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Chapter 89: Turn the Rotten into a Wonder

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Arrogance and prejudice have always caused people to make the wrong judgement. Some of the readers had not read the latest chapter, but they saw the others praising that the female character “Yu Shengfan” was very interesting in the book comments section. Consequently, this led the readers who had not read the latest chapter to a bad mood.

What kind of international joke is this? How could the character of “Yu Shengfan” be interesting when she is similar to the ancient Mary Sue character that afflicted one with cancer of embarrassment? What kind of aesthetic standard is this?

Could it be that the book comments section has been controlled by some netizens hired by the author?

Han Leng was one of the readers who despised the female character “Yu Shengfan”. This time, he did not jump in head first and read the latest chapter because he was afraid that he would be mentally “poisoned” again. He was scared that Rosemary would be dead set on his own path and continued to write on the female character “Yu Shengfan”. If that was the case, then he would abandon the book without saying another word, because it was too venomous!

Therefore, he decided to read the book comments section of “The Strongest King” first. If the book comments section kept mentioning the character “Yu Shengfan”, that would mean Rosemary was too obstinate to be awakened, as he had chosen to continue drawing “Yu Shengfan”, a character that was beyond saving! You could imagine how poisonous the latest chapter would be!

Without a doubt, a release of multiple chapters could satisfy the readers more. However, if the author were spreading “poison” in the story, the “poison” would be more powerful as more chapters are released!

As a web novelist, Han Leng was very familiar with some of the writing tactics. He was guessing that if Rosemary insisted on drawing the character “Yu Shengfan”, he might write about “Unpleasant Rhythm”, Yu Shengfan’s in-game character, which would have interaction with the hero Lin Feng’s in-game character. Whether they clash and turn into a love-hate couple, or they play the plot of “Hero saves Princess”, or the girl falls head heels for the guy, the author just wanted to bind both of them together by force. His words would be infused by an awkwardness for coordinating the loves stories.

Han Leng was one of the veteran readers of Rosemary. After all, he also loved to play the game “League of Legends”. He knew it very well that once Rosemary started to write about any female character or love story, the quality of work would be an unbearable sight. If you could not manage a story of such genre, do not write it! Why would you force yourself to write things that you aren’t familiar with? Do you know it hurts our eyes…

Seeing that the book comments section was full of discussion regarding the character “Yu Shengfan”, he reckoned that the book was going to be rubbish. Does the main plot change from gaming to a love story, where the retired Esports player is dating a beautiful girl from a rich family? How could you fulfill those promises such as returning to the peak or becoming professional when you are falling in love?

This continued until Han Leng saw a Flashing Red[1] popping up above the book comments section. It was Youyue again, the flamboyant tycoon reader on Qidian!

Han Leng was actually a little envy of her. He checked the personal space of Youyue and realized that all the books tipped by her had a more logical and rational story. Judging from the name and synopsis of his book, “Conquer the world of Online Gaming”… Sigh, no wonder she did not check it out. It could not be helped.

Seeing that the tycoon had rewarded this book with a Flashing Red, Han Leng did not give up on the book. Instead, he braced himself and subscribed to the latest chapter. It was a form of blind trust on the tycoon reader. Besides, he was curious why the tycoon would give a flashing red. However, if he was “poisoned” once more, he would not continue reading the novel.

Han Leng read the strained explanation that Rosemary wrote in order to cover up the illogical scene of taking a luxurious car to a cyber café. He curled his lips and accepted the explanation reluctantly, then he continued the reading…

As the words describing “Yu Shengfan” were getting more and more, Han Leng realized that there was not any awkwardness or inappropriateness in the story. Instead, the character “Yu Shengfan” was becoming livelier with Rosemary’s writings!

He had turned rotten into a wonder!

The most crucial part was that Han Leng’s prediction did not come true. “Yu Shengfan” had no interaction with the main character Lin Feng for now. Instead, she used an extreme method to leave a profound impression on others by torturing Lin Feng’s buddy Tang Yongkai. Just when everyone assumed that “Yu Shengfan” was a fat otaku, little did they know that she was actually a gorgeous lady!

Han Leng had to admit that he was looking forward to read more now. Initially, he only wanted to see Lin Feng showing off his skills and how he played the enemy guilds within his palms. In the long term, he also hoped to see how Lin Feng would return to Esports and claimed the title “The Strongest King”. However, all he wanted to see right now was the reaction of the newbie players who were eager to kill Unpleasant Rhythm once they discovered the truth. The truth about the real player controlling Unpleasant Rhythm was actually not a fat otaku, but a beautiful girl coming from a filthy rich family.

This character “Yu Shengfan” was indeed fun and interesting. She looked like a perfect girl, but in reality she had a big flaw in her personality. Just look at her big mouth, who in the world could withstand her?

When there was a flaw in a perfect character, it did not mean the creation of the character had failed, instead it made her more realistic. After all, no one in this world is perfect. Some readers had imagined if they are this “Yu Shengfan” who derives pleasure from cursing others, the gaming must be a lot more fun. Not only you could abuse the others with techniques and skills, others could not even win a verbal fight against you. Despite their dissatisfaction, they ended up being forced to shut up. Oh yeah, isn’t this a double pleasure!

One has to understand that in any games, there would be a lot of foul-mouthed players. Of course, you could simply choose to block them but that is just… unsatisfying. It is like telling others that you are scared of those players who loves to condemn people. However, if you have “Yu Shengfan’s” skills of cursing others, it would be marvellous, worry not about any foul-mouthed players. Should you bump into them, you might even be overjoyed like a hunter who sees his prey, or getting to know new friends by cursing each other…

As for the flaw in Yu Shengfan’s personality, it strongly suggested to the readers that the main character Lin Feng would tolerate him. Just like Lin Feng as able to subdue the wild and Tang Yongkai, he would also be able to pull “Yu Shengfan” into the Glorious squad.

Han Leng was completely convinced!

An author of High-God ranking indeed! Not only had the release of multiple chapters twisted the negative image of “Yu Shengfan” completely, but it also created a strong sense of expectation for this newly introduced female character!

Now, Han Leng finally understood the reason of Tycoon Youyue’s Flashing Red. The story was indeed very satisfying. If he was also a tycoon who pays no heed to the amount of tipping money, he would be giving a Flashing Red as well!

Still, he did tip five coins as a token of appreciation and this situation was rare. After all, he was always a reader and a subscriber of original novels. In this era full of pirated novels, he could be considered as a good reader.

Whenever he talked about Youyue Tycoon, he could not help to think about his classmate. However, the possibility of two people being the same person was quite slim. After all, Lady Zhao came from the upper-class society, would she be even reading ReadNovelFulls?

It is clear that Han Leng did not remember the ID of Zhao Youyue when she showed him her Qidian account. He only remembered the hundreds of thousands of Qidian coin in her account…

Translation Note:

[1] Flashing Red(飘红) – At Qidian Chinese website, “Flashing Red” – “飘红” refers to the system-generated post which appears on top of the comments section of a novel whenever there is a reader tipping the novelist more than 50,000 Qidian coins. Title of the post of this standard template:

“Rain of petals … XXX has tipped me the greatest 1,000,000 Qidian coins.”

while XXX = Name of the novel reader