng was level 100, then she would be on level 101 with her talents…

Since Lin Feng was the hero of “The Strongest King”, there was no way that Rosemary would let him lose right? So the best way for them was to stay as friends, and they would become teammates, an important member in Lin Feng’s team, helping him to win in the final tournament and acquire the title!

Zhao Youyue was right! Having acknowledged “Yu Shengfan’s” character setting, Ye Hai would never let her fight against Lin Feng, he had even envisioned the best possible ending…

Yu Shengfan, “PK PK PK! Come on old Lin! Didn’t you promise to fight me after I helped you to win the world cup and ‘The Strongest King’ title?”

Lin Feng, “Bring it on! Loser calls daddy!”

Yu Shengfan was stunned by this reply as she did not expect Lin Feng to agree right away.

Lin Feng, “Daddy’s gonna go for a meal if you don’t hurry.”

Yu Shengfan, “Just you wait my son, I’m gonna… blablabla (the one and only time where Yu Shengfan had hurled her abusive words at Lin Feng).”

(The End)

Ye Hai still had not figured out how to write those abusive words, but he was not worried at all. When he was writing about those insulting words from “Yu Shengfan”, he was merely recording what she said in the novel, and of course he would moderate those words before writing them into the novel.

Ye Hai had been in high spirits. Little did he know that Zhao Youyue was not willing to wait until the grand finale, considering the writing capability of this gifted author, “The Strongest King” of 500,000 words now could probably grow to even 5,000,000 words. He might take at least two years to complete all of this. Would Zhao Youyue waste so much time in “The Strongest King”?

Zhao Youyue did not expect “Yu Shengfan” to become a memorable icon, because “The Strongest King” would be a novel with a perfect ending instead of sorrowful ending. Readers these days would only remember those characters who suffered a tragic end, “Xu Jing” for instance.

Memes like “cleaver”, “nice boat”, and “darken” would always be circulating in the world of otakus. Take the “School Days” for example, the game came out in 2005 and was adapted into anime in 2007, but in 2017, everyone still remembered the scumbag hero. He had successfully become a memorable character.

Novels with a plot twist would certainly have more impact compared to those delightful novels though everyone enjoyed reading them.

Those stories were usually forgotten by the readers in a short time, luckily “The Strongest King” was not one of them, it could at least keep its popularity high for some time owing to its passionate characters and intense battle scenes.

Even though “Yu Shengfan” could not become an iconic character, but she would still be popular for a few years.

According to the settings of the “Two Dimensional Gate”, Zhao Youyue was still allowed to use that character card, just that it would have a timer which could be increased by the rise of character popularity, as it helped to “recharge” the card.

Unlike “Xu Jing” iconic character card, this card was not of infinite use as it could not be “recharged” endlessly. Thus, Zhao Youyue could sacrifice that card when its timer almost expired, so that she could enter a selected literary world of equivalent energy level, or a random world of higher energy level.

This is the major difference between iconic character card and high popularity character card, she would not feel any heartache or regret when sacrificing an almost-expired high popularity card. But never would she sacrifice any iconic character card of unlimited usage.

Of course, creating a high popularity character card was much easier than creating an “iconic character card”. An iconic character must be one that emerges from a unique work. Just like “Pure Romance”, people might recreate something similar but the popularity would never parallel the previous, it could even be neglected.

“The Strongest King” was certainly one of a kind too, Rosemary might still be able to create a new novel with higher standards in the Esports genre. Only time will tell.

To mold a “high popularity character”, it only required Zhao Youyue to enter a literary world of decent popularity. She would then create a genuine character according to the work’s background and settings. That character would appear to be more lively to the readers in reality. Without any accident, such a character would easily gain a high popularity.

Zhao Youyue would not wait until the final battle between Lin Feng and Yu Shengfan. She decided to bow out at the moment Yu Shengfan revealed herself in reality. Of course, this scene would happen earlier and thrill most of the readers, bringing a new level of excitement to the novel.