Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 748 - Death Climax

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Chapter 748: Death Climax

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Ultimately, Zhang Yanwei, the ultimate villain died as a free woman. She did not have any feelings of fear or nostalgia. She had even entrusted all of her research materials to Chu Xuan, who she deeply respected a lot.

Chu Xuan may be the only one who actually saw through her from the very beginning. He even attempted to make the rest of the world see it his way. He even attempted to invite Zhang Yanwei to the Endless Squad. To no one’s surprise, it was vehemently rejected by the silly captain, Zheng Yi.

To quote Zheng Yi’s words, the Endless Squad would never accept scumbags. They would never, ever accept people who would turn on their own kind. Zhang Yanwei was a monster who would throw aside her feelings and treat human life as worthless. How could they accept such a person?

Zheng Yi had even thought that it was like birds of the same feather flocking together when he saw Chu Xuan treating the evil woman with respect. He admitted that Chu Xuan’s intelligence and schemes were impressive. However, Chu Xuan would even abandon his weaker team members for his mission or his survival. This was a big no-no in Zheng Yi’s worldview. There were many a times where the two of them would be at the brink of splitting up.

Undoubtedly, Zheng Yi, who was a ‘Virgin Mary,’ was more popular. Anyway, if people followed him, they did not have to worry about being abandoned by him, unless they were seeking death…

However, if they followed Chu Xuan, who knows, he might even discard and leave them to die.

Zhang Yanwei was interested to know more about the ‘Lord God.’ However, she had never once thought about working for it. She only wanted to learn its secrets and replicate its power. It was such a shame that she never had the chance to join the squad and explore the mystery surrounding Chu Xuan.

The ending of the book left a hollow feeling in the hearts of readers. The Endless Squad, as the hero, had defeated Zhang Yanwei, the Demon King. They had even unveiled key research materials for saving mankind…

The Demon King’s reign could be said to have brought unprecedented unity to the human race. The rulers of mankind in the apocalypse were obviously happy that there was an evil Demon King to be hated by the survivors of mankind. That way, everyone would be united.

In conclusion, Zhang Yanwei had been firmly nailed to the column of shame. Now, readers were furious, especially after reading pages from Zhang Yanwei’s memory in her previous life. If her memories were fragmented, then their hearts were in the form of dust!

Readers had to speak up, even if they did not know how to put their feelings in words –

“Before this, I wanted her to die so much. Now, my heart mourns for her!”

“I never knew anything about enduring humiliation and saving the nation through twisted means. I always believed those to words that traitors use to justify themselves. I’ve just be handed the greatest life lesson one could ever give.”

“What a way to go! But it’s a little past the suspension of belief. I’m human, and I know what it feels like, so there’s no way she could remain so steadfast and loyal to mankind after all that shit gets thrown her way. Now, I feel like the villain. I never would have imagined such a great woman walking among us.”

“Master PhD could hang up her pen and retire happily (not that I want her to). She could lean back and boast about this one book for the rest of her life. I hate the heroes now. I’m all for the beautiful female scientist Zhang Yanwei. I was in tears when she died. It was a tragic death, but she took it like a champ and died standing. The final scene was so epic! It depicted her proud, rigid back as she embraced the moment!”

“I have sharp eyes, and I never spotted all the prior foreshadowing until it was too late. I even thought that I was clever to have spotted some plotholes early on, only to get a major serving of humble-pie in return. The mystery surrounding Zhang Yanwei was finally revealed as well. Some people may find this overused and cliche, but I don’t think so. This was nothing like those cheap tricks that authors employ. You’re just mad that Master PhD took your feelings, rolled it up into a ball, and juggled with it like a clown on a unicycle, balanced on a larger ball. Master PhD planned this from the start. She has selectively omitted just enough information from those acts of apparent evil to convince you that it was all but that. Reveal just that tiny bit more, and you’ll see that she could not have been any more heroic. She fought for mankind, damnit. She singlehandedly saved mankind, only to get crucified!”

“This is one hell of a read. I don’t think that it even belongs to Qidian. I originally thought that web novels were braindead. A little bit of past time, a little bit of buzz to keep your brain occupied as you took a dump. I never would have dreamed of seeing the day I got down on all fours and wept in grief over a fictional character. All hail Master PhD!”

“I strongly hope that Master PhD would grant Zhang Yanwei the chance to return, somehow. Such a character should join the Endless Squad. With such a scientist at their side, the Endless Squad would never be short of equipment. Chu Xuan looks like an elementary kid beside Missy Zhang Yanwei. She’s the scientist mankind never knew it had, or deserved.”

Many readers hated Zhang Yanwei so deeply that they wanted her to die immediately. Now that it finally happened; she had died, just around the time she first reincarnated. The readers were left with a horrible feeling in their guts. What did this mean? Would she reincarnate yet again, or was she closing the loop[1]?

She might have even gone off to a better timeline. If Zhang Yanwei had first died without any incident, she would not reincarnate only to be hated to this extent. Mankind would still sink into vice, degradation, and depravity. When she reincarnated and threw herself out like a tyrant, those clueless people were at least happy to see her finally die. They would feel as if the sky was brighter!

The humans in this timeline did not sink into vice, degradation, and depravity. Instead, they faced hardship with resolve and grit. At the end of it all, they even got the key to destroying other intelligent creatures. Everyone but the readers would believe that it was the deed of the Endless Squad. In reality, Zhang Yanwei had left it there for them to peruse!

Zhang Yanwei had bought mankind its future, and she paid for it with her life!

This was a messianic scientist…

Different from the aggrieved, wronged death that she had suffered in her previous life, she had died content this time around!

Compared to the future she managed to steer the world into, her little mention as a villain in the pages of history was nothing!

Rather than die quietly with no sense of presence, why not be a villain and be cast aside after dying? At least someone would remember her name. It was now the material of holy books. In a sense, this was her glory…

The death of Zhang Yanwei, the final twist in “Endless Apocalypse,” drove readers insane. Many who felt that Su, the Great Deity had finally lost her mysterious powers, once again jumped for joy!

Sure enough, what that is meant to happen, will happen. ‘Death is like the wind, always by my side.’ It was not a joke!

Translation note:

[1] “Worldline” (世界线) of an object is the path that object traces in 4-dimensional spacetime. It is an essential concept in modern physics and mainly theoretical physics.