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Chapter 771: Doubt

With the advent of the internet age, e-reading had made huge progress, throwing traditional book printing firms out of business. Under such circumstances, only famous romance authors could still sell actual books, just like the renowned idol writer, Han Leng who was under the banner of Zhao Youyue.

Han Leng’s new literary creation, “Dragon Raja” was finally released. This literary work had certainly put his writing ability to the test, and so, his writing had improved since his last creation. Even though this book made plodding progress, but people already realized its true potential. Han Leng had made up his mind to follow Lady Zhao; he was willing to become Lady Zhao’s dog……

Such was her charm; it could even conquer the cool and arrogant Han Leng. He was not even sure of his affections for Lady Zhao, was it solid friendship, or a flower he could never attain?

It was becoming more apparent that Lady Zhao preferred girls. As long as Zhao Youyue did not start fancying any guys out there, Han Leng was fine with it. She could have an entire harem of girls, and that would be alright.

Han Leng knew that no man would ever embrace Zhao Youyue. She would forever be his goddess.

As traditional book printing firms went out of business, traditional writers found themselves drifting in the open vacuum of space. Part-time writers might not feel the sting.

Those who were confident in their writing abilities, would read more web novels and try their hand at this web novelist thing. A solid genre to fall back on would usually be of the historical nature.

There was a High God platinum historical writer who had started his career as a traditional writer before jumping ship to web novels. He became successful after his first book. The remuneration he received had been far more than what he received as a traditional writer over the past years.

Zhou Zhipeng suspected that this “Grand Vizier” was most probably written by a similar author. This author must have read many web novels to be able to write so beautifully and flawlessly.

Long story short, Zhou Zhipeng was showering the writing techniques of the “Grand Vizier” with endless praise, followed by the attention to detail and historical accuracy.

Of course, fictional history needed no documented research, so it had much room to rove about. Most interestingly, this fictional “Dynasty Chu” seemed so realistic, as if it existed in history!

Zhou Zhipeng felt goosebumps running up his body. No author had ever impressed him to such an extent. What sort of imaginative mind did this genius possess?

Writing a fictional historical novel was no easy task, they had to at least obey logic and consistency, just like that early hit, “The Best Servant.” This novel emphasized on the picking up of hot chicks during ancient times. It was about a modern man who leaped back through time. The protagonist had then “invented” a lot of new ideas; even a simple “barbeque” earned him more beauties.

Zhou Zhipeng detested such work! He would nitpick every single flaw in this novel, making it seem worthy of a trashcan.

But not with “Grand Vizier.” It had turned into the ideal fictional historical novel for Zhou Zhipeng. Its realism had most definitely dug its tendrils deep into his head. Even the author’s name was brilliant. Had this “Historical Observer” actually traveled to “Dynasty Chu?”

What Zhou Zhipeng did not know was that this “Historical Observer” was just a plagiarist from another world. His golden finger was to have a parallel historical character possess him so that he could experience those historical events himself. Of course, he would be able to retell the events like he had been there himself.

When a historical novel had an outstanding writing style, rigorous text, and authentic history atmosphere, it was already more successful than most hollow literature. It was a rare gem.

The biggest merits of the “Grand Vizier” were its well-executed cliffhangers. Readers felt as if they were the protagonists themselves, going through every smart calculation made by the protagonist, sitting through every one of his well thought-out plans. This got the experienced reader Zhou Zhipeng hooked. He despised those protagonists who relied on their protagonist halos; it was annoying to him.

Whenever the protagonist of “Grand Vizier” started to get serious, he could outsmart his adversaries easily; there was no room for them to even recover. This was why Zhou Zhipeng never got bored of reading it.

Besides that, the other characters in the book were perfectly intelligent, capable humans, not just foils to the protagonists! Be it adversary or ally, interactions in them would be thrilling. The author was brilliant!

In conclusion, Zhou Zhipeng had written a decent review of this book. He felt that he had been honest, transparent, and unbiased. But the replies only let him down—

“What sort of recommendation is this? I tried clicking it, but there’s nothing!”

“Weird, is this a made up book? I couldn’t find it on any website.”

“I’m surprised; even this nitpicker has a ‘five-stars book’?”

“I’m sure that he was bribed, the book name is already venomous! A fictional Dynasty Ming had a vizier? Anyone with some historical knowledge would know that only cabinet ministers existed in that era!