Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 737 - As Always, Start With A Side Character

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Chapter 737: As Always, Start With A Side Character

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The last thing Zhao Youyue wanted was to start off as a side character again. It was fun to cause trouble, but wouldn’t it be easier if she just became the main character, or an important side character that granted her an almost instant victory?

No matter how unreliable Master PhD’s promises were, her writing style and creativity were in fact, first class. As long as Zhao Youyue could shift into the literary world, possess a random female character and give Master PhD an aura and a buff, she could obtain a character card with ease. At the very least, it would be a highly popular character card. If she was any luckier, it might even be an iconic character card…

Currently, Master PhD had let her down. It was time to go bonkers in “Endless Apocalypse.” If she could not become the partner of the main character, and ‘Chu Xuan’ had grown a little extra something between the legs, it was time to play the evil villain.

Of course, this villain could start off as a side character. He might even be an indigenous person in a world where the apocalypse occurred…

Zhao Youyue felt as if she had dug a hole and buried herself in it. Initially, there was no such thing as ‘Chu Xuan,’ a character that was so intelligent to the point of being a demon. Per her advice, the Chu Xuan who was meant to be an icon had appeared in “Endless Apocalypse,” instead of “Endless Horror.”

Zhao Youyue wanted the side character that she was about to possess to become a main character and shine. She was going to defeat Chu Xuan!

Now, how do you defeat a genius, especially one that had been determined by its author to be the smartest person in the entire book? Zhao Youyue had some ideas about that…

It was clearly unwise to compete against Chu Xuan in the areas of intelligence and schemes. Even if she gave herself maxed out intelligence, it would never get the approval of its creator, Master PhD. Chu Xuan was already the smartest character. How do you make anything smarter than that?

Of course, the story had its share of intelligent individuals. However, they were all destined to serve as foils to Chu Xuan. Simple descriptions would not suffice. She had to show, not tell just how intelligent they were. These intelligent individuals would be defeated by Chu Xuan, one at a time. That way, readers would come to the conclusion on their own. Chu Xuan was the most intelligent person in the entire book. His high IQ was irrefutable!

Once again, Zhao Youyue walked up to the ‘Two Dimensional Gate’ that she was familiar with. She smiled in satisfaction as she saw the numerous ‘wives’ that she knew all so well. These people would never leave her.

However, they could only appear in real life through Zhao Youyue’s body. They needed her to serve as the medium. Otherwise, Zhao Youyue would not be this lonely in real life. If she ever met a beautiful chick that liked her, she would never reject them.

At that moment, she should probably be grateful for her gender. If she was a guy, she would be a scumbag. However, here she was, a girl. What was wrong with a girl embracing another girl?

Zhao Youyue did not promise anything. She would treat all her wives the same. They were also her best friends.

After pausing for a moment, Zhao Youyue entered the ‘Two Dimensional Gate’ again. She arrived at the interface that she was familiar with, where she was supposed to choose a character to possess. Originally, she was expecting to see Chu Xuan, a girl with maxed out intelligence. That girl did not appear. In her place was a male genius. Of course, she had no way of possessing him.

The story had developed far enough for some female characters to have taken their bento. Other than some of the more important female supporting characters, there were a few new female characters…

Zhao Youyue hated this story now. Why would this outstanding female author love writing about the interactions between guys? Why couldn’t she just go vanilla like most people? She was just like those male authors who wrote about nothing but Yuri. They were all perverts. They could have written something that involved both genders, yet here they were, throwing same sex romance as they pleased. What kind of mentality is this?

With Master PhD’s writing skills, portraying a female character was a piece of cake. What made her think that she would have more success with male characters?

Zhao Youyue could not wrap her head around this. She even suspected that Master PhD was discriminating against girls. Was it that hard to believe that smart girls existed in the world?

If Master PhD was a guy, she would undoubtedly be criticised as being a male chauvinist!

The situation could still be salvaged. At least Master PhD had written a few named female side characters. She was not like Rosemary, who could not even place a name on any female characters. That had been a most infuriating experience for Zhao Youyue…

Thanks to Zhao Youyue’s guidance, Rosemary soon learned about the joy of writing female characters. Interactions between a guy and a girl soon became second nature to him. This had mistakenly led readers into believing that Rosemary had been a master of female characters from the get-go!

In his novels, many female characters were like flower vases [1]. A nicer way of putting it would be how they were the soulmates of the main character. Another way of putting it would be how they were the protagonist’s untouchable, inflatable dolls. In other words, they had been fleshed out by the author to be to throw haughty tantrums for the main character to deal with, or as key plot devices. Often, the villains were not directly provoking the main character, but instead, they were provoking the main character’s woman. Of course, that called for action. He would have to retaliate and kill the villain off for his impertinence.

Anyway, these female characters carried out the same routines in every episode. Their existence clearly depended on the main character.

In Rosemary’s book, the female readers were remarkably far more human-like. His book had even attracted the attention of many female readers. Rosemary was a creator who gave females the due respect.

Little did they know that Rosemary had fallen back on a devious trick to foster his strengths… He was writing the female characters as male characters, only with different pronouns! That’s all there was to it!

This idea came from Lady Zhao, who was happily causing trouble in the background. Rosemary’s title as a ‘Friend of Women’ took ground, thanks to Lady Zhao.

This time, Zhao Youyue had enough female characters to choose from. Of course, she chose the one with the most beauty to possess. This was a rarer, matured female. It was the first time Zhao Youyue had ever possessed such a character. All this time, she had been possessing teenagers or lolis, legal and illegal.

Translation note:

[1] “Flower vase” (花瓶) is a description for beautiful women who are not smart, or in other words, a ‘dumb blonde’.