Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 757 - The Playing Ground of Plagiarists

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Chapter 757: The Playing Ground of Plagiarists

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Yuan Shawu was rather satisfied with how her brother was so accommodative. At least this brother still had his uses. As for the girl her brother had brought back home, she might as well be a part of the wall.

Yuan Shawu could not care less about Yuan Zhengzong’s romantic interests. It was none of her business, anyway. She was here to test out her character card and see what sort of scientific achievement her mad scientist character card, “Zhang Yanwei” would be able to achieve in this cultural entertainment iconic world…

If plagiarists who considered themselves to be protagonists came looking for trouble with her, she would not mind lashing out at them. As one who had seen through a world line, she totally knew their routine, down to the minute details.

For example, Qiu Yuting was one such reincarnated. She was bound to plagiarize future iconic songs, reaping the undeserved fame and fortune…

Yuan Shawu was in the position to topple her off that self-entitled position as she also knew of those future works. Moreover, she even knew who this works belonged to. As long as she applied minimal contact and have those original authors produce those future works in advance, Qiu Yuting would be left dumbfounded. Then, she would fall into despair —— This was not the timeline she knew?

Yuan Shawu saw a world line that was filled with all forms of plagiarism by reincarnators and travelers from other parallels…

That’s right. Qiu Yuting was not alone in this world. Otherworldly travelers also existed. This parallel world was not Earth, but a planet called “Aqua Blue.” This traveler was a male. His name was Luo Chen. That name alone reeked of protagonist juice. Currently, he was still a high school student. On top of that, he was even studying in the same school, and the same class as Yuan Shawu.

Zhao Youyue’s arrival and target had not been completely random. The “Two Dimensional Gate” and “Altair” the Godly card had sent Zhao Youyue close by the key characters in the entire source world. It was just like her run as Olivia. Now, she was the sister of the minor protagonist Yuan Zhengzong, of the light novel cultural entertainment source world.

Obviously, Zhao Youyue was taking a very different approach compared to how she treated her elder sister Cirilla. One could see how much Zhao Youyue actually preferred young and beautiful girls.

Luo Chen came from a parallel world. His brain was like a computer. He remembered the memories of his past life. He was a plagiarist who had cataloged all sorts of works and saved them into his brain. Other than Luo Chen, there was another plagiarist running about. He worked by completing the quests released by the system, one after another, before the system rewarded him adequately…

Actually, such a world would draw far more than these few plagiarists. You would not be able to count them in one hand. Of course, the clueless inhabitants would not even imagine such a thing being possible. Even so, plagiarists might end up plagiarizing the same work. That would be highly embarrassing.

That’s right. This was a “Free for all” fight between plagiarists to see which one of them was more capable at plagiarizing.

“Yuan Shawu, how could you talk to your brother like this? That’s would not stand,” Qiu Yuting could not help but began educating Yuan Shawu. Perhaps she was already considering herself as the sister-in-law.

Yuan Shawu smiled knowingly. She chuckled, “I never told you my name.”

Qiu Yuting was slightly stunned. She had been careless again. Yuan Shawu’s name had actually slipped through her mouth. It was her reincarnated memory. Even so, according to the current situation, she should not be recognizing Yuan Shawu, nor should she know anything about Yuan Zhengzong having such a sister…

After Yuan Zhengzong heard his sister’s question, he looked at Qiu Yuting warily. No girl could be compared to his sister. He only considered this girl to merely be a female fan. Now, he sensed something fishy!

In retrospect, his meeting with this girl had gone far too smoothly. According to his usual style, he would often end up particularly awkward whenever left alone with a girl. He was indeed gentle, but he was equally obtuse. Girls were often left infuriated, if not disappointed…

However, Qiu Yuting seemed to have a tacit understanding with him. Yuan Zhengzong was indeed a novelist. As Qiu Yuting still remained reeling from Yuan Shanwu’s targetted question, he quickly hopped between them. Then, he spoke up, “You’re actually an agent, aren’t you? You’ve investigated my family from the beginning. You even knew my sister’s name. Shoot, what exactly is your purpose? Did your organization have anything to do with my parents’ death?”

When Qiu Yuting heard what Yuan Zhengzong said, she was at a loss of words. She never expected Yuan Zhengzong to have such an imaginative mind. Should she be feeling lucky that he had ruled out the possibility of her being a reincarnated?

Yuan Shawu was just as surprised. She originally had an arrogant, cold face, but now, she wanted to laugh. Also, Qiu Yuting’s dumbfounded face made good comedy material. She was actually more than willing to enjoy the performance by the reincarnated Qiu Yuting. Anyway, Qiu Yuting’s actions would always be seen through by Yuan Shawu.

Yuan Zhengzong got lose in his imagination. His deep eyes seemed to have seen the future. He spoke with fervor and certainty, “My house’s so clean today. This has to be your organization’s doing. To achieve an unspeakable purpose, your organization actually intruded my house!”

Qiu Yuting tried to defend herself immediately, “That’s not the thing. What do you mean agent? What organization? I’m truly just your reader fan!”

Yuan Shawu finally had to speak up, “I cleaned up the house myself. That achievement belongs to me alone!”

Yuan Zhengzong spun around, his eyes glowing. In a highly appreciative tone, he said, “My Xiao Sha truly is considerate. Tsundere Xiao Sha is just too cute. I have worried for nothing. My life is now complete, without any regrets!”

Yuan Shawu and Qiu Yuding were both equally disgusted. Just what did Yuan Zhengzong go through to end up like this? At least his form of the illness was less than malicious. He was not sexually attracted to her, he simply wanted to give his sister the whole world…