Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 744 - Mutual Agreement

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Chapter 744: Mutual Agreement

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Zhao Youyue was no janitor. She just wanted Su Li to take up Master PhD’s” Endless Apocalypse “comic. Of course, this was assuming that Su Li was willing and confident, and that Master PhD was willing to give her the part. The offer has to be rock-solid.

Zhao Youyue, of course, was biased toward her “wife,” Su Li. She would most definitely throw Su Li into bad waters. That’s how you temper a rough rock. She only wanted Su Li to be famous.

Su Li had full faith in Lady Zhao’s opinion. She was convinced that Lady Zhao and her were both in the heat of love. Of course, Lady Zhao’s word was the final decision. Admittedly, “Endless Apocalypse” had the versatility to adapt to the most radical of plot twists. It had great potential. As long as it sold like hot-cakes, it could be harvested for money and glory.

Su Li’s faith in Zhao Youyue’s taste only grew stronger. Lady Zhao was perfect in every way. If she had such a lover, why would she need any other man?

Master PhD would honor Lady Zhao’s request. She had to. She was more than pleased to pass her work to the top comic-god Su Li, not only because two great minds made great work, but also because she knew of Su Li’s magical powers, and her amazing angles. The” The Strongest King ” had won a lot of good reviews. In particular, its combat scenes garnered a mountain-load of praise.

She could almost taste her freedom. With Su Li as the divine scapegoat, she could write as she wanted. She could erase any character that did not make her cut and put the blame on Su Li. What a perfect plan!

Hence, following Zhao Youyue’s direction, the Master PhD’s pen and Su Li’s brush, the three of them reached an agreement. Master PhD would retain full ownership. She was no newbie in this industry, she never gave off full copyrights so easily. Neither was she one of the authors desperate for money, so she read through the papers at leisure.

As for authors who needed the income to support their living, they would carefully nurse their readers like a bubble in their hands. They would kneel and worship supreme donors like Zhao Youyue. Not only would they write according to these super donor’s preferred flavors, they could even throw cameos into their stories just to praise these super donors. There was no place too low for their ego, as long as their pockets were lined.

Master PhD was the type who went all in. She felt that Chu Xuan would be better as a male character. So as it were, Chu Xuan was still a male character, despite her promise to Lady Zhao.

As she wrote according to her emotions, the more she liked a subject, the better she wrote it. She never doubted her sanity whenever she caused “accidents” in her plots. She wanted to write, and she wanted to write freely. Nobody could stop her!

Master PhD signed the agreement happily. She was very grateful to Lady Zhao, who had helped conjugate this. Hence, she welcomed more suggestions from the Lady. If she could help “Chu Xuan” end up as an icon, that would be splendid!

Zhao Youyue put a demure smile on her face, laughing like a maniac in her heart. She took the guise of a curious child and asked, ” Dr. Chen, it seems that several readers were interested in the beauty scientist Zhang Yanwei, as I am. So, you’ve clearly established her as a villain, but what is her purpose, was this character relevant during your draft, and what would happen to the members of the infinite team?”

When Master PhD heard the question, she smiled mysteriously, saying that nobody is going to believe her answer to that. She absolutely did not see this coming. She did not even entertain the slightest thought of making Zhang Yanwei a key figure of her plot. But when she started writing the name Zhang Yanwei, her hands no longer seemed to be under her control. Somehow, something had drawn her into her own novel, and something mysterious was pushing her in a direction she could not see, down a path of which its end she could not determine. From thereon, she went wild with Zhang Yanwei.

She did not realize that Zhang Yanwei had developed a soul of her own, and that her life experiences were so real, as if she had been living in this world for a full 36-years. Even Master PhD was surprised at how this Zhang Yanwei had amassed her powers as the world’s top scientist.

Of course, Master PhD was puzzled. She began to wonder how that inception had even come to be, but soon accepted it as the will of God. The inspiration came, she could not stop it, so she went with the flow. As she allowed the character to act by herself, she polished the rough edges with her pen.

As long as the creators felt the rush, the writing would never be too bulky and harsh. When they finally lean back and survey their work, they would feel a sense of accomplishment like never before.

“I really look forward to writing it just the way I want, because Lady Zhao, you know, I write things, I don’t like to write outlines at all, because I firmly believe that the outline would just constrain me in the end. I write according to how I feel. As I write, words that I never imagined would show up, and my own characters, my own plot twists would end up giving me the greatest surprises. Admittedly, when I wrote about Zhang Yanwei, that blew all other things out of proportion.” I never thought that I would produce such a female character,” Master PhD said haltingly, as if she was having trouble organizing her thoughts.

Master PhD was the type who allowed her feelings to rule her. Even if Zhao Youyue did not do anything to the novel, she would end up writing twists that she never saw coming. Now that she had the rush in her head to write something different, she accepted her story as it was. She was looking forward to the next wave of creative inspiration, and she had to take advantage of it. It would be a waste not to utilize it.

Zhao Youyue listened to all that Master PhD had to say. Her smile became more sincere than before. This author was a slave to her intuition. All was good!