Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 735 - Watching The Fun

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Chapter 735: Watching The Fun

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Zhao Youyue finally eased the depression in her heart after separating from Cirilla. Perhaps not all rumors held true. That is to say, they were actually wrong to claim that is was not that difficult to walk out of a relationship. You just had to find a substitute, and it would be fine…

Of course, Su Li and Cirilla were not the same person. However, they were both the loyal type, so they seemed so similar in a way. When Zhao Youyue was Olivia, Cirilla was someone who would lay down her life for her own sister. Her entire life seemed to revolve around her sister.

Behind the success of Olivia, the Empress Regnant, there was also an exceptionally great woman. This woman was, of course, Olivia’s Queen and sister, Cirilla!

Cirilla was cold-hearted towards the entire world; she was only gentle towards her sister. Gentle in a way that went beyond how sisters treated each other. This was not just love.

Most ordinary people just did it on a whim. It was pleasure, it was fun. It lasted far too briefly. Therefore, some people used the word ‘love’ with a contemptuous, mocking sneer.

The love between Olivia and Cirilla was genuine. It literally lasted till the end of their Source World. In its next reincarnation, Cirilla might even be the only thing in the world. The passing Olivia, or in other words, Zhao Youyue, would not be in that world. After all, she did not belong to any particular literary or Source World. She belonged to the real world.

Perhaps this was how a Real world-Source World love was destined to end. Even if you poured your soul into it, you would only end up empty-handed in the end. As the Source World neared its end, everything would vanish.

Everything has an end, iconic words included. This naturally meant that Source World were bound to end too, someday. How many iconic works ever went on for all eternity?

Zhao Youyue could only hope that Cirilla’s ‘Elder Blood’ would allow her to detach herself from the reincarnated “Witcher” game series Source World. She even hoped that the humans in the real world could somehow empower her with their will, and that Cirilla could actually harness such power.

Anyways, the characters she played took that same readers’ willpower through the ‘Two Dimensional Gate.’ At least, this was how many of her character cards came to fruition. The more readers accepted her characters as they were, the more powerful they got.

Maybe Zhao Youyue was underestimating Missy Cirilla. She might not be able to reverse-shift into the real world to murder Su Li, her ‘mistress.’ Thus, Zhao Youyue did not put much thought into fooling around with Su Li.

If there was a day when Cirilla counter-transmigrates into the real world, Zhao Youyue’s ‘wives’ could follow suit. Their respective creators would be in for a huge shock. Zhao Youyue could not see anything beyond that. She had no idea how each individual creator would treat their creations.

It was quite interesting to see Zhao Youyue and Su Li attending this large-scaled Anime convention together. Zhao Youyue was pleased to see many cosplayers cosplaying her various wives. What does this say? Of course, it meant that these characters have left a very profound impact on the real world. It meant that they were very popular and welcomed.

The new girl to hit the mainstream would be Olivia, the Empress Regnant from “The Pathway of an Empress Regnant.” Following closely behind her on the polls would be her Empress, Cirilla, who had nearly as much charm…

A relatively famous brother-sister pair had cosplayed Olivia and Cirilla. The sister had cosplayed Olivia, while the brother had cosplayed Cirilla. This Cirilla had short hair, and a masculine, heroic aura. The brother had donned makeup and had begrudgingly gotten himself into the role. The pair was now surrounded by throngs of people trying to capture their photos. Among them was quite an amount of foreign tourists.

Zhao Youyue was probably the only one who made the first contact with Cirilla. She did not believe that the pair was doing well. The Olivia was too cute. There was none of that dominance from the Empress Regnant.

Su Li was still clinging onto Zhao Youyue. Initially, she had prepared to sell her manga at a stall in person. Of course, she wore a mask. Anyway, even if the secret that Teacher Wang Li was Su Li became public, she would never admit it. Her skin was that thick.

However, now that she had done something with Lady Zhao, would she rather ditch Lady Zhao to tend to her stall? No. She was most definitely not that kind of silly, straightforward person. She felt obligated to accompany Lady Zhao and comfort her. She did not want to be that kind of slut that would forget about the people she had sex with.

The cute but stupid Su Li did not seem to realize that Zhao Youyue was the one who had initiated the session with her. She thought that just because she was the ‘top,’ she should have the male role in their relationship. Therefore, she wanted to protect and accompany Lady Zhao.

Anyway, she had arranged for her workers to help her to sell her manga. With her appeal in the two dimensional ACG world, was it possible for her manga sales to fail?

This time, she even took advantage of “The Pathway of an Empress Regnant.” She had drawn a Yuri manga featuring Cirilla and Olivia. She even had the personal guidance of Lady Zhao to draw reference from. She had just laid with Olivia, and she had no idea about it!

Therefore, when Zhao Youyue and Su Li passed by ‘Teacher Wang Li’s’ stall, the number of people queuing in front of the stall was rather impressive. Su Li felt delighted. In her eyes, she did not look at humans who called themselves Otakus queueing up. They were just a fat stack of banknotes…

Su Li felt that the sales from her manga would be enough to buy a luxurious present for Lady Zhao.

She knew that Lady Zhao was not short of money, and was definitely not short of luxurious things. However, she had to gift Lady Zhao an expensive present. If not, how would Su Li display her sincerest love towards Lady Zhao?

Su Li, the cheapskate who loved money so much, would actually throw away her money recklessly for Lady Zhao. She had really fallen in love with Lady Zhao!

If Zhao Youyue was a scumbag male, then Su Li, the idiot who was carried away by love would be the robbed of her affection. The guy would definitely toss her aside once he tired of her!

On the other hand, Zhao Youyue was more concerned about the reviews of the Yuri manga. She was undoubtedly one of the main characters in the manga, and here she was, hiding in plain sight, watching from the sidelines. She simply wanted to know if she had their blessings.