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Chapter 736: Cheated!

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Zhao Youyue wanted the feedback of the people who bought the Yuri manga on the spot. Obviously, that did not happen. People did not discuss this in broad daylight. They bought this to use it at home…

Of course, some people read the book in public. However, they would never make a sound. If others found something abnormal going on with their bodies, that would be pretty embarrassing.

It was a well-known fact that Teacher ‘Wang Li’s’ mangas were extremely effective. Well, the characters that she drew were always beautiful.

If the beautiful missy ever threw a seductive pose, obviously, people would not be able to control themselves. Su Li’s characters had a kind of alluring effect on her readers.

So if she really wanted to know about her readers’ feedbacks, she could go to some of the more secretive forums. There, you could find highly detailed, graphic feedback…

So, which was the best and most fascinating manga at the moment?

Of course, it was Su Li’s manga. No, it should be Teacher ‘Wang Li’s’ “Path of a Yuri.” It would be best if you went and read it yourself. We could even say that readers who do not usually read such manga would instantly understand. This could even be recognized as the official subplot [1] of “The Pathway of an Empress Regnant”!

The reviews online were like so –

“If “The Pathway of an Empress Regnant” was more focused on depicting the political and military achievements of Olivia, then “The Pathway of a Yuri” focused on the Empress Regnant’s relationship. It was a standalone subplot. Its attraction was not in the erotic content, but its exceptionally delicate and truthful depiction of a relationship…”

“I’ve always felt that Su Li, ‘Su, the Great Deity’ had her special style. Are her mangas connected to that mysterious Source World Cultural globalization company? If not, how could she draw out a Yuri manga that seemed to fall in place so nicely with the official plotline?”

“Ah ah ah, Olivia and Cirilla are the best! It’s great that they could live happily ever after. It’s also great that they could not find any guys. Love between the opposite sex is not true love. It was purely an impulse for reproduction. Love between the same sex is true love!”

“I really did not expect the tomboyish Cirilla to be at the ‘bottom.’ No wonder Olivia is the Empress Regnant, not Cirilla…”

Many people have read “The Pathway of an Empress Regnant.” It was good, for they channeled a great deal of willpower to Zhao Youyue. Many endless-based works have started to use this open copyright fantasy world as reference. Perhaps, this was why the squad had shown up in the previous world.

Most creators in the real world underestimated their influence. Those outstanding High God authors even more so. Perhaps a wave of their hands could create a world, just like how God created the world!

Little did they know that each and every literary world was actually there. Some of them were vividly real, while others were like illusions. However, only Zhao Youyue could shift through the ‘Two Dimensional Gate.’

Time continued moving placidly. And then something happened. Something that greatly displeased Zhao Youyue. Yet again, she had been cheated…

The promised character of ‘Chu Xuan’ by Master PhD had suddenly taken form as a guy. He was a silent, expressionless and inhospitable guy, Chu Xuan!

Undoubtedly, this went beyond Zhao Youyue’s expectations. She did not know how to describe it. While she read “Endless Apocalypse,” she felt strangely bitter when Chu Xuan suddenly appeared. She was prepared for a sleeping victory, but she did not expect Master PhD to do such a thing!

After all, Zhao Youyue had already sacrificed her character card, and had confirmed that she wanted to shift into this literary world, with the intention of shaping a classic character. She would have to make a successful exit now. This had undoubtedly been a great lesson for Zhao Youyue.

When selecting a new literary world, she should not act rashly, just because she saw a work with potential. How many creators in this world were like Su Li and Han Leng, who listened to everything she said?

There were those High God authors who were already masters, and were not short of money, A God of Tycoons reader would never be able to change their minds. Of course, the opinions of these Tycoon readers had substantial value. They would even take these readers out for a treat to thank them for their support. However, to ask these authors to completely follow the readers’ opinion? Alright, here is a pen, why don’t you write them yourself?

Master PhD, or in other words, Professor Chen, felt that she had given Zhao Youyue enough justice. She had almost adopted all of the character settings that Lady Zhao had proposed. The only trait altered was her gender. Still, she did not want to make the main protagonist and Chu Xuan a couple. It would have been most awkward to write that way. How was it possible for a guy and a girl to just be friends?

Furthermore, Master PhD was comfortable and skilled at writing about the friendship between guys. Of course, as a straightforward girl, she loved writing about that kind of friendship. Thus, she decisively changed ‘Chu Xuan’ into the male version of ‘Chu Xuan.’ He was still the most intelligent person in the novel. At the same time, he was in the main protagonist, Zheng Yi’s squad. On top of that, he had a solid friendship with Zheng Yi. She could expect more fujoshi readers to support this lovely male couple…

Lady Zhao, who was a supreme master of her emotions, could not help but demand Master PhD for an explanation. She had clearly violated her promise towards Lady Zhao!

Master PhD replied Lady Zhao’s questions calmly. She felt that the male version of Chu Xuan was a far better character to write. Zheng Yi and Chu Xuan made for far more delightful bromances. As for the female Chu Xuan, things would be more complicated…

Zhao Youyue wanted to blow up, there and then. “As long as you write it according to my settings, you would know what to write once I transmigrate into the literary world. It would be a breeze for you.”

Of course, she did not say that. She now knew why Master PhD had so many haters. Sure enough, her promise was worth nothing!

On the other hand, Master PhD felt that she had done enough for Lady Zhao. It was her first time accepting her readers’ opinions! All she changed was the gender. What’s the big deal?

If Zhao Youyue could possess a male character, that would not be a problem. The problem now was that she could not possess a male character!

Zhao Youyue could not deny that it had been most unwise on her part. She never expected a creator to ever ignore her requests. Why can’t she learn from Su Li?

Well, since Master PhD wants to play with Lady Zhao, then she should not blame her. Lady Zhao could play the same game…

Translation note:

[1] “Subplot” (番外) is a secondary strand of the plot that is a supporting side story for any story or the main plot. Subplots may connect to main plots, in either time and place or in thematic significance