Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 746 - Death-seeking Hatred

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Chapter 746: Death-seeking Hatred

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To be honest, Zhao Youyue no longer cared so much about novel worlds, especially after discovering that source worlds could produce legendary Character Cards like “Olivia.”

The source world was where iconic works came from. As long as she embraced her role as “The Chosen One” in the world, and took control of the world’s events, she could easily get herself a character card…

She would always regret her decision to remain inconspicuous and passive in the Supernatural Spiritual world. As a result, she only managed to “break-even,” rather than earn an extra Character Card…

Now she fully understood that no matter what world she was in, she would have to stand out and blow the world up. Nobody would ever notice a passerby. Characters like Olivia would end up as legends.

The source world allowed Zhao Youyue to make use of all her Character Cards’ capabilities, which was an absolute pleasure. In the world of novels, she could only start with preset attributes of that world. It was a pain in the neck for the free-spirited Zhao Youyue.

All this had led Zhao Youyue to begin focusing on other source worlds.

She would simply make do with whatever novel thrown her way.

A sleeping victory in “Endless Apocalypse” would have been fun, but she’s found her way out still, didn’t she?

But she could not take all the credit to herself. No, it was the original author, Master PhD.

This global evolutionary apocalypse novel took Master PhD two months to write. It consisted of three hundred thousand words, where two-third of it were written about Zhang Yanwei’s extraordinary talent and her insane thirst for knowledge. Even the end of the world could not stop her from her research. She was never interested in the fact that humans were no longer at the top of the food chain. Her despicable deeds soon drew action from the protagonist Zheng Yi’s team. She challenged Chu Xuan time and again, admiring Chu Xuan’s talent in research. It did not take long before she invited Chu Xuan over to her side.

The two research lunatics even ended up working together for a period of time. They debated furiously before they both wished that they had known each other sooner.

In the first two hundred thousand words, the author had successfully created a woman who was full of mystery, yet possessed incredible talents in every aspect. However, her despicable deeds have drawn intense hatred and disgust for the readers.

Every time she did something completely insane or gave Zheng Yi’s Endless team a run for their money, it caused a riot in the Endless Apocalypse Book Review area. Some readers would go, “please kill Zhang Yanwei,” giving Master PhD an ultimatum. If you don’t kill this abominable Zhang Yanwei, you’re the one ending up in hell, Master PhD!

The otakus that called Zhang Yanwei “wife” because of her beauty seemed to disappear, and if there were any out in the open, they would be decimated…

“Your wife was a human who did not stand up for humanity. Just by staying alive is a disgrace to the entire human race!”

“That pretty face would not save your terrible wife. I’d rather have a pretty yandere than your wife who does not treat herself as a human!”

“I did not think that morals would matter in fiction. Compared to a scientist like Zhang Yanwei, I feel like a saint. If there was such a scientist, in reality, I would shoot him myself. ”

“I’ve never wanted the mysterious power of Su, The Great Deity to come true, any more than now. This is a character who is rotten to the core, why can’t she just die?”.

Yes, in the first two hundred thousand words, readers who liked to tease Su Li about the mysterious power of “death Illustration” even raised money for Su Li to paint illustrations for Zhang Yanwei, the most abominable character ever. They hoped that her mystical power would kick in. It was obvious that they could no longer tolerate the existence of this woman.

If Master PhD could create a character so intense that people wished her dead, she had succeeded. This supervillain was a success.

If Su Li had not heard from Lady Zhao and Master PhD about this character, she would not have played her “instrument of death.” Wouldn’t it be humiliating, if her magic was a dud?

In the beginning, Su Li was reluctant to be blamed for any character Master PhD suddenly killed. Now, she was worried that there would be no chance for her to perform her magic.

Of course, Su Li chose to illustrate “Zhang Yanwei.” She purposely drew her in a pure and innocent manner, as if she was not an anti-human person, but a savior who would save humanity. Let’s stir things up even more.

Readers who saw Su Li’s illustrations doubted if Su Li had read the contents of the novel. Zhang Yanwei’s actions were depraved and unspeakable. How could she even make demons look like angels?

Readers did not stay angry for long. Master PhD used two hundred thousand words to flesh out the evil image of Zhang Yanwei. Now, she decided to use the last hundred thousand words to cleanse the name of Zhang Yanwei, the character so many readers wanted to die.

Authors loved using “cleanse the good name of a villain” as a final plot twist. Most of the time, this would start off as a random thought, therefore the cleansing would be absolutely insufficient. As a result, readers would only be disgusted by the author’s decision. The author had played them like a fiddle, and this fiddle did not enjoy it in the slightest. Sometimes readers would rather have those characters stay as villains forever. For example, Dio Brando in “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” by Hirohiko Araki was a lexicon of unforgettable, iconic lines. [1]

“Within my mind is but one simple thought. Just one! To be victorious and rule! That was all. That was all I need to feel satisfaction! How I do it, does not matter! ”

Master PhD had been preparing to cleanse the name of Zhang Yanwei for quite some time. Everything was going according to plan!

Translation Note:

[1] JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. It was originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1987 to 2004 before being transferred to the monthly seinen magazine Ultra Jump in 2005. The current story arc, JoJolion, started in 2011.