Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 749 - A New Icon!

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Chapter 749: A New Icon!

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Originally, many people thought that Su Li’s mysterious powers had fizzled out. There was a saying which went, “evil people live longer than good people.” As they harbored those thoughts, Zhang Yanwei was still at the stage where everyone thought her to be the ultimate evil. She was most probably the final boss. Final bosses don’t just drop dead, do they?

It was also a well-known fact that Master PhD did not give a damn about outsiders’ opinions. On the contrary, she went out of her way to go against their wishes. If her readers demanded that PhD kill off Zhang Yanwei, how could Master PhD simply comply? If she wrote according to her readers’ wishes, how was she any different from those hollow, soulless writers?

Of course, Master PhD did not look down on hollow literature authors. She simply had her own principles. She hoped that her writings would withstand the test of time.

Whenever her readers started jumping around, she would punish them in the cruelest, heartbreaking manner. Can you guys stop whining and criticizing? If you want the perfect story, here’s a pen, now go write it yourself!

As everyone knew how Master PhD worked, many were convinced that Su Li’s mysterious powers would fail to gain ground. Master PhD would never play along with Su Li and come up with that kind of gimmick…

However, with Zhang Yanwei’s shocking death, that particular group of fans would go wild. They would obviously yell about how Su, the Great Deity’s mysterious powers might arrive late, but it would never be absent!

Su, the Great Deity’s ‘death instrument’ once again became popular online. Some people who were watching the fun actually started listing out some two-dimensional characters that they hated, hoping that Su Li would work on them…

Then again, Su Li’s plot would never be canon, unless the author approved of it. It was just used to repeatedly ridicule her. Not many people actually believed in her mysterious powers. Many people were just following the herd.

Those who believed in Su Li’s mysterious powers were more terrifying. Who knows, they considered Su Li as a real God in their hearts. Su Li could even be the cult leader of these people if she wanted to. Fortunately, she did have any thoughts of breaking the law.

Su Li the current focus of attention. The real person in the spotlight was undoubtedly Zhang Yanwei, the beautiful scientist who people once hated as much as they respected now!

As a villain, she was already extremely popular. Hatred was a form of popularity, wasn’t it?

Who cares, even if she was scolded by everyone, there must be a basis to it. If you did not do some shockingly evil, vile, and wicked, what right do you have to be scolded by the readers who wanted you dead?

“Endless Apocalypse” became exceedingly popular. Throughout its serialization, it was widely praised by the public, and its subscriptions went through the roof. This work had returned the ancient High God, Master PhD to the web novel circle where she first started writing. All that was left was for her to maintain her God of Tycoons style!

Zhao Youyue could have chosen to retreat at that point. Since she was already guaranteed a highly popular character card of the beautiful scientist, Zhang Yanwei, it would have made up for the highly popular card she had sacrificed.

However, how could someone like Zhao Youyue, a greedy perfectionist, be content with a highly popular card? Of course, she would have to cooperate with Master PhD. She would use Zhang Yanwei to slam an indentation on all readers who have read this book. She would let them understand that there was a person who could do anything for the survival of her race. She would still do it even if she was nailed to the column of shame for the rest of time and be labeled a monster.

Take a look at “Qin Gui.” The only difference was that Qin Gui was an actual traitor. He really deserved going down in history as a villain. He contributed nothing to his country, but instead sold it out time and again.

However, Zhang Yanwei’s achievements would remain undiscovered. Even the members of the Endless Squad believed that this scientist was crazy. This was why Chu Xuan, who was also crazy but sensible, felt a bond with her…

Only readers would be aware of Zhang Yanwei’s achievements. They felt honored to be entrusted to this secret that the novel would never know. That was the contrast between the Zhang Yanwei which did not reincarnate and the Zhang Yanwei which did reincarnate. Their worlds were nothing like each other.

The world where Zhang Yanwei did not reincarnate was almost impossible for the humans. They could hardly see any future left for them. However, the Zhang Yanwei which did reincarnate had instead saved mankind. Together with the Endless Squad, they became the variables of the world where an apocalypse was destined to occur!

However, both sides were clearly working for the good of mankind. However, one considered themselves to be ‘justice.’ Then, they mislabeled Zhang Yanwei as the ‘evil.’ When the truth was revealed, everything seemed to be so ironic…

Nevertheless, because of this, countless readers soon supported Zhang Yanwei, the noble but tragic human scientist. In such a situation, how could they forget this character!

Therefore, when Zhang Yanwei successfully met her end under Zhao Youyue’s direction, she too successfully retreated from the literary world. “Endless Apocalypse” had been rather satisfactory. There were some hiccups, but the result had been an iconic character card, nevertheless. If she was ‘Chu Xuan,’ she would definitely try to expose this hero. As for whether Master PhD would give Zhang Yanwei another reincarnation, that was no longer Zhao Youyue’s concern. However, knowing Master PhD, chances of her ruining the character were next to none.

A week after the ending of the copy, the ‘Two Dimensional Gate’ released Zhang Yanwei’s card. The image of a beautiful scientist in a white coat and black stockings would forever remain in the ‘Two Dimensional Gate’!

Think about it. Her character brought a new definition to the word majestic. It even drove several readers into backtracking and reading from the start again. How could they forget about Zhang Yanwei, who had been scheming from the very beginning?

That’s what you call an icon!

Considering the endless nature of this work, Zhang Yanwei might one day reincarnate in the ‘Lord God’s’ world. That would make for another fascinating story…