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Chapter 88: Impressive!

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Anyway, nobody would actually stop Ye Hai this time.

Compared to traditional manga and novel, webcomic and ReadNovelFull do not have an intimate relationship between the editor and the author. Unless the author takes the initiative to discuss their own work with the editor, else the editor rarely visits the author. After all, they have hundreds of authors under them, hence too much to handle on their plate. The authors are just in an extensive state.

For this reason, ReadNovelFull and webcomic have more freedom and a higher chance of failure at the same time. The editor will not be able to watch over every single work on hand after all. Who knows if the chapter uploaded today would cause any big problems?

Li Mengyao would not hold Ye Hai back. This was because when she had gone through the drafts in advance. She felt that her husband had portrayed the female character very well. It was as if he suddenly had an epiphany. If it was not for Li Mengyao knowing that her husband was using the “specify a male character into female” method, she would have even doubted her husband had an affair. Else, how could he have drawn a female character to life, with such a vivid image?

The truth was that now, Ye Hai had acquired more understanding from portraying “Yu Shengfan”. He noticed that it was actually easy to portray a good female character. It was to avoid the melodramatic parts, as writing any emotional conflicts would twist the will of the female character. It was as if forcing the female characters to fall in love with the male character.

Whereas, if there were no melodramatic parts involved, that the male and female characters were to be treated equally, there would not be any sort of awkwardness, and they would be able to get along naturally. He finally understood that in reality there is gender difference, perhaps there is no pure friendship between guys and girls. However, in the novel, there was no need to differentiate them, simply treat them as asexual would do. Everyone was a sole individual and no one needed to depend on others. By this way, the characters would become distinctive naturally.

Some of the female characters had a pale and empty figure, and were considered for a sole aesthetic purpose. Having lost their independence, they became only something adorning the guys, like an accessory or even a blow-up doll. How would the readers fall in love with such female characters?

Same thing, the more the readers read, the more they would think that harem-based stories were just dull. Besides, the readers would suddenly lose expectations towards the female characters who were portrayed nicely when they have been conquested by the male protagonist.

Anyway, under the “inspiration outbursting” state, Ye Hai had come to an utter realization. He could actually create some female characters, as long as they did not have any emotional dramas with the hero, which also applied on “Yu Shengfan”. Only by this way, he could maintain the charm and the independence of his female characters.

Thus, I’m sorry Lin Feng, you are meant to be alone for your entire life. After all, Esports players do not need a girlfriend!

This might lead to the disappointment of some readers, especially when they found out that Master Rosemary who suddenly had an epiphany was already able to portray a female character to such an outstanding extent!

Once there was an outstanding female character appeared, there would surely be a bunch of male readers appearing from nowhere hoping that they would become part of the male protagonist’s harem.

Sadly, they could never change the mind of Rosemary.

Li Mengyao uploaded all Ye Hai’s drafts to Qidian novel website in one shot. In fact, she held a small motive behind this act of hers. She would not leave any drafts pending, otherwise if her husband noticed that there were already quite some drafts piling up, why would he continue to write? Come on, time to gang up for some gaming!

Play games? You wish! I want to read more of the novel!

This was the immediate thought of Li Mengyao when she finished reading the contents written by Ye Hai under “inspiration outbursting” state. This was also the first time she looked forward this much to read the subsequent contents…

After sending all the drafts, Li Mengyao also helped Ye Hai to add a chapter that was solely to request for recommendation tickets and monthly tickets. As an experienced web reader, she knew that creating a chapter to request for subscriptions and tickets was a very powerful method. As long as the fans were loyal enough, they would show their support for the author.

Know that Rosemary’s fans were exceptionally loyal. Although he had never asked for any, but his ranking remained 40-50 in Top Recommendation Tickets Ranking and Monthly Tickets Ranking. Without those ballot riggers who were also known as “background operators”, Rosemary’s novel could attain top 30. That was pretty good. Qidian website was a place where Godly authors gathered. Getting such a result showed that Rosemary already had the capability and charisma of a Godly writer though he was yet to be offered a Godly contract.

When all the drafts were finished being uploaded by Li Mengyao, the activity of comments section of “The Strongest King” intensified in no time.

“Huh! Did I see flying pigs? Master Rosemary suddenly published more chapters!”

“Not only he added more chapters, he even added a single chapter specifically to request for subscriptions and tickets! Why still keeping my recommendation tickets? Take them all!”

“Darn, I have already given away my recommendation tickets. With Rosemary’s rare 10,000 words outbreak, please take my offerings of 10,000 Qidian coins + monthly ticket!”

“Eeek! Is this a compensation for the toxic he gave us previously? Hope that no more female character will appear in these extra chapters…”


“Vote before you read. Anyway, nothing is better than additional chapters!”

Zhao Youyue who was already back to the reality received a novel update notification. She was a little nervous, worrying that Ye Hai would remove her parts as “Yu Shengfan” had too much of the limelight, yet inducing drastic changes to the story and facing opposition from the readers. Anyway, having created a sensation successfully within the “Two Dimensional Gate”, she was confident that the new character development of “Yu Shengfan” balance out the readers’ former negative impression of her.

This tempted Zhao Youyue to start reading the latest chapters immediately. Upon seeing her actions in the literary world being recorded perfectly in the novel, she had a subtle feeling of satisfaction. Rosemary had portrayed “Yu Shengfan” to the best of his writing abilities.

Although Zhao Youyue had already experienced the storyline, she noticed that reading the novel of Rosemary afterwards was even more satisfying. This might be the power of writing of a godly author…

After reading, she immediately felt relieved. Instead of deleting the story, Rosemary actually brought out the Moe characteristics in “Yu Shengfan” to its full potential.

With Rosemary’s enhancements and assimilation of some most viral puns, the words coming out of her “venomous tongue” had appeared to be even more fascinating now. He had perfectly combined the characteristics of “talkative” and “venomous tongue” in her. Imagine, someone who is talkative by nature goes bitching at the critical moment. That would be exciting and heart-piercing!

This update was just awesome!

Zhao Youyue who was excited made a flick and sent another 100,000 points of flashing red. She only hoped that after Rosemary would continue to love “Yu Shengfan” upon seeing this reward. Please don’t delete any of her stories!

This moment, with Rosemary’s newest update, the comments section of “The Strongest King” totally exploded!

The center of discussion was no doubt about “Yu Shengfan” possessed by Zhao Youyue, the first female character with soul created by Rosemary!

Most readers were impressed!