Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 739 - The Genius Scientist

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Chapter 739: The Genius Scientist

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Like before, the attributes of Zhang Yanwei had been set rather high up. Of all, her research ability was maxed out. Zhao Youyue suddenly felt sharper, brighter, more intelligent. She viewed things differently now! There was that analytical, cold, calculative voice in her head, telling her to get to work! Add on her already substantial imagination to that, we’ve got a magical character in our hands…

A three-dimensional human might not be able to even comprehend what the fifth-dimension was, not even in the slightest. But Zhang Yanwei had a perfect imagery of it in her mind. And with the fifth dimension, pesky little things like space, time, all would accessible in physical form. It was most probably why she was able to see the future and alternate worlds.

In another world line, Zhang Yanwei would just be a passerby character. The true “protagonists” were members of the Endless Squad, who were here in this apocalypse world, taking the form of saviors.

Of course, they were not true saviors. They were merely using this world as a stage to perform, and badly so they did. They were just at the “Lord God’s” behest. Perhaps it was time to claim the mysterious, evolutionary virus. It might even be used as a new method of destroying the world. How convenient!

Let’s not forget that they did cause actual apocalypses in other worlds. This squad, the “Lord God’s” Squad. The Endless Squad. It was their mission to do so. Every time a world was destroyed, the “Lord God” would be able to collect an enormous amount of karmic force, especially from worlds that should not be ending, in the first place.

For worlds that were doomed to end, “Lord God” would usually have the Endless Squad put some effort into play-pretending as saviors. If they actually altered the fate of the world, it meant a change in karma, which would also result in a great harvest. If the situation could not be altered, then “Lord God” could only hope to obtain more technology and resources, procuring even more assets. Either way, the Endless Squad had nothing to lose. Save the world, destroy it, it made no difference.

All in all, “Lord God” within this novel by Master PhD was not the type which raised legendary poisonous insects, nor would it simply obliterate the members of the Endless Squad that it had taken so much effort into training. Of course, we could expect team battles as well, but it was team battles between different Lord Gods. “Lord God” was merely a member of a breed of transdimensional creatures called “Transcending Monsters.” Members of the Endless Squad were its chess pieces, assistants. It rewarded its competent members adequately, for they would further serve it better.

It behaved purely on instinct. It simply wanted to grow, bigger, better, and it used karmic force for that. It kept track of those worlds that seemed to already have their fates determined. If a world was supposed to be facing apocalypse, the monster worked even harder, hoping that the members of Endless Squad would go save the world. In a peaceful humorous world, it hoped the members of Endless Squad to go stir up trouble and tear it up.

If there was a “Lord God” who ran counter to fate, there would certainly be the existence of a “Lord God” who attempted to maintain fate. Part of the responsibilities of the Endless Squad also involved the stopping of other “Lord Gods.” There was no question about it. These”Transcending Monsters” were fierce rivals, and sometimes enemies. They were not all called “Lord Gods” either.

For example, the Lord God that shared the same world with this novel’s protagonist, Zheng Yi was called “Apocalypse Paradise.” There were also other “Lord Gods” such as “Samsara World,” “Nightmare Space,” “Evolution,” “The Origin.” All of them had many chess pieces, or cards, however you intended to look at it. Characters such as “Chu Xuan” was probably the ultimate trump card that many “Lord Gods” have been fighting for.

Zhao Youyue had communicated with Master PhD before. She certainly knew about high-dimensional creatures like “Transcending Monsters.” Such a setting might be ideal for “Lord God.” Evidently, Master PhD had gained such inspiration from the infinite style iconic source world…

After all, Zhao Youyue had once come into contact with members of Endless Squad within the source world of “The Witcher” game series. She had even used her identity as the female emperor to communicate with the Lord God called “Apocalypse.” It had invited Zhao Youyue rather passionately to join them, considering the fact that Olivia was the particularly rare kind of trump card. If it worked her to its ends, it had much to gain.

However, “Apocalypse” would never expect Zhao Youyue to be stubborn like the Olivia she currently wore. She would never work for “Lord God” in her lifetime, ever. The “Two Dimensional Gate” she had was the genuine article. Why would she need to join the other Lord Gods?

In the future, she could further study the mystery of the “Two Dimensional Gate.” She could become a Lord God herself and have those adolescents who hoped to change fate through infinite space and time to work for her… This was probably the typical thinking of a Zhao family member. It was how a capitalist worked.

In the coming future, when Zhao Youyue invades more source worlds through the “Two Dimensional Gate” and the Godly Altair card, she would most definitely encounter more Lord Gods. Until then, she would discover if there were any particularly excellent talents. Then, when she considered the time ripe, she would definitely dig such excellent talents out.

Zhao Youyue, or Zhang Yanwei now stood in her laboratory. She donned a white coat like always. But she was nothing like those scientists who could hardly see through their thick lenses. Her vision was perfect, and there was no need for any glasses whatsoever. This was why her beauty was perfect. Of course, women in glasses had their own charm. However, a natural beauty who did not have to rely on glasses or makeup would stir more hearts.

Zhang Yanwei completed her preparations. She had resorted to using something she detested — human relations.

Since Zhang Yanwei was set to be a beauty scientist who had offered her entire life for science while still having countless pursuers, some of those pursuers had to be men of power. Ironically, Master PhD had not even placed names on these big shots.

This was highly similar to real-life. Our history books would neglect to name several great figures, unless they sat at the very top of the food chain…

Zhang Yanwei used such human relations to make sufficient preparations. Then, she even embezzled the research funding. Apocalypse was coming, let’s not be so calculative.

At the same time, she even stirred her long-dormant Weibo account which had caused quite the ruckus, and began discussing apocalyptical scenarios in a low-key, joking tone, as if she was leaking certain information in advance. It would not be possible to warn and save every single person out there. She would also not expose her secret as a

“reincarnated.” That would be a death-seeking behavior. Even if she was a genius scientist, who would believe her nonsense?

She also could not expose the reality of this world — you are in the Matrix, everything around you is not real — there was no need for that on nameless side characters…