Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 753 - The younger sister character in Harem

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Chapter 753: The younger sister character in Harem

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Yuan Shawu was an incorrigible otaku. At least, it was not incurable to the point where you would not see her in class. She was at the level where she would lock herself in her room immediately after school, refusing to communicate with the outside world. Even to her very doting brother Yuan Zhengzong, she was cold as ice.

Perhaps, somewhere within Yuan Shawu’s heart, her brother was just a cook, housekeeper, and ATM. After all, she had no any ability to earn money on her own. She was a loser among losers…

Yet, a fascinating fact within Yuan Zhengzong’s light novel, “My Sister Is Just So Cute,” the sister character was a perfect sister with absolute beauty, excellent academics, and unmatched in sports. However, she was a downright bitch. You can’t even give her the Tsundere excuse; she was just as cruel and abrasive as her true self. She would often bring suffering to her brother, who was almost a masochist.

Compared to the sister within the novel, Yuan Zhengzong’s real-life sister was absolutely ordinary, minus the pain but also the moe factor. You could force yourself to think out of the box and insist that her “otakuness” was one such attribute. After all, female otakus seemed to be the trend these days…

Alright, so she’s a female otaku, but she was not a complete “good for nothing.” At least she was active, outgoing and lively at school. Even so, she was barely visible there. Since she had rejected the entire world, she should not blame the entire world for rejecting her in kind.

Even so, Yuan Zhengzong still loved his sister very much. He firmly believed that their parent’s accident had led her to this self-imposed isolation.

As the elder brother, he had been unhappy for the longest stage of his life. Also, his sister was not exactly the best at handling stress.

From Yuan Zhengzong’s perspective, his sister being addicted to the 2D world as an incorrigible otaku, was better than her heart being completely dead. At least she was in limbo, not abyss, and one day, he intended to pull her out of it. He had given his sister all the tenderness that his heart could offer.

Perhaps his purpose of writing this light novel, “My Sister is Just So Cute” was to pin his wonderful expectations onto his good-for-nothing sister in reality. Compared to his sister’s current socially-comatose state, he’d rather have his sister ravage him in all manner, bark orders at him, treat him like a dog, stomp on his face. As long as she occasionally got embarrassed, all would be forgiven!

We could crown Yuan Zhengzong as the National good elder brother. But to be writing novels about younger sisters when he already had one of his own — his siscon disease had to be rather severe. This was somewhat abnormal…

Now that Zhao Youyue had learned more about her current self, she read Yuan Zhengzong’s backstory, and concluded that he was an “abnormal elder brother.” She was, however, very interested to have a dog as an elder brother. This was her area of expertise.

Yuan Zhengzong was talented as a writer, but he was nothing special. The highest he could ever possibly was as the No.1 in siscon novels. Other than these, he still fit in a protagonist’s setting quite well on other aspects. After all, he had a sister and a house; his parents had both passed away.

In this world, Yuan Zhengzong was the light novelist, but he also might even be the protagonist of a light novel. His tenderness and great love aside, this was simply the standard configuration of a protagonist within the Japanese harem genre.

If he was a harem king, wasn’t Yuan Shawu a member of the said harem?

Zhao Youyue even started praying in reality that it would not end up that way. Zhao Youyue would never be any man’s girl, let alone be a member of the harem. Now that she was in this cultural entertainment source world, she might very well end up as a harem member, and one under her elder brother at that.

Looking at the many novels about younger sisters, younger sister characters would rarely earn the top spot in the harem. In fact, they rarely even became the waifus of the readers. There was nothing to gain from it!

Even Yuan Zhengzong’s “My Sister is Just So Cute” featured a cute chuunibyou girl. She was far more popular than the younger sister, the readers clearly loved her more. They even found her particularly capable, especially when it went down to discerning the cardinal principles. Moreover, she was actually gentle to the protagonist, unlike the fierce tsundere sister who treated her elder brother like a dog.

Yuan Shawu was very likely to be a reserve member for the harem. She was just waiting for the day when her loving, gentle elder brother finally touches her closed heart. At least, that was the plan until the walking hurricane Lady Zhao literally walked into her. This world was in trouble now…

Zhao Youyue immediately got to work and activated Zhang Yanwei’s ability. Whenever she stepped into a source world, she felt like a superwoman. She possessed all those mighty powers at the same time; all her character cards had been fused into one body!

Zhang Yanwei had the ability of a “reincarnated.” She was able to observe the past, present, and the future of another world line. Therefore, if Zhao Youyue had not come, Yuan Shawu’s future would have been like so —

After she grew addicted to 2D, she started getting very interested in drawing. There, she would learn that she had quite the talent for it. For some reason though, she seemed to be particularly talented with seductive, sexy characters. That was when she started using her own body as a model for her own illustrations. One day, she might even produce a photo album of it!

Eventually, she would cook up a business venture with her loving brother, not knowing that it was actually him. She would start drawing for illustrated adaptations of her brother. At first, her brother had believed that she was some old geezer — only old men would draw sexy ladies all day long. Who could have known that this illustrator was actually his incorrigible otaku sister!

His incorrigible otaku sister never managed to enter university. After graduating from high school, she finally settled down as a full-time otaku. The light novelist elder brother was already finding his good-for-nothing, incorrigible otaku sister incurable. He was already prepared to take care of her for life. He never expected that one day, this hopeless otaku sister would end up as a highly popular illustrator. Many light novelist masters who were better than him would come up to her for more collaborations…

He became superlatively relieved when his sister became more cooperative and started drawing illustrations for him. After all, he had been taking care of her so gently all these years. He had thoroughly melted his sister’s heart. But when the sister finally decided to accept her elder brother, she found many females already beside him. Each of them were of high quality, each possessing their own variance of Moe…

Zhao Youyue watched as that world line played itself out in her mind. She truly felt as if she was watching a lovely youth love comedy about younger sisters. If ever adapted into an anime, it might even get popular. Unfortunately, Yuan Shawu was no longer Yuan Shawu; she was Zhao Youyue!