Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 769 - Addiction

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Chapter 769: Addiction

Of course, Zhou Zhipeng did not expect anything from it. He still firmly believed that this website was only scooping up those unwanted, unprotected writing to fill up their library. These hollow literary works were probably unpleasant to read; these web novels were only good for filling the blanks.

An experienced reader, and amateur writer, Zhou Zhipeng had very high standards. Such hollow literature would kill his brain inside out.

Historical literature tested the standards of an author, which was why Zhou Zhipeng found the genre most intriguing. An amateur or inexperienced writer could never write an interesting historical story. They could always refer to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, write about various famous generals, tactician, and beauties, and their gullible readers would be led into believing that they were extraordinary writers…

Meanwhile, talented historical literature writers could produce a work full of content, using a writing style that last saw daylight centuries ago. Even their poetry would bring tears to the eyes of the learned reader. That was the reason why fans of historical literature were so scarce but extremely loyal.

A historical literature in Qidian had once got into the top monthly ranking with just thirteen chapters in one month. Evidently, it was quite a read.

In conclusion, a decent historical literature would attract many fans, and they would support it from the bottom of their hearts.

The novel that Zhou Zhipeng was reading was called “Grand Vizier.” The title already implied the story revolving around an official in the feudal times. Some readers might find it interesting. Whenever a modern person went back through time, he would most likely conquer the land and crown himself, not end up as a subordinate to someone else.

But Zhou Zhipeng did not have the palate to appreciate it. It was boring if historical literature was all about becoming an emperor, inventing new technology, or even starting a revolution. He just believed that historical literature should be full of quality content, and also enjoyed reading novels about those who went back to ancient times to enjoy the scenery and the slice of life.

This “Grand Vizier” was one of the famous literary works in the “Source World.” A plagiarist had written it. The golden finger of this plagiarist was unique, he could “invite” those historical characters to possess him so that he could experience the historical moment. He could then recreate those historical moments to his readers in his novel, and it was so accurate, that even professors who specialized in history would not be able to match up.

It was understandable. He had the ability to experience those historical moments in person, while those professors could only analyze and speculate.

Of course, this plagiarist also came from another parallel world. “Grand Vizier” was written based on the historical events of his world, “Dynasty Chu.”

The rules and regulation of Dynasty Chu were similar to Dynasty Ming; the imperial examinations were very strict, and the path of the protagonist was clear, he must first pass through the imperial test to become a scholar, be a successful candidate in the examination, followed by the highest imperial examination. This story progression was interesting and linear; it was only the matter of time before it became famous!

Sadly, not many writers could deliver ups and downs like the great legends out there!

If the plagiarist did not have such a golden finger, he definitely could not have produced such work!

At first, Zhou Zhipeng thought this novel followed the same old conventional route. The protagonist was an unknown scholar, but the author took his time to describe the protagonist background in detail, pulling his readers into his world of Dynasty Chu…

Surprisingly, he found himself glued to the story. He felt that he and the protagonist actually shared something in common. He could remain stable and calm, even as his relatives attempted to incriminate him. He would always face each hurdle with calm and logic. Under his gentle face was a hideous personality. He could always plan his revenge without letting anyone know about it. Time and again did his relatives have to pay for it!

An unknown scholar like the protagonist needed to change his fate by acing the imperial examination. Before he could do that, he would face many trials. Whenever he solved a puzzle, readers would be cheering over his shoulder. The author would also throw some ancient beauties along the way to make things more interesting!

Zhou Zhipeng certainly did not expect to spend eight hours to catch up to the latest update. To be more precise, he had not expected anything whatsoever!

This author knew how to grab his readers by the balls. His latest chapter ended in a cliffhanger, just before the release of the imperial examination. The Protagonist had passed his first and second exams with flying colors; surely he would do well in this examination as well.

Even though Zhou Zhipeng knew that the protagonist would pass his exams, he wanted to know how he did it! He wanted to know how his adversaries would react to it, after all the snaking and cheating and favors they pulled!

In Dynasty Chu, everyone knew that the highest imperial examination could change a person’s status.

Before the examination, the protagonist had been bullied and suppressed by his opponents; all the problems would be solved when the protagonist aces his examination.

It was just like hollow literature about how a protagonist leveled up by killing monsters. Before gaining a special ability, the protagonist would go through lots of trouble, with the antagonist constantly stomping on their faces. When the protagonist gained enough levels, it would be time for him to teach those who bullied him a lesson, talking about how “You messed with the wrong person”!

Before Zhou Zhipeng spent his next eight hours reading this novel, he actually tried searching for a pirated version of this novel as he usually did, but came up short. Feeling helpless, he topped up a little in order to continue reading this novel…

After Zhou Zhipeng finished this novel in one go, the only complaint in his mind was “Why isn’t this f*cking son of a b*tch updating his latest chapter already!?”

He also did not understand why this author who called himself “Historical Observer” had not posted his novel on Qidian. It would have been a chart topper!

Little did he know that almost all of the novels in “Source World” had already found a reader who was thinking just like him…