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Chapter 84: Proactive Provocation!

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Lin Feng had a character named “Shadow Rogue” in the new server, and his occupation would be an assassin. He had an almighty weapon that could make up for the flaws of an assassin, during several crucial moments, he could even fight like a warrior. Upgrading this weapon required some pretty rare ingredients, so he could always be seen farming in dungeons along with some large guilds in the new server…

This was why “The Strongest King” was the low configuration version of “The King’s Avatar”. Besides, the protagonist Ye Xiu had an almighty weapon too, called “Myriad Manifestation Umbrella” which needed to be upgraded constantly, and it was not just a coincidence.

No matter Lin Feng or Ye Xiu, they were the protagonists as well as the unbeatable characters in game. In order for the plot to progress, their weapon would substitute their character’s growth since they were already at max level.

They had to search high and low for it in order to retrieve the upgrade ingredients of their main weapons. Overcoming any challenges during the progress was one of the peaks in the novel.

Funds were required by Lin Feng to create his own Esports team. Despite gaining little fame as a live broadcasting gamer and a lot of money through his professional career, he had spent all his money on his weapons, and time to find rare ingredients, unlike Lady Yu Shengfan who could spend millions just for a weapon. Anyway, Lin Feng had seized the moment of farming ingredients as an opportunity to recruit some decent teammates, the one who could be his true gaming brothers…

When he heard his pal Tang Yongkai was calling out for him, he turned his head towards his screen without further delay.

Who would not know the name of a tycoon, “Unpleasant Rain” in the new server? Not only that she was rich, she was also placed top in the PvP rankings! At first people thought that she hired a lot of professional players to play for her when she went offline, or perhaps she just spent some money to make her opponents lose on purpose.

Soon they realized that “Unpleasant Rain” was not friendly at all! There would not be anyone else who played like her. She was one of a kind who could fight her opponents while mocking them to break their morale. What a unique style of playing. Some players had regarded it as a trend, called “Chat Flow”.

Only the word “wtf” could actually describe a person who could duel while typing words that could break the morale and be affecting one’s psychological mind. Some players actually wanted to learn the “Chat Flow” of “Unpleasant Rain”, but they ended up being beaten badly by their opponents. Usually players were matched up against other players that were among the same level, the result was expected when one was playing seriously while the other was distracted by typing.

When Lin Feng saw the beautifully crafted swordmistress character “Unpleasant Rain” with fancy equipment at the loading screen, he doubted it, “Ladyboy liar? Fat otaku?”.

“Yeah, most of the high ranking PvP players have doubted the lolita voice of ‘Unpleasant Rain’. There’s no way that a girl could play this game that well right? He’s definitely a big fat liar, I think there was a video about it too…”, said Tang Yongkai.

This was the power of rumors, it was probably just a single video frame “Unpleasant Rain”, but after it went viral, most people would believe it. Yu Shengfan was not bothered though, she only wanted to enjoy herself in game, even though she built her happiness on top of other players’ suffering. If she really cared about her reputation, she would not be humiliating anyone during a battle.

Lin Feng calmly replied, “Certainly there aren’t many female players who excel in one on one battle, but there are few other female gaming experts in the professional arena. For example, Zhou Zelin the “Snipe King”, even though she’s normally shy and not talkative, but she is the most important member in her team who has always led her team to the victory with their four-protect-one-tactic.”

“Another one will be Wen Zhouzhou, even though she can’t play well in the game, but she is a great tactician and the brain in charge of leading her team… So, don’t look down on female players, there may be a chance that this ‘Unpleasant Rain’ is a female player as well.”

Obviously, when Lin Feng mentioned it, the author in reality, Rosemary had thought of setting another two female characters, Zhou Zelin and Wen Zhouzhou. Initially, he wanted to insert two other male characters, but he got drawn towards the idea of “genderbent”. Thus, there would be these male characters who behaved like a male but were forcibly claimed as female characters. For sure, they would not have any romantic relationship with the main protagonist, only rivalries. Both of them would be friends with Lin Feng outside the tournament, since Lin Feng was their senior.

Furthermore, other male characters in his novel were referencing some players in reality. He had prepared to use his new method to depict female characters, to sharpen up his skills.

Tang Yongkai was not familiar with the professional arena, still he knew Zhou Zelin. “Zhou Zelin is the most popular professional player in ‘Eternal War’ right? She had endorsed a lot of advertisement too, I remember one of them is McDonald… I thought she is only good looking, so she is good at gaming as well?”

Lin Feng spoke in a cold tone, “If she wasn’t giving face to the male players, and if she could overcome her minor flaws in solo battle, she could have become the best player in the current ‘Eternal War’… Hey, put your mind in the game, it’s done loading.”

“O, ooh!” Tang Yongkai switched his attention towards his monitor, his honest face suddenly turned evil. He decided to provoke his opponent first—— “Unpleasant Rain! It’s really disgusting for a big fat otaku like you to play such a beautiful female character! It’s totally degrading her!”

Lin Feng rolled his eyes upon seeing Tang Yongkai provoking his opponent. He was the first recruit in Lin Feng’s team. Lin Feng was sure of his talents, and he was obedient too. One major flaw though, Tang Yongkai really liked to provoke others.

Now that his opponent was “Unpleasant Rain”, the person who was notorious for her foul mouth, but Tang Yongkai had decided to mock her beforehand. By any means, this meant the beginning of a tragic battle!