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Chapter 85: Heart-piercer

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Whenever there was any PK[1] match involving “Unpleasant Rain”, there would be a great number of audience. Forget about her annoying chat bubbles, just by looking at her spectacular gaming skills, it could be described in one word – Art. Everyone was absorbed in the ultimate reflexes and all sort of extreme techniques that she had displayed. Once she performed a technique successfully, the audience would give a standing ovation and compliments as such:

Wow, there is such a technique?

This technique is breathtaking!

Plus, “Eternal War” was inherently noted for its magnificent battle scenes, thus watching the PK match of “Unpleasant Rain” was comparable to watching a match of Kungfu. It was a visual splendor indeed!

The opponents of “Unpleasant Rain” surely felt aggrieved and irritated when PK-ing her. Having been strangled by her in term of gaming skills, yet they had to suffer seeing all sort of her chat bubbles filled with sarcasm. Unfortunately, there was yet to have such option to mute the opponent in “Eternal War”.

Never had the game official anticipated someone who was able to PK and type insulting messages at the same time. Note that the operation of “Eternal War” was quite complicated and meticulous. In the eyes of pro gamers, if a minor mistake in the game was caught by the enemy, one might suffer a devastating combo attack, then falling to pieces…

However, neither had caught any mistake of “Unpleasant Rain”. Many players in new server could do nothing but to cry in jealousy, “The real experts had never visited this new server, so this “Unpleasant Rain” is able to act as a king here. If she tries fighting in the Arena of all servers in ‘Eternal War’, she gonna be taught a lesson for sure!”

At this moment, “Hoodlum Master” was taunting “Unpleasant Rain” via chat bubble. At the sight of this, the audience was overwhelmed with excitement at once and delivered their supports to “Hoodlum Master” in public chat one after another:

“All the best Hoodlum Master! Beat the ladyboy lying fatty!”

“That’s right, a beautiful swordmistress character being played by a fat otaku, what a waste!”

“Has the betting started? I’ll bet on Hoodlum Master!”

“Yup, I’m supporting Hoodlum Master too.”

“Then why did you put your bet on Unpleasant Rain?”

“Oops… probably my hand had slipped… Hehe.”


Of course, some players had retorted that “Hoodlum Master” was nothing better. If “Unpleasant Rain” was considered as an Arena overlord who paid no heed to dungeons and boss fights, this “Hoodlum Master” could be seen as a devious and deplorable gamer who intruded into every single boss fight, and pursued his goal by fair means or foul.

“Hoodlum Master” had even bragged that despite his rouge character in game, he was an honest man in reality, an extremely helpful citizen who would help an old granny to cross the road, yet a husband who would forgive his wife though he is cuckolded. Hence, to counterbalance this reality, he had no choice but to display the other side of him in game, which was the only place he could make troubles. He snatched the others’ monsters not for experience or items, but solely to relish the hoodlum moment.

Tang YongKai happened to know Lin Feng when he was messing around, and eventually bowed to the skills and magnanimity of Lin Feng. After all, he was such a dirty-mouth in game, and rarely could anyone tolerate his words or behaviours, as every human has their level of tolerance, even in-game. Nevertheless, he managed to find this game, a lawless world in which he could act as a hoodlum without scruples. Ahh, what an eccentric man…

That being said, Lin Feng could put up with him. Perhaps he had to look up to his talents, and thus overlooked all sort of his insolences and provocations. To him, no matter what a person has done in game, if it is not something harmful to reality like money or sex swindle, it is all acceptable. Do whatever as you please, that is the meaning of game!

Just like those sandbox games, in which the controlled character could even put forth a massacre just to rob equipment, is that considered morally wrong?

Having accepted Tang Yongkai, Lin Feng naturally was able to accept “Unpleasant Rain” too. Though she liked to spam chat bubbles during PK, she might be a true ladyboy otaku, but does that matter? As long as she excelled in gaming! When “Yu Shengfan” saw the chat bubble sent by her opponent, a chirpy smile with cute canine teeth had shown on her elegant face. She really liked someone talking to her, whether it be good words or bad words. Perhaps this is the maximum level of loneliness.

With her typing speed that was beyond a regular human, she countered, “I’m always good-tempered, as I’ve never scolded a human. But I’m gonna do it now as I still consider you as one. After all, even the Amoeba protozoa on any keyboard touched by you would die on the spot. So I know, you definitely don’t have a girlfriend, as you might only find one in the zoo, or even other planets.”

Upon seeing the chat bubble above “Yu Shengfan”, Tang Yongkai’s hand which was holding a mouse had gotten some bulging veins. That was a cold hard truth, he had no girlfriend! Perhaps this is the fate of an honest man? Anyway, it was now obvious why he dared claim himself as a husband who would forgive his wife though he is cuckolded. Because he got to have a wife in the first place…

Nowadays, the cuckold society was quite a trend on Weibo, not that the members liked to be cuckolded, in fact they had no chance to be, and so they could crow over the cuckold stories online. Should it happen on them someday, let’s see whether they could laugh so happily.

Lin Feng who had remained tranquil at the side chuckled. He felt this “Unpleasant Rain” was indeed a heart-piercer. The exhilaration of public chat continued to increase, until one comment appeared —

“What are you guys laughing at? It’s alright for those who have a girlfriend, but for those who don’t, aren’t you just laughing at… yourself?”

Once this comment came to sight, the public chat went into a dead silence, as if a gloomy atmosphere had permeated the air. After a while, it was spammed with the comments “Esports player doesn’t need a girlfriend!”…

The smile had disappeared from Lin Feng’s face, as he had no girlfriend as well.

Nevermind, he still had his brothers.

Infuriated, “Hoodlum Master” utterly lost his mind and charged forward. A high quality PK match began. In the earlier story of “The Strongest King”, Tang Yongkai was depicted as a prodigy gamer who had impressed even Lin Fang.

However, in the face of “Unpleasant Rain”, “Hoodlum Master” failed to cut the mustard!

Lin Feng who was standing aside finally regained some expressions on his face. The skills possessed by this “Unpleasant Rain” was way too astonishing! What a decent reflex!

“Hoodlum Master” had not even triggered “Unpleasant Rain” to manifest her true power!

The reason was simple!

The chat bubbles of “Unpleasant Rain” continued to appear rhythmically above her head. The sarcastic words were even more heart-piercing now. Tang Yongkai who was beside Lin Feng had lost his nerve, sweating…

Translation Note:

[1] In Chinese, PK means:

– A solo battle between two players. “a PK expert”

– Challenge. “He is going to PK his rival”