Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 760 - The Great Makeover

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Chapter 760: The Great Makeover

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Luo Chen was merely one of the plagiarists in the source world. Other protagonists had started to act as well. They shared a similar quest system like him and were granted all sorts of abilities or talents by completing the tasks assigned to them. One could say that they contributed to each brick used to build this “cultural desert.”

Lady Zhao Yuan Shawu kicked her high school life off. Fortunately, she did not have to start from year one, but as a high school senior. To be precise, she was a high school senior who was just getting started on her new semester.

The female otaku, Yuan Shawu, went to school on the next day looking totally different, thanks to Lady Zhao. Although she was still in her sports uniform, something about her was different. She had even gone to an excellent barber shop overnight. Of course, the barber shop was no longer called a barbershop. It was known as a professional image design center. Just like how the internets cafe were not called internet cafes, but a coffee center with internet.

Lady Zhao was just too good in fashion and character design. Some makeup and image beautification apps, would turn any girl into a goddess. Such was one of Lady Zhao’s talents.

For a girl like Yuan Shawu who already had solid foundations, Zhao Youyue instantly knew what hairstyle suited her the most by a single glance. Though students were allowed only to tie up their long hair, there was more than one way of tying up a tail. Even bangs could end up in bob cuts or crew cuts.

Yuan Shawu, had no knowledge regarding this manner. She was not aware that when a girl’s face improved, all the malice that came from the entire world immediately turned into goodwill.

A pretty face came before everything else in all worlds. Hence, every female character that Lady Zhao chose to control would be turned in to pretty woman, no matter how plain they started off as.

In fact, the girl’s face did not need to be the prettiest in the world. As long as it was charming and comfortable to look at, every man on earth would gladly show them chivalry.

Yuan Shawu and Lady Zhao did not possess the same type of face. The real Zhao Youyue grew stronger in character as her aura of passers-by gradually faded. Her aura became much more intense than usual, announcing to the world that this was the great and magnificent Lady Zhao. Her connections to the upper levels of society made her an empress, and people definitely treated her like one. Ordinary men would never dare look straight at her. They would avert their gazes to their toes.

Yuan Shawu’s face was pure and innocent. Most men would want to protect her at first sight. With the appropriate ponytail and light makeup, she would be one of the most heart-provoking female high school students!

When Yuan Zhengzong saw his transformed sister the next day, he blurted out the words: “Hey beautiful, who are you?” Maybe it was because Yuan Zhengzong had grown up with his sister since birth, never once thinking that she was beautiful. At least she was not ugly, and at least, he did not hate it. But he never believed that he would have a beautiful sister who would be the talk of her entire school.

Maybe that was why he had written an ideal image of his sister in that light story called, “My Sister Is Just So Cute.” Compared to his plain, ordinary sister, it would be far better to create the perfect sister in his world, wouldn’t it?

Yuri Shawu looked at her surprised brother. She smirked, whispering in her heart, “I barely put any effort into it, yet Yuan Shawu’s appearance is now at a completely different level. That siscon of a brother has totally fallen for it, how easy.”

“Is breakfast ready?” Yuri Shawu said, putting on a nasty look. This was no brother of hers, this was her dog. Her self-content expression perfectly matched Yuan Zhengzong’s sister character in “My Sister. [1] He never knew what was good about this sister character, but she had been highly popular among the readers. Perhaps because of her identity as someone’s sister?

Yuan Zhengzong seems pleased to be treated that way. He liked how his sister had changed. She was now proud and arrogant, having inherited the bad temper of Lady Zhao. This was the perfect sister of his dream!

Yuan Zhengzong was a masochist. However, his sister was merely a female otaku who could not be the adorable sister he wanted so much. Still, his sister was the most important person in his life.

“It is served, little Sha, please enjoy your meal.”‘ Yuan Zhengzong spoke softly. No one else could ever live up to Yuan Zhengzong’s love for his sister.

Yuan Shawu saw the breakfast on the table and gave Yuan Zhengzong a smile of approbation. This was fun. It would be impossible to find a real-life brother who would gladly fulfill all of his sister’s wishes, wouldn’t it?

Yuan Zhengzong was mesmerized by the innocent yet beautiful smile on his sister’s face. At that moment he realized how his sister was truly beautiful in every aspect. She wore her hair differently, and she had makeup on. Most of all, was her confidence. She was practically glittering like a pearl!

Yuan Shawu took the bus to the school after she was finished with the breakfast. The bus would go past four stops before reaching school. It was a completely new experience for Lady Zhao, since she had never once taken a bus in her life. She always had her own personal car to send her anywhere since youth.

The pretty woman that Lady Zhao had crafted, Yuan Shawu went onto the bus with her innocent, yet elegant look. In no time at all, she had attracted a great deal of attention. Male passengers would always find themselves fortunate to gaze at a pretty face in their bus ride. But why have they never noticed such a beautiful high school student before?

Some men hated the school rules about school uniforms. Why could they not make the school uniform any more fashionable, like shorter skirts for a start? It was completely absurd…

Somehow, two stops later, another guy in a school uniform coincidently boarded the bus. It was Yuan Shawu’s classmate, Luo Chen.

Yuan Shawu knew everything about this world. Of course, she was aware that Luo Chen could access his memory and novels from another parallel world, and how he stirred up the world of online literature…

She thought that she should quickly establish a connection with this “Great Author.”

Translation Note:

[1] “My sister” (俺妹)is a short form for “My Sister Is Just So Cute”