Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 763 - The Way of the Sword

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Chapter 763: The Way of the Sword

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Luo Chen obviously thought that Yuan Shawu had lost her mind. Was she suffering from cognitive dissonance or something? Did she live in a world of her own?

However, while looking at Yuan Shawu like he was staring at an asylum patient, he felt a sincere gratitude from the bottom of his heart. After two centuries of living, this was the first time a girl had stood up for him. Ironically, he was a prideful man, and he also could not stomach being protected by a fair maiden. As conflicting emotions from both sides of the spectrum clashed in his heart, the two guys behind Brother Jun shouted, “Luo Chen, are you a man? How could you hide behind a girl?”

After considering every possibility, Brother Jun figured that Yuan Shawu could not possibly have any big shot covering her back. He adopted a far harsher tone and said, “Get lost, woman. Don’t get in my way. You don’t want me to ruin your pretty face, do you!”

Zhang Jun was tall, and burly, if not a little thick around the waist. Those words from such a man would be enough to intimidate most. It sent Luo Chen’s heart beating rapidly. He wanted to protect Yuan Shawu and earn some points from her. However, Brother Jun’s imposing manner gave him pause…

Obviously, they were making a fair bit of noise. A small crowd had gathered around them. Students were quite used to this kind of campus bullying incidents. Well, at least this was not a group fight.

What that had attracted their attention was actually Yuan Shawu, the little miss justice who had just emerged out of nowhere…

A tall, thin, and handsome boy was walking lazily towards the school gate, his over-extended sling bag almost falling off his shoulder. He was greeted by a rather interesting sight.

This handsome boy was the most badass school bully in this third-rate high school. He was the top dog with all the characteristics of a hooligan, but he was not affiliated with any gang in school. However, a word from him was enough for the hooligans beneath him to quail.

Might equal right. And he was mighty. Secondly, rumor had it that he came from a wealthy family. Even adult mobsters would not dare mess with him. Perhaps, if he was a novel character, we could categorize him as an “Underworld Young Lord” …

This handsome guy was Ye Fan. Just the name alone was enough for you to know that this guy was not a regular Joe. Who knows, to characters with the main character aura, Ye Fan was the villain character who was eventually destined to be beaten by the main character.

Ye Fan was currently admiring this beautiful girl who had bravely stepped out. Who cared if she was a little daft in the head. Well, he decided to wait for the critical moment. He wanted to demonstrate his “authority’ in this school.

Other onlookers were very worried about Yuan Wusha. At the same time, they were secretly looking down on Luo Chen, who seemed terrified of the bullies. However, they did not expect that very coward to be the first person to make a move!

And they definitely did not see a “Flying Kick” ability actually being activated by this coward. One of Brother Jun’s follower actually went flying…

Brother Jun could not help but be furious. He finally made his move. This little bug needed to know his place! Who gave Luo Chen such courage?

Of course, Brother Jun did not know that the weak soul in Luo Chen’s body had been replaced by another person from a parallel world. The other person was marginally more confident than the original character. At the same time, the golden finger in his mind had led him to believe that he was the main character of this world. Of course, the protagonist would have to lash out!

While stuck in the after-pose of that move, he looked and Yuan Wusha and said, “Run quickly. I got this!”

However, he did not even get three seconds of being cool. Zhang Jun fist buried itself in Luo Chen’s stomach. Luo Chen clutched his stomach and fell to his knees…

Ye Fan decided to step in. Things were getting ugly, and this beautiful girl might get caught up in it.

However, something unexpected occurred next. Yuan Wusha, who looked like the most harmless person on the planet, dashed up!

The long-handle umbrella in her hand seemed to have turned into a sword in it’s scabbard. At the speed of light, she had slipped behind the two hooligans. All they saw was her putting the umbrella back in its imaginary scabbard by its side…

Then, the onlooker students witnessed a miraculous scene. Brother Jun and the other hooligan’s pants dropped to their knees. Of course, that included their underwear. Miracle aside, it was not a pleasant sight.

Some of the students could not help but laugh, “That big man looks so tall and strong, but who would have expected that little caterpillar to be hiding beneath his briefs…”

“What just happened? Button failure on all three of them at the same time? Underwear too?”

“Is that the long-lost Jianghu hidden skill…”

“Is that girl a chuunibyou? She’s doing that silly quick-draw pose with a freaking umbrella!”

“That was no delusion. Plus doing it with an umbrella would be doubly impressive. She had just cut through fabric with that fragile plastic. That was some terrifying sword skill!”

“Really? Sword skills? What era is this? Are we in a freaking wuxia world now?”

Brother Jun and his two cronies were extremely embarrassed. They ran like dogs with tails tucked between their legs. They might have to stay that way for the rest of their school lives.

Luo Chen witnessed everything that had just happened. Even though he still remained on his knees, clutching his stomach, he saw that Yuan Shawu’s eyes had completely changed. He had believed her to be a weak, fragile little girl. Now, he could not help but feel that she was some low-key martial arts expert!

He had no words to describe the style. All he knew was that she was blazingly quick, and she knew how to use an extended implement. Nothing could possibly defeat her in a 1 vs 1 match. No one would even have the chance to touch the corners of her shirt!

Luo Chen started to doubt if he was still the main character of this world. It would be very embarrassing if the apocalypse occurred while he was focusing on copying books, or if his aura suddenly awakened and all sorts of abilities manifested…

Another person had clearly seen everything. Of course, it was that tall, thin, and white-skinned handsome guy, Ye Fan. The legendary “Underworld Young Lord,” the biggest boss behind the scenes in the entire high school, Ye Fan.

Ye Fan had never once been this curious about a girl. Do not misunderstand it. He had not fallen in love at first sight. It was that euphoria one got from watching someone else perform splendidly in one’s specialty. He could not tell which was better, his Ye Family’s Wing Chun was more powerful, or the girl’s swordsmanship. He wanted to know more about her.