Shift! The Side-Character Heroine - Chapter 734 - Bittersweet, Bittersweet

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Chapter 734: Bittersweet, Bittersweet

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If Zhao Youyue heard the question in Su Li’s heart, she might have given her a most intriguing answer. You might not believe it, but she only had so much experience because she had learned it in her dreams. But she was special. When ordinary people dreamt, they would probably forget it soon after. However, when Zhao Youyue dreamt, she would be in the character’s shoes and head.

On that night, Lady Zhao and Su Li, the goddess-level mangaka, had made their first intimate contact. Of course, no blood was spilled on that day. After all, neither of them had the ‘tools.’ They were still very pure, good girls…

Would any men really mind watching two unrivaled beauties scissor the brains out of each other? Of course, they would not mind. It was just skinship, wasn’t it? A darker man might even have the idea of getting the both of the girls for himself. In many harem novels, the male protagonist would pair up some of his concubines. It had turned into some kind of trend. It also prevented his concubines from cheating on him.

In reality, most men would probably be delighted to see Yuri things happening. Especially when two girls were going at it.

Since the girls were so demanding, and no one even came close to their standards, it would be wrong of them to make do with lesser men. Why not just be gay? That way, no man would ever lay hands on her. It was a reasonable compromise, wasn’t it?

Of course, a majority of real-life lesbians would not be that pleasant to look at. Even the ‘top’ [1] would always work on making herself look like the masculine one. That left a bad taste in some mouths. Let’s have two beauties roll about on the bed. We do not want to see a ‘top’ pretending to be a guy trying to overcompensate with a normal girl.

In the constant presence of the ‘River Crab’ [2], the intimate actions between Lady Zhao and the goddess mangaka, Su Li, could no longer be described in detail. All you should know was that the experienced Zhao Youyue had pleasured Su Li so much that she no longer knew herself. Su Li had found a new addiction.

Su Li even felt that she would be able to produce new mangas with more charm and grace than ever, especially when it was a yuri manga. This was because she used to understand these things through other books. Now, she had learned it from the real deal…

That’s right. To a creator, having sex was not just purely about having sex. It was also a sacred process of collecting inspiration. This was professional, this was business!

Su Li had justified it. If anything, she was rather disappointed in her own performance. She had been atrocious in bed. This was a disgrace to all mangakas.

Lady Zhao had patiently guided Su Li as the more experienced teacher. She introduced her to her sweet spots, her favorite parts, her secret buttons. Of course, this gave Su Li the permission to run her tongue over Lady Zhao anywhere she wanted, to make her comfortable, to put lightly, that is. In heavier terms, we could use far more graphic words…

Girls always need room to develop. Without that one side of them, you would never see a complete picture. On the surface, they looked like pure, conservative goddesses. On the other side, you would never be able to imagine how flirty they were.

Perhaps this was one of the reasons why some guys liked more experienced, playful girls. It saves them the time when it came to unlocking more positions. The process of teaching and unlocking more positions was arduous and long. Those who have bedded virgins would understand the pain.

This brings up a far more self-contradictory point. Perhaps, most men desired a particularly playful virgin in bed. They hoped that the girl would belong to them forever. Such a dream was not sickening, no matter how often you thought about it.

If you can’t find something in the real world, look for it in a novel. A living example would be Lady Zhao, who was a walking book of contradictions. She had so much experience, yet she was in a pure, young body, and it was perfectly understandable.

Zhao Youyue’s existence was an anomaly. She was a three-dimensional human that walked into two-dimensional worlds. She left the two-dimensional worlds in ruin and walked away all the wiser, wielding newfound knowledge and skills in her three-dimensional world. From technique to ‘that’ aspect of things, she had learned it all. The ‘Two-Dimensional Gate’ allowed her to do anything she wanted to!

The next day, the two girls woke up, having cuddled each other to sleep. They gazed into each other’s eyes, exchanging smiles. This heart-to-heart smile consisted of all forms of romance, warmth, and harmony.

Su Li felt that Lady Zhao had just trampled over her flowerbeds, marched through her front door and absolutely conquered her world. That was just how she wanted it. She wanted every single day to be like that.

As the two of them walked, Su Li affectionately grabbed hold of Zhao Youyue’s finger. She snuggled against Lady Zhao. She was clearly the big sister-type beauty, but in front of Lady Zhao, she was cute and helpless.

If anyone saw them walking in such an intimate manner, they would not find anything wrong. They were just best friends being close to each other. Wasn’t that natural?

If they were both males, it might raise a few eyebrows. That was blatant homosexuality in public, wasn’t it?

Hm, not if one of them was in women’s clothing. And if he actually looked better than real girls. That would be a loving couple…

Su Li was lost in paradise. Spring had come early. This was all those years of yearning and warmth being released on a single night, by a single person. She did not care if she was not the only person in Zhao Youyue’s heart. She just knew that she wanted to treat Zhao Youyue better, serve Zhao Youyue, and do things for Zhao Youyue. When you love someone, you would be more than happy to do everything in the world to bring the moon to them!

When you love someone so much, the worst that could happen is not getting a response from your crush. Who knows, they might be doing this for fun and games. There was nothing in their hearts…

Such love would be so tiring and disappointing. Fortunately, Su Li had met the right person. From the very beginning, Lady Zhao had treated her so well, pampered her, and it was not a stretch to say that she had altered Su Li’s fate. Lady Zhao was the most important person in Su Li’s entire life.

Lady Zhao would never let her down. This was what Su Li, who had just experienced her first love hoped.

Translation note:

[1] “Top” (攻) A top is usually a person who engages in the penetrative role during sexual activity; for men who have sex with men (MSMs), this often involves penetration using the penis during anal or oral sex. Top is also used as a verb meaning “to penetrate another.” Top may also describe a broader personal identity involving dominance in a romantic or sexual relationship; however, this stipulation is not a requisite element of being a top.

[2] “River Crab” (河蟹) The term “River crab” (Chinese: 河蟹; pinyin: héxiè) has been adopted as internet slang in Mainland China in reference to Internet censorship. The word river crab sounds similar to the word “harmonious” in Mandarin Chinese. In addition, the word “harmonious” can itself also be the placeholder verb for “to censor,” most often referring to posts on a forum that have been deleted because of its unacceptable content, or the censorship of stories reporting sensitive issues in the press. Something that has been censored in this manner is often referred to as having been “harmonized” (被和谐了).