Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 764 - A Laughing Stock?

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Chapter 764: A Laughing Stock?

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In just a short while, Yuan Shawu’s name shot up among the ranks. Well, she did not even need to reveal her sword skills in the first place; she could still attract everyone’s attention with her brand new appearance.

In a third-rate high school like this, having good grades may not be as good as a beautiful appearance. You could only have a sense of presence if you looked beautiful. Even the top students in this poor school could not be compared to those from Key High Schools. The best students might not even be able to get into a Key University [1], let alone a famous one.

However, there was no doubt that Yuan Wusha’s original classmates would not have expected her to undergo such a huge change. Overnight, that previously gloomy otaku had become a confident girl with a bright personality, and she even knew how to fight! She could easily compete for a position as a gang leader in this third-rate high school!

After Yuan Shawu beat up the three hooligans with her ‘sword,’ she saw her companion, Luo Chen, was still helplessly clutching his stomach. She walked over and pulled him up. Time to head for class.

After Luo Chen was saved by Yuan Wusha in a “damsel saving the hero in distress” manner, his gratitude for her shot through the roof. Also, her strength had blown him away.

It was such a pity that the weather was still icy-cold, and that the both of them were wrapped in thick clothing. If not, this would definitely be his first time being treated so warmly by a girl in both his lifetimes. If he did not keep telling himself that the feeling of “She likes me” was a misconception, then he would have probably fallen for her.

This was the peril of “women taking action.” In this case, a girl getting a guy out of trouble was enough for most men to misunderstand.

At least Luo Chenn was only curious about his savior. His eyes were not seeing things. Yuan Shawu’s sword skills were nothing normal. He had not caught sight of the sword making its first appearance, but he saw the moment it struck like a lightning bolt. After that, the situation then became clear.

Luo Chen suddenly felt that his “plagiarism” golden finger suddenly looked like peanuts, compared to those actual sword skills. Who knows, she might one day rule the planet, and he would still remain at the bottom.

Of course, this was all in his head. Now, Luo Chen just wanted to be friends with Yuan Shawu. Who knows, she might one day reveal her secrets.

Many novels would write about how a girl would start to fall for a guy once she became curious about him. However, this situation was reversed. When a guy became curious about a girl, what would he do?

It took a while for Luo Chen to recover from that powerful punch. He made up his mind to start training up his body from that day onwards. He was still a man with pride. It was too embarrassing for him to be protected by a girl!

In such a poor school, you’d need to know how to fight if you did not want to get bullied!

Ye Fan tailed Yuan Wusha and Luo Chen until they entered Class 6. He then returned to his Class 1. The Class 1 that he was in could be considered rather orderly. This was because there was a “school bully” like him keeping watch. In other words, no one was allowed to bully anyone in Class 1. Therefore, at least the students who wanted to study in Class 1 could do so without any interruptions.

Therefore, Ye Fan was rather well-liked. The students in the class even called Ye Fan their guardian angel. They even felt the “Underworld Young Lord” was a noble deity. Ye Fan was not the type who would bully the weak. However, he was good at stopping evil and violence, using fire against fire.

As Yuan Wusha helped Luo Chen into their classroom, many eyes were fixated on them. The students in the class were obviously more familiar with Luo Chen.

Luo Chen had an inexplicable sense of presence in his class. This was because he was the lowest member in the food chain, and was always getting himself beaten up. Rumors about his orphanhood had also made itself known. Some felt pity for him, but rarely did anyone step in to offer actual help. Some students, however, looked down on him. Recently, children with single parents were often viewed as aliens, let alone Luo Chen, an orphan without either…

Luo Chen’s deskmate was Yang Fei, a rather kind fatty. He felt sympathy for Luo Chen, so he would always share some of his snacks with him. However, even he looked down on Luo Chen. Luo Chen was living like a good-for-nothing in this world. He was already being stomped beneath the mud, yet he was taking it all without protest. Was he not asking for all this?

However, Yang Fei did not even put himself in Luo Chen’s shoes. If Yang Fei had been forced to face those terrifying gangsters, he might have wet his pants…

Soon, the students noticed Yuan Wusha, who was standing beside Luo Chen. All of them had the same thought in their minds –

Hey, beautiful chick, who are you?

Then, they wondered about the relationship between this beautiful chick and Luo Chen…

You should know that no girls would voluntarily approach a guy like Luo Chen, who had no looks, no height, no money, no spine.

Before this, Luo Chen had a crush on the prettiest girl in his class, Xie Wanting. He had even handed Xie Wanting a love letter on the day before this. In the end, he became a laughing stock.

Perhaps, everyone had a little sadist in them. If it was another guy professing his love for Xie Wanting, who knows, she might save him some embarrassment when rejecting him. However, since it was Luo Chen, then he had no pride to keep from the very beginning…

Xie Wanting had pasted the love letter that Luo Chen had written for her on the blackboard. She had then added a rather sharp footnote – a toad wishes to eat swan meat!

As a result, almost everyone in the class saw the lame, badly written love letter by the talentless Luo Chen. However, the contents held some weight. There was sincerity in it, no doubt about it.

Almost everyone was waiting to see Luo Chen, the laughing stock. Of course, some of them had said, “Xie Wanting was too much this time. I feel so bad for Luo Chen”. But in the end, they were still eager to see the laughing stock…

Luo Chen did enter the class, but he had his arm over the shoulders of a chick. A very beautiful chick.

Were their eyes playing tricks on them? This chick was at least as beautiful as the prettiest girl in their class, Xie Wanting!

Xie Wanting may be pretty, but she had a glaring flaw. Her smile. Whenever she smiled, her entire gums would be revealed…

If this beautiful girl’s smile surpassed that, the title of prettiest girl in class would easily change hands!

Translation note:

[1] “Key University” (一本) referred to universities recognized as prestigious and which received a high level of support from the central government of the People’s Republic of China.