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Chapter 90: Full of Praises

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Perhaps due to Han Leng’s moral righteousness, and his literature dream to write a real masterpiece in the world of literature, he was prejudice towards ReadNovelFulls. He always thought that such business-related works were for the lower-class. The funny thing was that he had to write “low class” ReadNovelFulls to please his readers and to earn some money.

What a paradox!

Of course, Han Leng regarded this as a temporary compromise. In the future, he would definitely create a masterpiece that could be passed down through time…

On top of that, due to the unique status of Zhao Youyue, Han Leng had glorified her subconsciously. Even if she reads novels, it would be some iconic works rather than mere ReadNovelFulls. Remember that she knew about “Bonjour Tristesse” by Francoise Sagan, which had astounded Han Leng.

For a moment, Han Leng forgot that Zhao Youyue’s classmate Wang Yang always turned around to have a chat with Zhao Youyue. The topics they discussed the most were mainly ReadNovelFulls. Besides, Zhao Youyue had also shown him her Qidian account before, but he did not remember her nickname. It was rare for someone to have an exact nickname after their own names…

After reading the latest chapter of “The Strongest King”, Han Leng had become “Yu Shengfan’s” number one fan. He changed his own tune and even wrote a long comment about “Yu Shengfan” to express his excitement for the latest chapters. At the same time, he even requested to upload the chapters faster as he could not wait longer to read the upcoming chapters.

The book comments section of “The Strongest King” was flooded with arguments since the beginning. Not long after that, everyone had the same opinion, especially those readers who did not believe Rosemary could write a female character well. They were reading the latest chapters with the mindset of “prepare to die”, however, the feeling later emerged as “upload more chapters!”.

“Who would have thought that Rosemary is able to describe a female character which triggers more expectations after reading her plot. He really has made a great improvement in his writing. I want to give all the tickets to him!”

“Upload more chapters, please. Also, one question, will this adorable rich lady fall in love with the main character?”

“Rosemary finally opened up his mind. He can actually describe such a cute female character. I even want her to curse me, am I a psycho?”

“Wow, finally a female character which is portrayed properly. Apparently we can hope for Rosemary’s love story in the novel!”

“This time the character ‘Yu Shengfan’ was described wonderfully. However, I still reject the idea of this love story, simply because Esports players do not need a girlfriend!”

“The female character is good, but she should just be a decoration. After all, I still prefer the storyline where the male protagonist gets serious about gaming. In addition, there should be more scenes of ‘Yu Shengfan’ playing the game. I really love her incessant mouth. May I … interrupt?”

The book comments section was full of praises. The statistics of “The Strongest King” had increased sharply, which included both Top Recommendation Tickets Ranking and Monthly Tickets Ranking, kicking off the rankings of several High-God authors’ books.

The author Ye Hai finally recovered from “inspiration outbursting”. The reason was that he created another side story where “Yu Shengfan” had no involvement. He also realized that only when he was writing about “Yu Shengfan”, he would develop this feeling of writing like God. To be honest, any author would be addicted to this state of mind which allows their ideas to flow like a fountain. Their inspirations were bursting out like diabetes insipidus, that they could totally write to their heart’s content!

This was just like taking drugs, you just could not stop this addiction!

While creating a work, the author is actually building a world. It is exactly like bringing a camera and getting yourself into the world that you create, witnessing the scenes right before your very eyes. The scenarios would then pop out naturally from your mind. It was as if their pens or keyboards are moving on their own. One’s creativity ability would be fully unleashed, and he or she would most likely be satisfied by the final product…

Unless, the novel is too ridiculous. For example, in a supposedly daily-life story, yet it suddenly comes a superpower that could destroy the whole world. Otherwise, the author would assume that it was their outburst of inspiration which had created such a perfect novel. Never could the readers think that it is all because of a troublesome teenage girl, who had entered their work and possessed one of the female characters to lead the story development.

Besides, if the female character possessed by this troublesome teenage girl became popular which in turn increased the popularity of the work, she would have gained more freedom. In the end, not even the authors could control themselves. They would have to give their all to coordinate with her problematic actions. As such, nobody could ever stop them from presenting their best self-acclaimed work to the world.

The mangaka Su Li had already demonstrated once before. In reality, she was just a writer who would please the readers without limit. At the same time, she had also paid a whole lot of attention to her editor as she was not the kind of author who had her own opinions. However, she was firm in her attitude for once during the published ending for “Pure Romance”. She even dared to break up with “Wind manga”. Without a doubt, this must be the topmost level of losing one’s senses, where one had reached the stage of ignoring everything else.

Currently, Ye Hai was still in control. He did not lose his senses until they were beyond his restrictions. Still able to restrain himself, he remembered that the main character was Lin Feng, not Yu Shengfan. The story development should revolve around Lin Feng, and he must not change the character “Yu Shengfan” into the main plot.

Moreover, he also knew how to maximize the sense of expectation for the character “Yu Shengfan”. Therefore, “Yu Shengfan” would not meet Lin Feng in reality, even though they had already met once.

The next development would be Lin Feng deceiving Yu Shengfan cleverly into joining his team, and also to help him break the dungeons’ record. Actually, this was also to nurture his sense of teamwork.

The reason Yu Shengfan would join Lin Feng’s team was mainly because “Shadow Rogue” also had a good reputation in the same zone as he was known as the number one scorer. In a team battle of five versus five, if you had “Shadow Rogue” as your teammate, then you are sure to score!

If Unpleasant Rain was considered as an expert in single matches, Shadow Rogue would be an expert in team matches. He would not be disadvantaged even if he fought against two or three people at one go. His several videos also made it to the weekly best team match shots, in which he performed some impossible comebacks in battles. There was once where he was able to kill another Godly-leveled-assassin with very little HP left. He was considered to have God-like manipulation that was beyond professional level.

A godly player like Shadow Rogue would definitely ignite the fighting spirit of Unpleasant Rain. She wanted to challenge Shadow Rogue in the first place, but for some reasons, she was being deceived to break the dungeons’ record…