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Chapter 91: Insist on No Couple

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As a girl addict who was always fond of the game “Eternal War”, it was obvious that Yu Shengfan would notice the infamous “Shadow Rogue” in the same zone. Surprisingly, this character was also kind of eccentric. He only played in team matches of five versus five, and had never played in one versus one PK match. However, during the team match, “Shadow Rogue” had displayed exceptional skills during his one versus one challenge. Even “Yu Shengfan” was impressed; thus wanted to battle “Shadow Rogue”.

Without any doubt, from the author Ye Hai’s point of view, this kind of “commercial boasting” was of a huge selling point in the story. After all, “Yu Shengfan” was really strong in one versus one challenge and nobody could make her reveal her full strength. Yet, he acknowledged the power of the main character Lin Feng, which showed that Lin Feng was actually stronger. Anyhow, readers who imagined themselves as Lin Feng would feel awesome for acquiring such a recognition.

The main character Lin Feng implied this fact of his and cleverly deceived “Unpleasant Rain” into the team. What surprised him was that his opponent had never attempted to curse him, however, Tang Yongkai was the unlucky one. He was given the cold shoulder by “Unpleasant Rain” with her creative cursing skill. But, Tang Yongkai was not affected due to his thick skin and positive mindset. Instead, he was addicted to the nickname “Fat Otaku”. The interaction between the both of them had portrayed the ability of Rosemary to write a relaxing comedy scene.

The bond between Lin Feng, Tang Yongkai and Yu Shengfan was getting stronger, but a same old situation would happen nearly every day—

Unpleasant Rain urged, “PK, PK, PK! Come quickly to the arena, Shadow Rogue! You promised if I’d help you break the dungeon’s record, you will accept my challenge.”

Shadow Rogue declined, “Oops, I’ve something else on my plate.”

Unpleasant Rain then said, “How can you be so shameless. Please keep your promise and come to the arena immediately for PK!”

Shadow Rogue replied, “I also need to take my meals. Goodbye.”

Obviously, although the rich, dumb and adorable girl, “Yu Shengfan” was skillful in her talking, she had a rather innocent personality. She was taken advantaged by the devious and shameless veteran Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng was doing her no harm. Without her realization, Unpleasant Rain who used to master only solo match had undergone a significant improvement in collaborations and team matches.

Lin Feng was guiding her subtly on how to play five versus five team matches. He even inspired her about the satisfaction that a person could get from a one versus nine in comparison to a one versus one challenge. Moreover, he also stated that he enjoyed playing come back matches as it felt awesome to do everything you could to turn the tides. Even if you lose at the end, you would still fall with pride.

Lin Feng then told Yu Shengfan to give rise to the ranking score by herself. By the time she was able to reach the rank of a king, he would then accept her PK.

Hence, the rich, yet dumb and adorable lady started playing her five versus five match happily.

This also implied that the side story of this female character “Yu Shengfan” had come to a temporary stop. However, the sense of expectation for this character would be preserved. After all, she had not met the main character Lin Feng in real life.

After Ye Hai stopped writing the story for the character “Yu Shengfan” momentarily, he finally had the energy and spirit to check on his own book’s comments section. He was genuinely astounded. Since when had his book comments section become so popular? Besides, he also found out that his book’s ranking had gone up on several charts, and came to a realization that this way of describing a female character was a huge success!

The book comments section had even created a love block for the character “Yu Shengfan”. Readers were signing in every day while several psychotic readers wished they could be condemned by “Yu Shengfan”. They were also hoping that “The Strongest King” could be adapted into manga, and they shall witness the rich lady’s cursing skill for real.

Ye Hai looked back and admired the plot he wrote for the character “Yu Shengfan”. He realized it was really awkward when he first started writing about this character. However, the more he wrote, the better it became. Especially those words uttered from “Yu Shengfan’s” mouth, he could not believe he was the one who thought of such cruel and hurtful words. After all, he was not the kind of person who loved to curse anyone in real life, as he felt that his written words were improved by a mysterious force.

The more Ye Hai compared the before and after of his contents, the more he could not put up with the way “Yu Shengfan” was being introduced. Even worst, it might become the poisonous facet where readers will fall into the pit. Therefore, he secretly changed the introduction. He harmonized the exaggerated scenes to the point where crowds were gasping, Lin Feng was dumb-stroked and Tang Yongkai’s drools were all over the place. He even changed the extra-long limo into a low-key luxurious car. When Yu Shengfan entered the cyber café, only boss Lin Feng and the manager Tang Yongkai noticed her. Then, they would sigh in their hearts while their eyes were being fed. They had no idea such beautiful girl would come by a cyber café.

In real life, you would come across as many gorgeous girls, but not many boys were brave enough to flirt. As for those game–addicted otaku, how could they have the courage to flirt with girls?

Therefore, the most logical reaction from the otaku Lin Feng and the simple-minded boy Tang Yongkai would be just admiration. After the both of them sighed secretly to themselves, they would continue their addiction towards games.

The main point was that Ye Hai had no intention of writing any love story in the novel. Thus, he deprived every character in the story of any sexual desire. Naturally, they would stay calm when coming across beautiful girls, and the main character Lin Feng would not fall in love with anyone. His only love was nothing more than games. Why do you need a girl when you have games?

Yu Shengfan was also not interested in a love relationship. The only thing that could relieve her loneliness was only games, and games. Perhaps she would form a close bond with Lin Feng and Tang Yongkai, but only as partners, nothing beyond that. In any case, this was what Ye Hai had in mind all along. As for the couple scenes, he would just leave it to his readers’ imagination.

Ye Hai did not realize that his insistence on not having any couple had given opportunities to Doujinshi artists or writers to explore. In their writings, they might put Lin Feng and Yu Shengfan together, Lin Feng with Tang Yongkai, Tang Yongkai with Yu Shengfan or probably those interesting and independent characters in the end. For instance, Zhou Zeli and Wen Zhouzhou did not have any love scenes in the story. However, the spinoff works about them would come like a crashing wave!

Su Li, the artist who became High God via only one manga, “Pure Romance”, was another reason that brought “The Strongest King” into vogue. She announced on her few-million-followers Weibo account that her new work would be the adaptation manga of the ReadNovelFull “The Strongest King”. She had already finished the terms with Ye Hai and it was a contract which could satisfy and benefit both parties.

Having completed her drawings, Su Li showed them to Ye Hai. Both of them were contented with the drawing. Therefore, the manga for “The Strongest King” would be released on the Qidian manga website soon!